Tuesday, August 12, 2014

There Seems To Be A Problem With The New Domain Extensions and The iPhone

Suppose you find-out about a cool new website that just popped up on bingo.guru, and since you’re a bingo nut you want to read all the awesome tips and tricks they have to share. So you fire up Safari on your iPhone and type in the URL bar, Bingo.guru…but instead of going to Bingo.guru (which is would do if you type in Bingo.com, Bingo.net, Bingo.org, Bingo.co, Bingo.me, etc.) it instead does a Google search for “bingo.guru”.
Read more here: http://morganlinton.com/there-seems-to-be-a-problem-with-the-new-domain-extensions-and-the-iphone/.

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