Thursday, June 18, 2015

Applicant Made $29M By Withdrawing new gTLD applications

A "club is a club": sports clubs, fan clubs, night clubs to use a domain name ending in ".club".
Applicant with multiple new gTLD applicant earned
$29M By Withdrawing some of his applications.

Extract: "Rightside spent $54.18 million on gTLDs over the past three years. The company got back about $29 million of that by withdrawing applications on some domains".


  • Trademarks: submit your datas into the Trademark Clearinghouse (also called "tmch") to participate in coming Sunrise Periods;
  • Applicant clubs can register their domain name with Uniregistry;
  • Jovenet Consulting informs and provides consultancy services on New gTLDs;
  • The Trademark Clearinghouse calendar is available here.

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