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Monday, September 22, 2014

So you want to apply for a new gTLD?

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Accent Media Triumphant in bid for Specialist Tickets Top-Level Internet Domain

British company Accent Media Limited, has won the right to operate a new internet domain dedicated to the sale of tickets following an extensive bidding process and a private auction involving four other bidders.The company will offer domain names to approved organisations to provide safer online ticket sales with the intention to establish the “.tickets” top-level domain as a global gold standard of trust for consumers.

Led by ticketing veteran Steve Machin, the independent company is supported by some of the biggest stakeholders in the industry. Its plan is to use the new “.tickets” domain to help consumers buy tickets more safely and securely.

As the ticket sector continues to evolve rapidly to keep up with a more connected generation of customer, so too do the opportunities and challenges facing fans and rights-holders. The company will work with the leaders in entertainment, travel, and sport sectors to develop structural and innovative solutions and services.

“We are thrilled to announce our victory in the bid for the “.tickets” top level domain and are looking forward to executing our vision for “.tickets” said Accent Media founder and CEO Steve Machin. “Backed by a secure domain we will help the industry to deepen its audience connection and trust with the millions of ticket buyers who enjoy attending live events every year.

“The new “.tickets” TLD will bring together experts from across the ticketing and domain name industry to empower fans and event organisers alike to build a dynamic platform for innovation across the industry.” commented Accent Media founder and COO Gary Fisher.

Accent Media chairman, Tommy Higgins said, “I am excited by the opportunities we now have to innovate online. As the ticket industry, and its relationships with fans, continues to develop we are committed to providing a secure, open and pioneering top level domain for authentic tickets.“

Accent Media is also pleased to announce investment from British organisation, CentralNic. Commenting on the investment, Ben Crawford CEO of CentralNic plc, said “The “.tickets” Top-Level Domain will be a compelling new tool to assist consumers to easily identify legitimate and trusted ticket sales sites, as well as empowering venues, entertainers and sports organizations to improve their use of the internet for enabling fans to purchase tickets. This investment realizes our strategy of investing in Top-Level Domain applicants as well as operating as a business partner to their operators. We are delighted to be working with Accent Media in delivering this innovative new tool for the ticketing industry, and we look forward to delivering real benefits to consumers as soon as possible”.


Accent Media Limited was set up by ticketing industry pioneer Steve Machin (former Ticketmaster, Live Nation) and Gary Fisher, (former partner Lansdowne Consulting). The mission of Accent Media is to create a secure, dynamic and trusted global domain environment for online ticket sales, marketing and promotion. Accent Media is chaired by Tommy Higgins, (former Group Managing Director of UK & Ireland for Ticketmaster and Executive Vice President of Ticketmaster Europe). It is supported across the industry by government agencies and the police, The Musicians Union, The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers, The Featured Artist Coalition, The Music Managers Forum and the Association of Independent Festivals.

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Investment in Accent Media Ltd, the new rights holder for the new “.tickets” Top-Level Domain

CentralNic plc (AIM: CNIC), the internet platform business which derives revenues from the global sale of domain names, today announces that further to the announcement on 18 September 2014, the Group is investing US$ 1.62 million in Accent Media Ltd (“Accent Media”), the successful applicant for the .tickets new Top-Level Domain (“TLD”). CentralNic’s investment will equate to around 12% equity stake in the share capital of Accent Media (£1 ordinary shares).

The investment comes as part of CentralNic’s on-going strategy of investing in Top-Level Domain applicants as well as acting as a business partner to their operators, as announced at the time of CentralNic’s listing on AIM in September 2013. The Group’s invested funds were used by Accent Media to acquire the .tickets domain in a private auction, winning a contention set which included four other applicants. In addition to this, CentralNic has entered into a contract with Accent Media to be both the exclusive wholesaler (“registry service provider”) and one of the retail partners for the .tickets TLD.

For more information please visit:

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SERPS in new gTLDs: do the test

The gtlds got more Adwords IMPRESSIONS - I'm guessing because taking out the ".com" increased the relevancy of the URL. However the .com CONVERTED (i.e. more people who clicked through took action on the site) better in both cases.

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.WEBSITE in Arabic is out

What is the Meaning of the .موقع New gTLD?
It means “Website”.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Someone doesn't like new gTLD consultants

"Not to pick on all domain name consultants (there are a few really good domain name consultants)--but frankly, there are also plenty of charlatans and snake oil salesmen who call themselves "domain name consultants" or "brand consultants" or by some other domain name industry or professional title. Some of them end up on ICANN committees/groups/boards "pushing" new gTLDs for brands and other unwanted, unneeded programs that are not in the global internet community's best interests."

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iOS 8 and iPhone 6 work with new TLDs

New operating system (that comes pre-installed on iPhone 6) makes it easier to access websites using new top level domains.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

CONFENRENCE: The Registration Operations Association (ROA)

A kick-off meeting will be held Oct 16th 2014. This meeting is open to all interested industry members, including domain name registrars, gTLDs, ccTLDs, registries, resellers, and second level domain registries.

Register here:

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Fort Lauderdale startup wants you to ‘join the .club’

Campbell is the CEO of .club, one of the world’s top-selling new alternatives to .com. With this single piece of Internet real estate, his South Florida company competes with deep-pocketed giants that are scooping up dozens of new domain extensions.

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Adopting a new gTLD? Study shows enthusiasm for new domain extensions

In a new study we found that British consumers are keen to adopt the new domain names currently being launched. Surveying over 2000 UK consumers we found that 37% of consumers regularly encounter problems identifying companies on the Internet and as a consequence 66% of Britons now want companies to implement business sector specific domains for their websites to simplify searching.

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Is It Time for a Registration Operations Industry Association? (Part 3)

We've set up a website at to provide information, describe the event, and allow people to register. We're asking people to register in advance so we can make sure that we have a large enough room reserved and that we provide enough food for breakfast and lunch.
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Sedo’s Report From The Dmexco Conference: 90% Visitors Never Heard Of New gTLDs

Jodie Chamberlain had this to say about her interactions at dmexco: “While dmexco participants were knowledgeable about traditional domain endings, I’d say that 90% of them never heard of the new gTLDs. But they were online marketers, so it just took seconds for them to understand what opportunities new gTLDs can bring them.”

Friday, September 19, 2014

ICANN's Fresh Top Level Domains: a Gift to Phishers

For example, .pharmacy would be a good candidate for spammers pushing various drugs, Segura explained, “even though there are some restrictions as to who is allowed to register their site.”
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.SKI new doains are delayed

This mechanism forces the company to further delay the launch of .ski until this matter resolved. Other sports related community applicants including .sports and .rugby have also been subject to the same procedure by the same third party.
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