Saturday, November 28, 2015

Moving to

We publish a lot of information about new gTLDs every day, sometimes too much and in far too many different places. I am often asked where to go to stay informed about all info related to new gTLDs:
  • New gTLD articles, 
  • Important ICANN announcements related to new generic Top-Level Domains; 
  • New gTLD conferences and other meetings; 
  • Sunrise Periods and other Trademark Clearinghouse's announcements and events; 
  • Information related to ".wine" and ".vin" domain names; 
  • Major players' moves; 
  • Upcoming new gTLD projects; 
  • Information about Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program; 
  • ... 
To give a final answer to that question, I will be focusing on and its Newsletter. Readers are welcome to click below and subscribe to our daily Newsletter on

What about the daily Newsletter from As a true fan of new generic Top-Level Domains, I feel more and more uncomfortable to promote "new gTLDs" behind an old ".com" domain name ;-) so actual readers of this newsletter will soon be offered to migrate to the new one from

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