Friday, October 31, 2014

Research suggests consumers are ready to embrace new domain names

Extract: For those seeking more information on the survey results, the DNA’s State of the Domains publication has a more detailed breakdown, while over on there is both useful analysis and a link to a 75-slide breakdown of the results.


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Extract: Основной интерес для проекта представляет бизнес-аудитория. Нам было нужно найти точки пересечения между ее интересами, преимуществами ведения бизнеса в Москве и возможностями новой доменной зоны.


Register your .MOSCOW domain name with...well I am not sure... Launches to Help Entrepreneurs Get Access to Great .CLUB Premium Domains

Extract from the article:

The new program for entrepreneurs which includes a payment plan for premium .CLUB domain names valued at more than $20,000 each, allows qualified businesses to spread payments over 10 years, interest free. In addition to payment plans for premium names, approved members will have access to marketing and promotional support by the .CLUB registry.


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Let's welcome the first naturally indexed .WEBCAM website

Extract: As the company behind one of the largest new gTLD registry management businesses, Domain Venture Partners fully supports this ground-breaking project and looks forward to working with A-Domains to support its future content network expansion with web addresses from its other domain name registries such as .SCIENCE, .PARTY, .CRICKET, .LOAN, .WIN, .MEN, .DATE, .ACCOUNTANT, .RACING, .FAITH, .REVIEW and .DOWNLOAD”.


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Why I don’t want to be a .REALTOR (new gTLD)

Extract: NAR will let me buy “” or “” Unless I point my .realtor domain name to my own website, it will direct traffic to a “profile website.”
I think I’ll just stick with my .com domains.


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Does auctioning off a new gTLD to the highest bidder set up failure?

Extract: When an auction is used to resolve a new top level domain name contention set, the company with the highest perceived value of the domain name gets it. That makes sense. But does it mean the other applicants were all wrong in their calculations of how much the TLD was worth?.


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Thursday, October 30, 2014

".OOO owner isn’t just crazy, it’s a misinformation machine"

Extract: Then yesterday I read a The Economic Times article that says Infibeam’s CEO told it “all 34,000 global brands registered with the Trademark Clearing House from over 100 countries have purchased the dotooo domain name from Infibeam”. This is simply not true. For the record, I count just 222 domain names in .ooo’s zone file.


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New gTLD domain name registrations passed the 3 million mark today

Extract: If we look at the 15 most registered new gTLD we will find around 377K .XYZ domain names that were given away by NetworkSolutions to its customers; 50% or so of .Berlin’s 152K registrations were given away for free.


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A profitable Registry (.LUXURY new gTLD)

Extract: New .LUXURY domain names are open to all, just like the majority of all other new domains. Selling domain names is difficult, in particular when there are so many new domain name extensions launching at the same time. A good idea to make a Registry profitable in Round two of the ICANN new gTLD program could be to click on the link below and read what is next.


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Letter from Fadi Chehadé to French Axelle Lemaire

We are happy to read that persons "in charge" read our documents submitted to ICANN in 2013.

Extract "The parties involved are now working on devising a mechanism which would offer protections to a reserved list of names ("Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin are easy to protect: stick to the official databases), which would be contractually protected through ICANN’s registry agreement, along with a set of rules around how those names could be distributed to parties that have interests in and the rights to them.


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.OOO CEO Predicts over 2M registrations in first year

Extract: I think this just might be how .OOO plans to get over the 2M mark in over a year. So I’m scratching my head a bit less but at the same time I’m wondering, can they really pull it off?.


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Release of new gTLDs uncorks a wave of criticism

Extract: The major concern with the release of .vin and .wine gTLDs, which are available on first in first served basis, is the potential for unrelated parties to deliberately misrepresent their association with particular wine regions, for example,, and for consumers to be misled into believing there is a connection with the region. Wine producers consider the new gTLDs fail to protect “geographical indications” (GIs) and may ultimately weaken their significance and erode the reputation of these well-known regions.


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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

.bank and Other Domain Names to Open for Financial Institutions... And Others

Extract: Financial gTLDs will provide a designated space for legitimate banks and financial service institutions to establish themselves as trusted members of the banking community to target content towards clients, companies and consumers in the field of financial and commercial transactions, secured online banking and related services. There will be a limited time that applicants will be able to seek registration within these specialized gTLD extensions.


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ICANN Los Angeles Recap Webinar


Join Domain Management and gTLD Experts, Elisa Cooper and Matt Serlin of MarkMonitor for guidance on navigating this complex environment.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET.


.XYZ harnesses the power of .Com to promote its domain names

Extract: Regardless of what you think about its approach, I’ve got to hand it to .xyz. The top level domain is trying a bunch of creative marketing and sales tactics.


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