Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Interesting: the .BAREFOOT new gTLD is coming

Extract: "The new .barefoot gTLD will operate as a restricted registry, in which Gallo Vineyards Inc. (Gallo) can create and control domain spaces that promote its brand identity and authenticity. In this regard, the .barefoot gTLD will be used by Gallo to provide information, services and resources to consumers in a way that promotes trust, convenience and utility. The .barefoot gTLD will provide an authoritative internet space for Gallo. Second and third level domains can then be utilised to establish a centralized presence for the provision of information and promotion of Gallo, the Barefoot brand and its associated products. The new gTLD is intended to be one of the primary places to provide new, accurate and geographically personalized information and access to the company, its products and the Barefoot brand".


  • To participate in a Sunrise Period, Wine Brands should submit their trademark data into the Trademark Clearinghouse and check its calendar;
  • Wine Clubs can register a domain name ending in ".club" with GoDaddy.

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