Tuesday, September 1, 2015

TMCH to protect brands as top-level domains proliferate

A "club is a club": sports clubs, fan clubs, night clubs to use a domain name ending in ".club".
From the author:
"These new gTLD extensions amplify the risks for brand owners, creating more opportunities for fraud and abuse. For example, registrants can now secure domain names such as CAT.EQUIPMENT, CAT.HELP, or [YOUR BRAND].ENGINEERING. Unfortunately, given the number of new gTLDs, it would be impossible for companies, even those with vast trademark resources, to register their trademarks within every new gTLD. In response to this heightened opportunity for improper use of these domain names, a coordinated strategy is required to reduce the risk of online infringement".

Source: http://companyweek.com/articles/trademark-clearinghouse-to-protect-brands-as-top-level-domains-proliferate.

  • Trademarks should submit their datas into the Trademark Clearinghouse to participate in future Sunrise Periods. The official TMCH calendar is available here;
  • For a better recognition, Trademark clubs should register a ".club" domain name at their accredited Registrar.

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