Friday, August 24, 2018

New gTLDs: a few updates before 2019

Since we moved to the gTLD Club, we revamped a few things: the Jovenet Consulting website (for .BRAND and new gTLD consultancy services) has been redeveloped and translated in its French version.

We've also launched another Blog which announces all coming new gTLD events and we should probably maintain it unless we decide to leave for England to start growing wine.

The LinkedIn new gTLD group is doing well with its growing 2,700 subscribers but there is low participation and a lot of domainers who try to advertise for their domain names. I admit that I have to moderate some posts and block some from posting because of this.

The real reason for this publication is not to remind about our great newsletter or our official Twitter account, but this new page that I created at Jovenet Consulting and which allow to choose a communication channel to be kept informed about new gTLDs.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Moving to

We publish a lot of information about new gTLDs every day, sometimes too much and in far too many different places. I am often asked where to go to stay informed about all info related to new gTLDs:
  • New gTLD articles, 
  • Important ICANN announcements related to new generic Top-Level Domains; 
  • New gTLD conferences and other meetings; 
  • Sunrise Periods and other Trademark Clearinghouse's announcements and events; 
  • Information related to ".wine" and ".vin" domain names; 
  • Major players' moves; 
  • Upcoming new gTLD projects; 
  • Information about Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program; 
  • ... 
To give a final answer to that question, I will be focusing on and its Newsletter. Readers are welcome to click below and subscribe to our daily Newsletter on

What about the daily Newsletter from As a true fan of new generic Top-Level Domains, I feel more and more uncomfortable to promote "new gTLDs" behind an old ".com" domain name ;-) so actual readers of this newsletter will soon be offered to migrate to the new one from

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Read Authentic Web’s New TLD Market Brief – November 2015.

  • Total new TLDs registered: Now over 10 million domains registered. WOW! 
  • Total brand TLDs: 526 proprietary brand registry agreements are now signed. 
  • Early brand TLD Innovators: Apple, Sony, Google and several other brands launch initiatives with new TLD brand labels. 
  • Is your brand a Leader or a Follower? Risk and Reward: Social Proof first or Lead? Our CEO comments on the brand TLD innovation. PLUS – What is your .BrandIQ? 
  • New TLD Articles: Curated articles about the new TLDs from Tech Crunch, Yahoo Finance, Forbes etc. 
  • New TLD White Paper: A link to get the white paper. Educate your executives. 
Read more:

Verisign gets patent for evaluating typeability of domain names

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number 9,195,316 to Verisign for “Evaluating typeability of domain names.

Read more:

Remember Those Free .Realtor Domains?

Extract from the article:
".Realtor went to far to warn its members just over a year ago not to “pre-register or pay money to an outside company for a .REALTOR top level domain because NAR will oversee registrations for .REALTOR…only NAR members are eligible for a .REALTOR domain and membership will be verified via the NRDS system at registration".

Verisign warns about Chinese .com boom

In the past, Verisign has discussed many factors that affect the demand for domain names, including, but not limited to economic, social, and regulatory conditions, Internet adoption, Internet penetration, and increasing e-commerce. In addition to these factors affecting demand, Verisign is also evaluating additional potential factors unique to China that may also be responsible for the recent increased volume of new registrations in China.

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