Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cast your vote: .WEBSITE or .ONLINE ?

A "club is a club": sports clubs, fan clubs, night clubs to use a domain name ending in ".club".
From the author:
"Last week, Radix announced that it expected that its .Online extension would see 15,000 registrations in the first day of general availability. The company even targeted the .Club registration mark of more than 25,000 domain names registered on the first day of general availability".

Source: http://www.domaininvesting.com/vote-website-or-online/.

  • Trademarks should submit their datas into the Trademark Clearinghouse to participate in future Sunrise Periods. The official TMCH calendar is available here;
  • For a better recognition, online clubs should register a ".club" domain name at their accredited Registrar.

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