Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The gold nuggets on the future of new gTLDs

  1. .com will remain king forever (or until there is a disruptive technology). It will be rare to see someone with a great .com domain rebrand to a new gTLD unless it’s a dot brand.
  2. It could take years before the new gTLDs are really becoming mainstream, and are used for new websites at a larger scale.
  3. Dot brand and some few new top level domains such as the dot city ones and most popular such as .app, .blog, .web etc. will be the main drivers for the success of new gTLDs. Few will probably also stand for the majority of registrations.
  4. Many of the new gTLDs will die out or live a very quiet life in a niche, and will not be discovered by the public eye. Registries will merge as a consequence of lacking salesor acquired by other registries.
  5. New gTLDs which are not in Latin characters such as the Chinese top level domains look like having good chances to become household names.

Read more here: http://gtld.club/2014/08/26/14-experts-on-the-future-of-new-gtlds-my-5-take-aways/.

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