Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Current status of the .CRUISE new gTLD

Extract: "Although CLIA hasrepeatedly expressed its intention to operate .CRUISE in a way that serves a public interest goal, the application has been on hold for almost a year. Its contender in the contention set for the .CRUISE TLD, Viking River Cruises (Viking), is a private entity which has chosen not to address the GAC’s Category 2 Safeguards Advice and instead has confirmed its intention, if awarded the TLD, to restrict registration exclusively to itself and its affiliates. As ICANN’s New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) is yet to issue a decision on how it proposes to deal with the applications of such private entities, CLIA is unduly disadvantaged since its own application is consequently on indefinite hold whereas the similar TLD string .CRUISES signed its Registry Agreement in 2013 and was introduced into the market more than eight months ago, although without any of the validation safeguards that CLIA’s TLD would offer".

Source: https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/payne-to-crocker-et-al-06jan15-en.pdf.

  • Cruises will soon be able to register their .CRUISE domain name;
  • To participate in a Sunrise Period, Brands should submit their trademark data into the Trademark Clearinghouse and check the calendar;
  • To promote new gTLDs "a different way", contact Jovenet Consulting.

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