Monday, May 18, 2015

Announcement: Joint Venture to Launch .CARS, .CAR, and .AUTO

Extract: "Cars Registry Limited will provide everyone in the automotive industry, around the world, with choice to develop their online presence. From car dealerships to car enthusiasts, .Cars, .Car, and .Auto registrants will be able to secure a memorable and relevant domain for their brand or purpose. All three generic endings can be used by every participant of the supply chain, including suppliers, manufacturers, dealerships, auctioneers, media outlets, and individuals".


  • Car clubs can register a ".club" domain name with UniRegistry;
  • Brands can submit their trademark data into the Trademark Clearinghouse ("TMCH") to participate in a Sunrise Period. The TMCH calendar is available here;
  • Need to promote or sell your new gTLD? Contact Jovenet Consulting.

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