Monday, November 9, 2015

Paid to criticize new gTLDs?

Verisign seems to have paid someone to promote ".com" domain names and criticize new gTLDs, based on facts that are not relevant.

According to Jean Guillon:
Verisign is the owner of the ".com" Registry. Selling ".com" domain names is a huge business with 122,034,536 domain names registered. Not to forget that domain names are renewed every year so it is a business that generates a lot of cash. With more descriptive Registries (such as ".club" for example), Verisign - also a back-end Registry for new gTLDs (....) - saw a possibility for ".com" users to change to a more descriptive domain name. If ".com" Registrants start to stop renewing their ".com" to change to another domain name extension, it means that their accredited Registrar pays another Registry, and not Verisign. Business could then be reduced little by little, year after year.

Whatever domain name you buy, new domain names are probably more descriptive than a ".com" but  I suggest to consider keeping old domains for the transition.

Extract from the article:
"In recent days it was revealed that analyst Zeus Kerravala, who had written a dozen-some articles, over many years, for Network World promoting Verisign's pro-.COM point of view and disparaging new top-level domains as a bad idea, was in fact a paid Verisign consultant".

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