Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New .DEALS Has 400+ Registrations

.Deals which launches into general availability tomorrow has over 400 registrations including Sunrise registrations by trademark holders and those who paid an extra fee to get early access to the domain name (EAP).

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First .Cymru And .Wales Domains Go Live Today

Today, the first .cymru and .wales websites will go live when Wales’ First Minister and the National Assembly’s Presiding Officer officially switch over the first tranche of websites to their new internet domains, marking a historic day in Wales’ digital history.

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Just the Top Bible Websites, Plain and Simple

Bible websites make the Word of God widely available to all people around the world (this article continues the blog series, 66 Ideas for .BIBLE Domain Names, and this is Idea #13, for those of you keeping score at home.) The most valuable resource for all humanity has become that much more accessible through theInternet!


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New York City Businesses React to the New .NYC Domain

The new .nyc domain will empower businesses in New York City. Aaron Thomsen, Director of Students on Broadway NYC, discusses the opportunities a .nyc domain will provide for their online presence.

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Changing your view of the Internet.

Bruker milliarder på domene-kamp

Globale giganter bruker opp mot seks milliarder kroner på de nye topp-domenene på nettet. Norske aktører nærmest fraværende.


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ICANN on .AFRICA : "we don't know"

"We do not know how long it will take the Panel after the hearing to render its declaration, but we are optimistic that the Panel will issue its decision swiftly".
https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/correspondence/willett-to-masilela-26sep14-en.pdf (PDF Download)

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ABA, FSR and Other Financial Trades to Operate .bank

“Operating ‘.bank’ is a key step towards providing consumers a more secure place to bank on-line, and it will a helpful tool in better protecting personal data,” said FSR president and CEO Tim Pawlenty.

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New gTLD Abuse Trends Beginning to Emerge

Earlier this month we conducted a review of the top 100 most highly-trafficked Web property names across the top 5 most popular new gTLD registries. It is apparent that the abuse we had expected has occurred — just not where we had anticipated.

By Elisa Cooper, VP Product Marketing at MarkMonitor. Elisa Cooper also contributes to the MarkMonitor weblog.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Phishers prefer free ccTLDs to new gTLDs

Domains in free and cheap ccTLDs are much more likely to host phishing attacks than new gTLDs.

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Precisely what you want to avoid investing in your new gTLD

In terms of ICANN’s by-laws the IRP panel should strive to issue its written declaration no later than 6 months after the filing of the request for independent review. We are concerned at the time that has lapsed, apparently without a final outcome being close, and the longer the delay the more prejudice we suffer.

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This week’s new TLDs: .Bayern, .ovh and .deals

There’s an interesting launch on Thursday. OVH, One of Europe’s largest webhosts, launches .ovh. Although it’s a brand, they’re opening it up to everyone.


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Changing your view of the Internet.

.CLUB, a South Florida tech pioneer

Colin Campbell founded, grew and sold what quickly became the largest Internet provider in Canada in the ’90s. Then he co-founded a number of other tech companies, including Hostopia. Now he’s back on the ground floor in another kind of Internet gold rush: domain names. He’s got a powerful one — .club — and his company is quickly growing in Fort Lauderdale


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fTLD Registry to Operate .BANK new gTLD

fTLD Registry Services, LLC (fTLD) has signed a contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to operate the “.bank” generic top-level domain. fTLD, which submitted a community-based application to ICANN in May 2012, anticipates “.bank” will be available in mid-2015.
Download the PR here : http://www.ftld.com/fTLD-Contract-Release.pdf

Is dot-lawyer domain a good idea?

Lawyers can also preregister for domains like dot-law and dot-legal that will become available later. The new generic top-level domain names could offer a good chance for those who weren’t able to score an ideal web address in the crowded dot-com space, says Monica Goyal, a Toronto-based lawyer and a software entrepreneur. But an untested domain name with a high price tag could be a deterrent for many lawyers, she adds.


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How Will The New Dot.Tickets Domain Impact The Way People Buy Tickets Online?

In a future world of ticket buying, it appears that Centralnic would like to be the arbiter of legitimate ticket sellers. If Centralnic has its way, consumers looking for anything from Denver Broncos tickets to tickets to Derek Jeter’s final game would be shopping at Yankees.tickets or Broncos.tickets instead of choosing from the array of sites out there on the Web that compete for your business.

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Most New gTLD Domain Names Are On Life-Support, Infecting Other gTLDs

"Who at ICANN thought it was a good idea to go from 22 gTLDs to over 1,300? Oh yeah, ICANN's Chief Strategy Officer and "architect of the new gTLDs program" who had a "conflict of interest" (particulars still undisclosed) and now heads up an industry lobbying group with other new gTLD sycophants, and then we have a former Chairman of the ICANN Board of Directors who left the Board right after the vote approving the new gTLDS program to go to work for the parent company of a new gTLD registry applicant."

Rightside Hackathon to Create Tools to Promote New TLDs

On October 2nd and 3rd, Rightside will be holding an internal hackathon to come up with ideas that will help the company promote the new gTLDs and encourage usage of them by the general public. I saw a tweet mentioning the Rightside hackathon, and I asked a company representative for additional details about the hackathon.


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Changing your view of the Internet.

DCA has championed .africa for Africa anchored on 3 key principles

  1. To brand the Continent‘s product and services so people will know what Africa does and the positives that Africa has to offer. While Africa’s image has suffered through war, famine and governance issues, there is also another image that the world does not know about Africa, and that can be told through its people when they engage in promoting their products & services for trade and investment in the new .africa gTLD.
  2. DotConnectAfrica has created “generation.africa”, a theme, to empower the youth to adapt the powers of the internet and its use, thus enjoying a great following thus far.
  3. A shift in industry from US market of .com and .org to Africa empowered by the dotafrica registry to Africa, which is to be housed locally in the continent. This will mean development of new industry and market for Africa empowering African jobs and wealth creation.
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Actor Robert Downey Jr Files UDRP on The Domain RobertDowneyjr.actor

The domain was registered less than a month ago on August 31st by a Shashank Agarwal of India at Godaddy.com. The domain name RobertDowneyjr.actor is going to a Godaddy placeholder.

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How to do a Whois lookup for a new gTLDs?

In other difference as a new domains come on line will a general query to a unparalleled whois server Whois.net?? solve a new domain names or will there be a opposite whois server for each tld.

For a .CLUB domain name, you should go to http://whois.nic.club

New gTLD 1st Day Registrations: .Scot 4509, .Beer 1930, .Direct 1716, .Place 775, .Surf 570

The “New gTLD 1st Day Registrations” include sunrise domain names as well as any domains registered by the registry or any founder’s program. Any registry is allowed to register up to 100 domains for it’s own use and give out another 100 as part of the New gTLD founder’s program.

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Safeway pulls all four new gTLD apps

Retail giant Safeway has removed itself from the new gTLD program entirely, last week withdrawing all four of its applications.

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Big Brother plans from ICANN

Buy a domain and your personal details will be held in a giant database by a controversial nonprofit in California. And this is the same time that the world of domains is being hugely expanded. The Internet itself works and has worked because it is decentralised. The only component that isn’t – ICANN – naturally enough thinks everything should be centralized and given to it. But the problems are obvious and huge.

Today is .COFFEE day in the USA

Source Wikipedia : "In the United States, September 29 is celebrated as "National Coffee Day." Coffee Day is also celebrated in a handful of other countries as well."

Register your new .COFFEE domain name with the World's Largest Registrar - GoDaddy.com

And if you think "French": .CAFE is available too.

New gTLD Worldwide Roadshow 2014

The 2013 new gTLD roadshow attracted attentions and won support from a wide range of industry practitioners and experts from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Held by Brandma.Co together with international and domestic institutional partners, the 2014 newgTLD roadshow is aiming to serve wider internet communities by inviting industry experts to share thoughts and experiences on the latest industry updates and changes including what influence might come from the transition of the IANA function, how professionals from various of industries understand the new gTLDs, how do industry professionals perceive the investment of new gTLDs, and how do intellectual property lawyers think about the TMCH as a global trademark protection mechanism, about domain name dispute mechanism, and about the newest ideas of corporate intellectual property protection on the internet, and so on.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Neelie Kroes : my visit to the US - ICANN (.VIN & .WINE)

I also discussed Internet governance. I told US colleagues what I have been repeating for a long time: Europe supports a multi-stakeholder model for Internet governance, but this does not mean that the current system (nor its most active organisations) are always fit for purpose, or even linked to the realities of the world around them. That's shown clearly by recent decisions on the “.vin” and “.wine” top-level domain names.


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Whose Customers Are Those Typing Brand Names in the Browser's Address Bar?

Now, if you type in the URL bar mrpizza.co.kr or mrpizza.com (assuming these are domain names owned by Mr Pizza), whose customer are you?

Consider this, too: If you dial the telephone number of Mr Pizza, are you a customer of the telephone service provider, or the operator, like 411? No. You are definitely a customer of Mr Pizza. It's obvious.

By not typing ".co.kr" or ".com" in the URL bar, customers were not directly connected to Mr. Pizza.

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Afnic supports customers backing new gTLD projects

On 23 September 2014, Afnic invited all of its business customers, brand managers and registries involved in new gTLDs for a special "Corp. Day".

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The .BRAND Registry group has a new website

  • Why do we need a .brand registry?
  • What can our .brand do for the whole business?
  • How do we prepare to launch our .brand registry?

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New GTLD Inspired Fraud Is Happening And It Could Kill Consumer Trust Quickly

Where the fraudster in this case took things to a new level, was by creating a page within the www.URL-BofA.Support that makes it look like the email communication is coming from BankOfAmerica.com.


Experts call for a moratorium on use of new internet domain .health

In a commentary published in the open access journal Globalization and Health, the authors - led by Tim Mackey of the Global Health Policy Institute – call for a moratorium on use of the new internet gTLD domain .health. They argue that ICANN's "lack of adequate stakeholder participation and…transparency" has fueled an awards process that disregards the public's interest in reliable health information in the interest of "contracting .health to the highest bidder."

Second new gTLD round “possible” but not “probable” in 2016

If there are any companies clamoring to get on the new gTLD bandwagon, they’ve got some waiting to do.

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Ski, Sex and Surf : Time for .SURF

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Research reveals brand hijacking habits in new gTLDs

Our research focused on the top 50 most valuable brands as revealed on the Brand Finance Global 500 list, as well as a selection of fashion brands and Apple products that are commonly domain hijacked.

Top Level Design wins .design contention set

Top Level Design beat out six other applicants in a private auction to win the domain. Given the number of applicants, I suspect the final price for the domain was near a high water mark.

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Neelie KROES to answer Jean Guillon on .WINE & .VIN

A kind answer received today from Neelie Kroes to my questions. I think the last paragraph is interesting. I understand there won't be any initiative from the EU to build its own Internet. You will also enjoy my little note at the end of this post.


Infibeam Launches Domain Registry – .OOO Extensions Available

The sunrise period (a time during which owners of trademarks may register their domain name containing the owned mark.) has started on 22nd September and will run for month after which from 24th October general public will be able to book their domains.

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New York City Boosts Its Brand With .NYC Domain names

According to Nic Steinbach, strategic relationship manager at Name.com, which is also registering the domain, .nyc has a quality similar to domains such as .ninja or .guru that jump out at registrants.


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Trademark Submissions At TMCH Are NOT Slowing Down

So far 32,993 marks have been submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse as of the 16th of September 2014. The number of marks was 31,866 on the 28th of July. So the Trademark Clearinghouse added 1,127 trademarks in these past 50 days.

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Changing your view of the Internet.

gTLDs Boycotted (Author – Lara Grant)

Most companies have avoided the latest scheme of ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) for top level domain (gTLD) names with only 1,930 applications received. Top among the few participants were Google and Amazon with 180 applications.


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1st Day New gTLD Totals: .Direct 1,710 & .Place 769

After the 1st day of GA including those domain names registered in the Sunrise Period by trademark holders and the Early Access Period (EAP) where people paid additional fees to get early access to registrations here are the totals.

.London Priority Domain Auctions Start But Can Last Forever!

“If the leader changes at any time during the last 24 hours, the auction close will be extended for an additional 24 hours from the time the leadership changed.”

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New '.Church' Domain Names Get Off To a Good Start, Growing in Popularity

"I saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of important geographic branding opportunities domains that immediately and easily identify my church with the Brookhaven and greater Atlanta area have long been taken," said Sanders.


.VEGAS : It’s going to make the Las Vegas Monorail seem like a good idea.

We’re set in our digital ways, and they work pretty darn well. The web has been a mass medium for nearly two decades now, and we know how to find what we seek. If we know a web address by heart, it’s because it’s simply a brand name plus dot-com. If we’re unsure—hey, it’s hard to spell!—we Google and our link appears in a blink.

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Infibeam to offer ‘.ooo’ for ‘.com-savvy’ netizens

The new Generic Top Level Domain (GTLD) ‘.ooo’ is aimed at providing alternate domain registration solutions to those who have failed to locate their brand name or business names on .com domain. Also, ‘.ooo’ is seen as a mobile-friendly domain as it reduces usage of multiple keys on phones.


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Changing your view of the Internet.

Auctions Update: MMX Wins .law and .vip

The Company also participated in the ICANN-sponsored auctions for .vip and .tech, in which it purchased .vip for approximately $3.1 million, and lost the auction for .tech. The auction for .tech was sponsored by ICANN, and hence the Company did not receive funds from the winning bidder of .tech, as happens in a private auction.


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A new gTLD applicant for Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program?

"At DotKeeper we strive to offer our customers such a hassle-free life as possible. In our basic package, we have worked out a deal where we take complete responsibility for the domain issues. For those of you who need extra help, or if you only wish to obtain specialized help separately, we offer hassle-free specialist services."


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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Minds + Machines’ numbers show new TLD auctions are getting out of control

Highly contested new TLD auctions are likely ending well above $10 million.

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Changing your view of the Internet.

North Sound Names Registers 10,000 Domains In Uniregistry’s .BlackFriday

North Sound Names also registered 10,000 domain names in a third Uniregistry string yesterday .Blackfriday, which launched in July of this year.

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Is Verisign’s plan for a standards group part of its patent play?

Company’s CEO disclosed creating an industry group as part of monetizing its patent portfolio.

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North Sound Names Registers 16,000 .AUDIO and 5,000 .HIPHOP Domains

.AUDIO which launched earlier this month, had after its first day of general availability, just 701 registrations and had around 1,100 registrations before yesterday registrations by North Sound Names.


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Changing your view of the Internet.

Afilias loses Chinese .info as seven more new gTLD auctions conclude

From today’s new withdrawals we can see that Uniregistry won .auto against Fegistry, Donuts and Dot Auto, while Donuts won .memorial against Afilias and dotCOOL.


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"Idiot Decisions": are we talking about the ICANN here?

Our reporter David McAuley caught Neelie Kroes in a loquacious mood last week, when the outgoing European Commission vice president and commissioner for the digital agenda was in town to talk about digital trade issues. On the prospect that ICANN will delegate the .wine and .vin top-level domains, Kroes had this to say: "You are not forced to stay forever with idiot decisions and this one is not linked with reality".

Launching a wine club? Use a .CLUB domain name instead (with AlpNames).

What to Do When "your" .Com You Want Is Taken?

For startups and businesses just getting started online, now is actually the ideal time to begin setting up a namespace on the Internet. Hundreds of new domains have been made available and hundreds more will be in the coming months. Extensions like .app, .design, .ink, .xyz, .courses, .club, .health and more will allow startups to better describe themselves on the Internet and stand out among their competitors and their outdated .com addresses.


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1,500 .Scot Domain Registered In 1st 60 Seconds; Over 4K Registered in First Hour

“As such, it made complete sense for the Scouts in Scotland to have a strong presence and identity via www.scouts.scot. It also plays to remind people that the Scout Association is an ever-changing organisation as we always seek to be relevant and attractive to young people.”


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Changing your view of the Internet.

LogicBoxes Partners with I-Content to Implement Vertical Integration for .RICH and .ONL

.RICH is a New gTLD extension that caters to a global community of high net worth individuals and the companies that support them. .ONL (the official abbreviation for "online") is a New gTLD that intends to provide limitless access to everything online by being a natural domain for all online activities, whether it's a business, community or a personalized space.

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.VEGAS gives away domain names

At the end of the contest period we will pick the best two plans and award the names to the winner(s). Winners will also receive one year of free registration, courtesy of our friends at 1&1 Internet Inc. To be eligible, a contest participant must comply with the rules described hereafter.

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Changing your view of the Internet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Multiple live gTLDs will be auctioned in October

Exactly 11 months after the first new gTLDs were delegated to the DNS root, DI has learned that a batch of live gTLDs are heading to auction for the first time.


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Changing your view of the Internet.

CentralNic Investor Presentation

With 18 years of domain industry experience and supporting 60 New gTLD applications, we are a key participant in ICANN's new gTLD initiative. Benefit from our industry-leading technical solution, expert ICANN application & policy team and innovative strategic consultancy. CentralNic is also an established ccTLD registry offering tailored and innovative registry solutions designed to ensure the continued growth & success of ccTLDs into the forthcoming competitive era of New gTLDs. Speak to us about maximising the success of your New TLD or ccTLD.

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Registry Of New gTLD .000 Predicts 35,000 Sunrise Domains & 1-2 Million Registrations In 6-12 Months

The Registry for the new gTLD ‘.ooo’ (Dot-Tripple O) by Ahmedabad-based IT firm Infibeam.com which “is aimed at providing alternate domain registration solutions to those who have failed to locate their brand name or business names on .com domain, has some pretty lofty goals for the extension.

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Recently introduced TLDs create new opportunities for criminals

Criminals target new top-level domains, such as .support, as a means to expand their attack surface

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CentralNic: Early new TLD demand below industry expectations

Company says its registry operations are showing steady growth despite delays and low demand for new TLDs.

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Comcast users report name collision bugs

US cable ISP Comcast has become the latest company to experience problems caused by name collisions with new gTLDs.

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ICANN and a Changing Internet

Ever since Swaraj covered the new domain names being permitted by ICANN back in 2011 on SpicyIP, there have been a few quite crucial developments. Before moving on to these developments, a quick background of some relevant points.

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Changing your view of the Internet.

Over 160 million deleted COM domains

The .COM TLD has more new domain names in a month than are registered in all new gTLDs to date. The effect of the new gTLDs on .COM has been insignificant.

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Donuts Beats Amazon To .Video & Wins .Money, .Sale, & .Legal In Private Auctions

In a set of private new gTLD auctions held last week Donuts has won at least 4 of them, beating out Amazon Uniregistry, Minds + Machines for the new gTLD .Video (Google did not apply for .Video but did apply for .Tube). We should also note their was no new gTLD application submitted for .Videos. If Amazon, Uniregistry or Minds + Machines had applied for the plural .Videos which arguably is a better string they would have won it for just the $185,000 application fee.

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Release of Country and Territory Names in certain TLDs.

This Public Comment period aims at gathering community input on a proposed amendment to the .NEUSTAR Registry Agreement, to implement a request submitted through the RegistryServices Evaluation Policy (RSEP) process to allow the registration of all country and territory names currently required to be reserved by Section 4 of Specification 5 of the RegistryAgreement.


Will new gTLDs change business dynamics?

Regardless of whether or not your product is able to get a short name like “donut.ooo,” you will likely have more – and more affordable – choices than the restricted area of available .com titles at this factor. Though, we estimate that you should anticipate to see cybersquatting and a successful additional industry for the new gTLDs, for sure.

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When is Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program?

Based on current estimates, a subsequent application round is not expected to launch until 2016 at the earliest.

The gTLD Applicant Guidebook provided that ICANN's goal is to launch subsequent gTLD application rounds as quickly as possible, noting that the exact timing would be based on experiences gained and changes required after the completion of the first round.


My Favorite New .CLUB Websites

As many of you know, what excites me the most about new domain extensions are the startups and small businesses that build on them. While there’s no doubt that .COMs definitely have the most resale value, most startups aren’t looking to spend a fortune on a domain, they are looking for a great brand. (.CLUB domain names can be registered with AlpNames).

ICANN: Looks Like 2nd Round Of New gTLD Won’t Open For At Least 4 Years

Based on the timetable as ICANN has laid out in the Draft plan that would mean the soonest the second round or the next time ICANN would open the application period for new gTLD’s again would not open until Mid-2018 or basically 4 years from now.

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Does .COM show the prospects for .XYZ, .CLUB and .GURU?

Today’s .XYZ gTLD total is 513,911. However the gTLD string is almost generic in that it doesn’t really mean anything.

The .CLUB gTLD is quite a different case. It is not a generic gTLD in that it has a specific English language meaning and it is effectively a niche gTLD. There are 383,796 domain names in .COM TLD with the string ‘club’ and there were 764,600 domain names with the string that have been deleted since 2000.

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A much slower week ahead for new TLDs

Also on Wednesday, both .москва and .Moscow will entered what can only be described as a very long early access phase.

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.SCOT will go on General Release as of 2pm (1pm GMT) TODAY

The application process is very similar to registering any other website address and shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Prices will vary depending on which registrar you choose and the services you require, so it may pay to shop around. A list of Approved Registrars is available on our website.
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Changing your view of the Internet.

Monday, September 22, 2014

So you want to apply for a new gTLD?

  • New gTLD Service Providers will tell you all about it; 
  • You will hear everything that you want to hear; 
  • There are things that you won’t hear; 
  • My advice.
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Changing your view of the Internet.

Accent Media Triumphant in bid for Specialist Tickets Top-Level Internet Domain

British company Accent Media Limited, has won the right to operate a new internet domain dedicated to the sale of tickets following an extensive bidding process and a private auction involving four other bidders.The company will offer domain names to approved organisations to provide safer online ticket sales with the intention to establish the “.tickets” top-level domain as a global gold standard of trust for consumers.

Led by ticketing veteran Steve Machin, the independent company is supported by some of the biggest stakeholders in the industry. Its plan is to use the new “.tickets” domain to help consumers buy tickets more safely and securely.

As the ticket sector continues to evolve rapidly to keep up with a more connected generation of customer, so too do the opportunities and challenges facing fans and rights-holders. The company will work with the leaders in entertainment, travel, and sport sectors to develop structural and innovative solutions and services.

“We are thrilled to announce our victory in the bid for the “.tickets” top level domain and are looking forward to executing our vision for “.tickets” said Accent Media founder and CEO Steve Machin. “Backed by a secure domain we will help the industry to deepen its audience connection and trust with the millions of ticket buyers who enjoy attending live events every year.

“The new “.tickets” TLD will bring together experts from across the ticketing and domain name industry to empower fans and event organisers alike to build a dynamic platform for innovation across the industry.” commented Accent Media founder and COO Gary Fisher.

Accent Media chairman, Tommy Higgins said, “I am excited by the opportunities we now have to innovate online. As the ticket industry, and its relationships with fans, continues to develop we are committed to providing a secure, open and pioneering top level domain for authentic tickets.“

Accent Media is also pleased to announce investment from British organisation, CentralNic. Commenting on the investment, Ben Crawford CEO of CentralNic plc, said “The “.tickets” Top-Level Domain will be a compelling new tool to assist consumers to easily identify legitimate and trusted ticket sales sites, as well as empowering venues, entertainers and sports organizations to improve their use of the internet for enabling fans to purchase tickets. This investment realizes our strategy of investing in Top-Level Domain applicants as well as operating as a business partner to their operators. We are delighted to be working with Accent Media in delivering this innovative new tool for the ticketing industry, and we look forward to delivering real benefits to consumers as soon as possible”.


Accent Media Limited was set up by ticketing industry pioneer Steve Machin (former Ticketmaster, Live Nation) and Gary Fisher, (former partner Lansdowne Consulting). The mission of Accent Media is to create a secure, dynamic and trusted global domain environment for online ticket sales, marketing and promotion. Accent Media is chaired by Tommy Higgins, (former Group Managing Director of UK & Ireland for Ticketmaster and Executive Vice President of Ticketmaster Europe). It is supported across the industry by government agencies and the police, The Musicians Union, The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers, The Featured Artist Coalition, The Music Managers Forum and the Association of Independent Festivals.

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Investment in Accent Media Ltd, the new rights holder for the new “.tickets” Top-Level Domain

CentralNic plc (AIM: CNIC), the internet platform business which derives revenues from the global sale of domain names, today announces that further to the announcement on 18 September 2014, the Group is investing US$ 1.62 million in Accent Media Ltd (“Accent Media”), the successful applicant for the .tickets new Top-Level Domain (“TLD”). CentralNic’s investment will equate to around 12% equity stake in the share capital of Accent Media (£1 ordinary shares).

The investment comes as part of CentralNic’s on-going strategy of investing in Top-Level Domain applicants as well as acting as a business partner to their operators, as announced at the time of CentralNic’s listing on AIM in September 2013. The Group’s invested funds were used by Accent Media to acquire the .tickets domain in a private auction, winning a contention set which included four other applicants. In addition to this, CentralNic has entered into a contract with Accent Media to be both the exclusive wholesaler (“registry service provider”) and one of the retail partners for the .tickets TLD.

For more information please visit: www.centralnic.com

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SERPS in new gTLDs: do the test

The gtlds got more Adwords IMPRESSIONS - I'm guessing because taking out the ".com" increased the relevancy of the URL. However the .com CONVERTED (i.e. more people who clicked through took action on the site) better in both cases. https://www.namepros.com/threads/how-new-gtlds-fare-in-search-marketing.834164/

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.WEBSITE in Arabic is out

What is the Meaning of the .موقع New gTLD?
It means “Website”.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Someone doesn't like new gTLD consultants

"Not to pick on all domain name consultants (there are a few really good domain name consultants)--but frankly, there are also plenty of charlatans and snake oil salesmen who call themselves "domain name consultants" or "brand consultants" or by some other domain name industry or professional title. Some of them end up on ICANN committees/groups/boards "pushing" new gTLDs for brands and other unwanted, unneeded programs that are not in the global internet community's best interests."

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iOS 8 and iPhone 6 work with new TLDs

New operating system (that comes pre-installed on iPhone 6) makes it easier to access websites using new top level domains.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

CONFENRENCE: The Registration Operations Association (ROA)

A kick-off meeting will be held Oct 16th 2014. This meeting is open to all interested industry members, including domain name registrars, gTLDs, ccTLDs, registries, resellers, and second level domain registries.

Register here: http://www.regiops.net/

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Fort Lauderdale startup wants you to ‘join the .club’

Campbell is the CEO of .club, one of the world’s top-selling new alternatives to .com. With this single piece of Internet real estate, his South Florida company competes with deep-pocketed giants that are scooping up dozens of new domain extensions.

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Adopting a new gTLD? Study shows enthusiasm for new domain extensions

In a new study we found that British consumers are keen to adopt the new domain names currently being launched. Surveying over 2000 UK consumers we found that 37% of consumers regularly encounter problems identifying companies on the Internet and as a consequence 66% of Britons now want companies to implement business sector specific domains for their websites to simplify searching.


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Is It Time for a Registration Operations Industry Association? (Part 3)

We've set up a website at http://www.regiops.net/ to provide information, describe the event, and allow people to register. We're asking people to register in advance so we can make sure that we have a large enough room reserved and that we provide enough food for breakfast and lunch.

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Sedo’s Report From The Dmexco Conference: 90% Visitors Never Heard Of New gTLDs

Jodie Chamberlain had this to say about her interactions at dmexco: “While dmexco participants were knowledgeable about traditional domain endings, I’d say that 90% of them never heard of the new gTLDs. But they were online marketers, so it just took seconds for them to understand what opportunities new gTLDs can bring them.”


Friday, September 19, 2014

ICANN's Fresh Top Level Domains: a Gift to Phishers

For example, .pharmacy would be a good candidate for spammers pushing various drugs, Segura explained, “even though there are some restrictions as to who is allowed to register their site.”

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.SKI new doains are delayed

This mechanism forces the company to further delay the launch of .ski until this matter resolved. Other sports related community applicants including .sports and .rugby have also been subject to the same procedure by the same third party.

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What NO means for .SCOT

We all knew if the outcome of the vote was ‘YES’ to an independent Scotland it could have had significant implications on many things like currency and education but also on Scotland’s domain name.

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Donuts wants to patent Domain Protected Marks List

Donuts wants to patent the Domain Protected Marks List (DPML), a service that helps brand owners prevent their trademarks from being registered across multiple top level domains.


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Which made more money — .website, .press or .host?

Radix Registry launched its first three new gTLDs yesterday, and the first day’s numbers make an interesting case study in how difficult it can be to judge the health of a TLD.

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Amazon .Bought All the .Buy Top-Level Web Domains for $4.6 Million

Tech companies with deep pockets just love buying things these days, so Amazon decided to one up them all by buying .buy—all of it—for $4.6 million. Now Amazon is the only company that can have websites that end in .buy, although they’ll probably sell you one after they create all the ones they want.

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New gTLD 1st Day Registrations: .Website 6,342, .Press 800, .Host 780

.Website got the most registrations as expected and has 6,342 domains today. .Host and .Press didn’t do as well and got 780 and 800 domains respectively.

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New TLD .Buzz found a customer base it wasn’t targeting

Marijuana websites started springing up on .buzz domains: seattledispensaries.buzz, legalweed.buzz and even weedstocks.buzz, a site tracking publicly traded companies profiting from the legalization of marijuana.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014


There is an unimaginable amount of potential for those companies that are seeking to be the some of the first to possess a truly .scot domain name. This being said however, many people are wondering what the fate of .UK will be, if the referendum goes through and Scotland gets its own domain name.

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Report On ‘Registrar New gTLD Market Share’ Attacks .XYZ and Network Solutions

“Perhaps it is better to be the leader on a few high-potential TLDs than to be in “pole position” on a TLD artificially inflated by short-term promotional tactics.”

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CentralNic invests $1.5m in mystery gTLD applicant

Registry back-end provider CentralNic has stumped up $1.5 million to back a new gTLD applicant in a forthcoming private auction.


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.BRAND gTLDs: owning the territory

The new gTLD expansion has provoked some ‘so what?’ responses, so Roland LaPlante is here to discuss the main benefits of a ‘dot brand’ and review some important marketing trends.

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Do You Think the Dot Website New gTLD Will Do OK?

There were a lot of launches this week but I’m probably not the only one who considers Dot Website the most interesting one to watch.


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Most followed: CentralNIC Group, JD Sports, Smiths Group, DS Smith, Sony

The Most Followed report is a summary of the most interesting corporate stories of the day, including the most popular stock exchange statements, the hottest topics on message boards, the biggest movers of the day as well as rumours and speculation.

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Official auction results from ICANN

Auction results are listed below. Only contention sets that resolved through Auction are included. This page will be periodically updated within seven (7) days after an Auction or update in status.

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Amazon.com buys .Buy for $4.6 million, .Tech sells for $6.8 million

.Tech sold for $6,760,000 to Dot Tech LLC. I’ve heard of some private contention set auctions closing for about this price, but I suspect this is a record or close to it. Three bidders bid at least $6.2 million in the auction.


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1st Day New gTLD Totals: .Church 4,044; .Guide 3,387; .Life 2,106; .Loans 632

Including domains registered in the Sunrise period by trademark holders and by those willing to pay an extra charge to register domain name in the Early Access Program (EAP) prior to GA here are the number of domain name registrations after the first day of GA:

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dot DESI domains - Your path to the Indian Market

India is the second most populous country in the world after China, and has a population of 1.252 billion. With the introduction of .DESI domains, there is a great chance for small as well as large scale businesses to get noticed in this large crowd of people of the Indian subcontinent, and be the next big thing on the Internet.


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Google & Donuts Lose All 3 ICANN New gTLD Auctions: What Did We Learn Today?

The most surprising result was probably the auction for .Tech which was won by a company owned by the principal of the .Uno Registry which outbid some powerhouses.
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How New gTLDs Fare in Search Marketing [Research]

How this new wave of gTLDs will affect click-through rate and domain trust is anyone’s guess, but the folks at online marketing agency Globe Runner wanted to figure out if the new gTLDs fare better or worse than -- or the same as -- .coms.


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New gTLD Updates with COM LAUDE

: New Donuts Sunrises (.PIZZA, .IMMO, .BUSINESS and .NETWORK), NXD names update, .ENGINEER, .PARIS, .GAL, .EUS, .OOO and more.


A very busy week for new gTLDs

Busy Release Week for New gTLDs Crests With 8 More Arriving Today - Meanwhile New Study Matches New gTLDs Against .Com in Search Engine Marketing Test

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The gTLD Message is Getting Out

“Apparently this .[redacted] is coming online soon. What’s the best way to grab [redacted] and [redacted]” Surprisingly, he was referring to buying two new gTLD domain names for his company. I am not going to reveal the gTLD extension or domain names to protect his privacy, but the names were related to his branding as opposed to being simply good descriptive keyword domain names.

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ICANN Auctions: The Latest Schedule and Why It Matters to Brands

On September 11, 2014, ICANN released an updated Auction Schedule for all remaining contention sets – a situation where more than one organization applied for the same gTLD. The outcome of these ICANN Auctions affects not only the new gTLD applicants involved, but also brand owners looking to register in new gTLDs.


ICANN poor answer to member of congress on .WINE

Longer term, we urge your constituents to band together to participate in ICANN. There will be more discussion on whether the new gTLD program should recognize protections for geographic indications prior to the launch of the next application round. Most of the work done by ICANN stakeholders is performed using remote participation tools and requires very little investment. ICANN’s thrice-yearly meetings are also fully accessible online. We would be happy to provide more information on how to effectively participate within ICANN if that would be helpful.

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Digital High Street: the infographic (new gTLDs)

The wealth of new gTLDs means the Digital High Street is definitely here. The very same shops, businesses and services that create the buzz of the physical high street in your town can be re-created on the world wide web. Thanks to new gLTDs businesses traditionally frightened of moving online can now do so with assurance that they can maintain their identity and profile in line with their physical presence.


Part 2 : Is It Time for a Registration Operations Industry Association?

A registrar that wishes to manage contacts with those registries needs to implement a contact extension for each one! With the addition of new gTLDs and many new registry operators with new business models the number of extensions can only increase. How would an industry association address these challenges and reduce confusion for everyone? How could an association be structured

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The new Top Level Domains are shaking the main established registrars

Four of the first registrars in the world are not part of the nTLD « Top 10 ». More agile challengers are taking advantage of this situation. Overview.

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For Boy Scouts only : .GUIDE new gTLD is here

Long Island Exchange Announces Land-Grab of .Guide Domain Name Opening for General Availability This Week


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Changing your view of the Internet.

New .ORGANIC Top-Level Domain Opens to Serve the Organic Community

The term "organic" is the gold standard of nutrition and sustainability, with "certified organic" products and services becoming more and more popular. Consumers have learned to trust these products because clear standards are established and certification processes are reliable. Unlike terms such as "healthy" and "natural," "organic" products and services must meet specific standards.

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What new domain name extension do you think has been the biggest success so far?

We all know that registries make money when people register and renew domains, but I personally think that the number of websites (quality website not made-for-adsense minisites) really gauges consumer interest in a new extension.

Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website Featured in EURid's World Report on IDNs 2014

The report was created with the intention of propagating international equality within the internet's global community. Our goal of empowering 20% of humanity to use their own great and ancient language, Chinese, in website addresses is what drives our work, and we are delighted to have been made a case study in the report.

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M+M and Pool.com for auctions !

This document is intended to provide potential Minds + Machines auction participants with all the information they may need to know to successfully participate in auctions for Minds + Machines TLDs. Additional information including FAQs is available on the auction site at http://mm.pool.com.

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One of the Worst Weeks for New gTLDs Thus Far

As mentioned yesterday, 8 new gTLDs had the start of their GA phase scheduled for today and the results are downright awful.

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Tuesday Was .Vegas Day & A Big Celebration Was Held At Las Vegas City Hall

Russ White, former Apple.com and itunes webmaster who owns and operates Vegas magazine spoke about Gay.Vegas for the LGBT community.

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DotGreen is back from the dead

DotGreen Community, a popular but unsuccessful applicant for the .green gTLD, has been resurrected to manage the marketing for the successful applicant, Afilias.

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Webinar : Marketing In A World Beyond .COM: Integrating A Multiple Domain Name Strategy

This webinar will explore how creative brands and marketers can seize this opportunity and re-think their Domain Name Strategy. We’ll show real-world examples of how you can leverage multiple domain names to grow your business and make all aspects of your business easier for customers to find and understand.


Learn from Jeff Sass, CMO .CLUB Domains, why you should register a .CLUB domain name.

New gTLDs are being delegated regularly, but are there more to come?

Highlighted features:
  1. All the latest intellectual property news;
  2. New gTLDs are being delegated regularly, but are there more to come?
  3. Aleksandra Kryśka of Patpol considers trademarks with reputations, and analyses the legislation and case law surrounding them;
  4. S.S. Rana & Co lawyers call for more help for the videogame industry in India.
DOWNLOAD the PDF: http://ipprotheinternet.com/ipprotheinternet/IPProTheInternet_issue_50.pdf

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

.GREEN Community is back!

Group that promoted .green domain name for years is back at the table, and Kathy Nielson has joined the team.

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Jean Guillon is on ICANNWiki :-)

Today, Jean is the CEO of Jovenet Consulting and provides new gTLD consultancy services and enhanced visibility for new gTLD applicants and service providers, conferences about TLDs, products and services related to new gTLDs. Jean is involved in Wine Registries Governance and informs governments on wine Registries specific questions.

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How to register the best .CLUB domain name

A good domain name can be difficult to find...in particular when the domain name extension is highly demanded. It is what is happening with the .CLUB new gTLD. Should your Registrar tell you that the desired domain name is not available, it is not necessarily true.


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Trade Mark Protection and Enforcement in Cyberspace

We have already seen the launch of .technology, .vacations, .international; .capetown, .joburg, .durban and many more. The obvious concern for many trade mark proprietors is that the greater the number of new gTLDs, the greater the opportunity for cyber-squatting and third parties taking advantage of their trade marks.


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.Guide Going Live Wed Has More Registrations Than 4 M + M gTLD’s Have After 1st Day Of GA

.Guide which goes into general availability tomorrow, Wednesday September 17th already has more registrations than four strings of Minds + Machines after their first day of GA yesterday.

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.XYZ gTLD reaches 500K domains

The complete .XYZ gTLD was surveyed and 90.27% of the domains were parked on PPC. The robo-registrations made up the bulk of those websites. Only 2.67% of the .XYZ domains had Active/unclassified websites.

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.vegas beats all six new M+M gTLDs combined

Minds + Machines’ first day of general availability for its first six wholly owned new gTLDs has produced some very disappointing numbers.

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Get Ready For The .bank Web Domain Gold Rush

The .com world has become overcrowded, making it difficult for financial institutions to stand out. But thousands of new domains — including .bank and .creditunion — are making their way to the internet. The new domains open up much needed real estate on the web, providing new marketing and branding opportunities.

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2nd Round gTLDs: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The essay outlines the advantages (good) and threats (bad) that can make or break a gTLD, and the eternal fact that some applications will doom themselves to failure (ugly).

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Changing your view of the Internet.

Search Engine Marketing Study: .Com Vs. New gTLDs

As a leading interactive marketing agency based in the Dallas, Texas area, Globe Runner wanted to find out, first-hand, which TLD (or new gTLD) performs better from a website marketing or search engine marketing perspective. For the purpose of testing the overall marketing performance of .COM domains versus new gTLD domain names, we thought that it would be important and most appropriate to use Google AdWords, a leading source of paid internet traffic.

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ICANN’s multiple delays: a bit of a problem!

On the applicant side, one should note that these delays can become extremely costly since the ICANN new gTLD program has been delayed for years prior to being launched. An applicant is a company, which has employees and employees need to be paid. Also, the longer it takes for a Registry to start selling its domain name is more money is thrown away.

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Holy gTLDs! The day Pope Francis met Angela Merkel

Pope Francis, who often blesses the faithful from the official twitter account at the Vatican, had a few words to say about technology, as well as domain names.


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Is it Time for a Registration Operations Industry Association?

Over the last few months I've been talking to many different gTLD and ccTLD registry and registrar representatives to see if there's interest in the topic of developing a forum to discuss technical coordination. I've learned that there is a lot of support for the concept, measured with some concern for adding expensive meeting and travel commitments beyond those we all already have.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

New gTLD Updates 15 September 2014

  • One new Rightside ‘Regulated’ TLD (.ENGINEER)
  • The geoTLD .PARIS, with TMCH-validated trade marks now having first priority during launch
  • Two new TLDs for the Galician linguistic and cultural community (.GAL) and Basque (Euskara) language and culture community (.EUS)
  • Four new Donuts TLDs (.PIZZA, .IMMO, .BUSINESS and .NETWORK)
  • .OOO

This is the biggest week yet for new TLDs (16 domains!)

Radix launches its first three domain names on Wednesday, including a the broadly-appealing .website.

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At Least One Registrar is Offering Free .Webcam Domain Registration

Courtesy of our new gTLD blogging friend Jean Guillon comes word that at least one domain name registrar is offering free .Webcam registration through the end of the year though one registrar.

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State of the Net for the Week of September 15

“Name collision” refers to the unintended consequences that may occur when a new gTLD string matches an existing string on an internal network. In other words, as new gTLDs and second-level domains go live, they could “collide” with an exact match already in use within private networks. It’s an issue that ICANN and the Internet community have worked together to research and are attempting to address.


No End User’s Registering New gTLD’s? Check Out The First .Church Domain Names

.Church is landing into General Availability on Wednesday September 17th and has almost 400 domain names registered in its Sunrise Period open to trademark holders and through the Early Access Program (EAP) for which registrants paid an extra fee.

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Changing your view of the Internet.

Yeehaw! Bumper crop of new gTLD launches

There’s a definite wild west flavor to today’s crop of new gTLD launches, in a week which sees no fewer than 16 strings hit general availability.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Coding of Online Brand Protection

Potential cybersquatting based in the more than one thousand new generic top level domains is only one new source of anxiety. While the jury is still out on the level of harmful cybersquatting and the efficacy of the new Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) for new gTLDs, that ICANN program is hardly the only challenge. Online marketplaces, search engine results and app-based infringement are all rapidly growing concerns

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Changing your view of the Internet.

What Tools Can You Use to Proactively Protect Your Trademarks as New gTLDs Launch?

In anticipation of trademark and intellectual property issues that are certain to accompany the introduction of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has created a number of rights protection mechanisms for trademark holders. One example is the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH),a centralized database of verified trademarks, which is electronically connected to each new gTLD being launched.

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Changing your view of the Internet.

.XYZ 1st New gTLD To Break 500,000 Registrations

.XYZ has become the first new gTLD to break the 500,000 registration mark. According to ntldstats.com has 501,459 domain registrations. A little of 377,000 of these registrations are from Network Solutions which as we at TheDomains.com discovered early on, are free registrations.

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.CORK new gTLD in Round 2 ?

Following in the footsteps of the city that never sleeps, New York City, one Cork councillor is looking to set up a unique online branding system for Cork: .cork.