Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What’s New with .BRANDs, SEO & ICANN 52?

Extract: "One type of new gTLD is the dot brand, or brand TLD, and proponents say that its introduction will significantly change the online brand strategy game. A brand TLD provides the opportunity for branded corporations to use their corporate name as their website’s corporate identifier, instead of – or in addition to – the more traditional .com domain name extension. Some brand TLDs that have recently been delegated include .barclays, .hermes, .marriott, .cartier, and .samsung. A total of 617 brands submitted new gTLD applications, but not all have been delegated yet".

Source: http://blogs.ironmountain.com/2015/service-lines/technology-escrow/whats-new-dot-brands-seo-icann-52/.


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