Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Donuts Newsletter Vol. 10, 10/1/2014 is Out

  1. The Month in Review
    The month of September was a busy one at the bakery, as we launched seven gTLDs into Sunrise and another 11 into General Availability. The team was busy on the road as well, having exhibited at a number of trade shows and industry events.
  2. Industry News
    Read about interesting topics relating to new gTLDs.
  3. Donuts gTLD Launches for October
    It will be an uncharacteristically slow month for gTLD launches in October, as we bring two new gTLDs to General Availability, but rest assured it will not be slow for the team as we take this opportunity to catch up on behind-the-scenes improvements and initiatives
  4. Donuts' Featured Sites
    Another month has passed, which means it's been another difficult month deciding which of the slew of submissions to add to our Featured Sites page. We can't feature them all, but we have added a few choice websites to our Featured Sites page. Enjoy.
  5. Donuts Live and In Person
    Come visit the team in person at an event near you!

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