Friday, April 3, 2015

Go To An Auction To Recover Your Brand Domain?

Extract: "The dotSucks registry has created a list of domains called “Sunrise Premium” with the aim of further protecting rights-holders. This list was created by analyzing previous Top Level Domain Sunrises and Block product purchases. This protects you, as the brand owner, from having your domain purchased after Sunrise for $249 by a potentially disgruntled party. If a premium domain was not purchased in Sunrise, the domain will still be available to all during General Availability; however the premium price will apply. Our “Sunrise Premium” pricing is $2199.18".


  • Clubs can register a ".club" domain name with UniRegistry;
  • To protect themselves from the .SUCKS Registry, Brands can submit their trademark data into the Trademark Clearinghouse ("TMCH") to participate in a Sunrise Period;
    The TMCH calendar is available here;
  • Promoting new domain names to end-users requires time, contact Jovenet Consulting for help.

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