Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What if France had applied for a .WINE new gTLD?

n applicant could have submitted a Community application with specific requirements to protect wine brands so users could have applied in a specific Sunrise Period, then other brands could have come second and register their domain names, then would have come a Landrush Period followed by the General Availability (GA). In this application, there could have been a supplementary protection mechanism dedicated to protecting wine Geographical Indications and their equivalent worldwide. Added to this could have been added a special “wine procedure” against infringement, just like there is one for .FR domain names. Another procedure to “unlock” blocked wine domains could have been added too. A lot could have been added to a Community Application.
Read the article here: http://gtld.club/2014/07/01/what-if-france-had-applied-for-a-wine-new-gtld/.

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