Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A new contender for Chinese domain investors

Short domain names ending in ".com" are expensive and none are available anymore: domain name investors start to focus on another type of domain name extension.

According to Jean Guillon:
It had to happen: ".com" domain names were a star but the new gTLDs now offer more opportunities for domain name investors and China has understood this. Investors recenlty demonstrates their interest in ".club" domain names: have a look at figures in this article.

Extract from the article:
"It is not new that no three and four letter domain names are no longer available in the “.com” domain name extension. When they are, it is because they often qualify as a value in which to invest: it means that they are available for sale but at a high price. The reason for this? They are short, everyone knows what a “.com” domain name is, and they have been on the market for a long time (so Google probably has started indexing them a long time ago). And, just like in the normal world: an old - and easy to remember - address has value".

Read morehttp://www.gtld.club/2015/11/a-new-contender-for-chinese-domain.html

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