Monday, November 2, 2015

Continued non withdrawal of .architect TLD

The President International Union of Architects looks forward to ICANN taking the appropriate action to obtain the withdrawal of the .ARCHITECT new gTLD application.

According to Jean Guillon:
The IUA probably has an agreement to support the .ARCHI new gTLD application. In this case here, there was an objection against the .ARCHITECT application and the IUA prevailed. I don't understand the reason of this correspondence since the status of the .ARCHITECT application is now in "Will Not Proceed". Did  miss something here?

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Extract from the article:
"We find that another application, with no ties to the architecture community, being allowed to remain in the program is against the oversight roles of ICANN. It is not only against the interests of architects worldwide but also introduces possible user confusion with the now active .archi TLD".

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