Thursday, November 12, 2015

Domain name "" is live but...

Of course, the fox I captured last week doesn't really mind but if I was a Trademark, I would pay interest to such initiative.

According to Jean Guillon:
The Registry is doing a demonstration of use, using a short and memorable name. It is possible that such choice was made on purpose: after all, a fox is an animal too...but I doubt it. This kind of promotion looks like the one the ".sucks" Registry did when it launched: we could see a truck turning around the INTA conference with a big "". The problem here is that...the Registry is a usging Trademark without its consent.

Extract from the article:
"While there have been some grumblings about registries reserving dictionary terms that match trademarks, this may be the first case of a registry unambiguously targeting a brand".

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