Saturday, October 24, 2015

Approved Resolutions of the ICANN Board

Approved resolutions:

  1. Consent Agenda: 
    1. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes
    2. Delegation of IDN ccTLD ελ representing Greece in Greek script
    3. Rationale for Resolutions 2015.10.22.02 – 2015.10.22.03
    4. Delegation of IDN ccTLD عراق representing Iraq in Arabic script
    5. Rationale for Resolutions 2015.10.22.04 – 2015.10.22.05
    6. Approval for Contracting and Disbursement for CRM Platform Enhancement
    7. Rationale for Resolutions 2015.10.22.06 – 2015.10.22.07
    8. Thank You to Community Members
    9. Thank You to Local Host of ICANN 54 Meeting
    10. Thank You to Sponsors of ICANN 54 Meeting 
    11. Thank You to Interpreters, Staff, Event and Hotel Teams of ICANN 54 Meeting 
  2. Main Agenda: 
    1. Thank You to the 2015 Nominating Committee 
    2. GNSO gTLD Registries Stakeholder Group Charter Amendments (2015) 
    3. Rationale for Resolution 2015.10.22.14 
    4. Decommissioning of the New gTLD Program Committee 
    5. Rationale for Resolutions 2015.10.22.15 – 2015.10.22.16 
    6. Consideration of Independent Review Panel’s Final Declaration in Vistaprint v. ICANN 
    7. Rationale for Resolutions 2015.10.22.17 – 2015.10.22.19 
    8. Thank You to Wolfgang Kleinwächter for his service to the ICANN Board 27 
    9. Thank You to Gonzalo Navarro for his service to the ICANN Board 
    10. Thank You to Ray Plzak for his service to the ICANN Board.

Spotted on (Internet):

New gTLD reminders:
  • The Trademark Clearinghouse ("TMCH") calendar on Nameshield;
  • Most recent Sunrise Period announcements;
  • Clubs can register their ".club" domain name with Namebay and search for a "Premium" on;
  • Contact Nameshield Registry to submit your application in round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program.
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