Thursday, May 22, 2014

New gTLD Governance Councils

Governance Councils should be a “must have” for a Registry but few are operating them…
The success, or failure, of these ‘sectorized’ extensions will ultimately be determined by their adoption by the sector’s stakeholders. If we assume that owners of ‘sectorized domain names’ should also be motivated to protect their sector from detrimental practices, the operators of the domain name extensions (known as Registries) should be open to influence by the community for the betterment of its namespace. For this reason, Famous Four Media had the forethought to create Governance Councils, specifically to offer stakeholders a forum with a voice through which they can influence a gTLD, the way it is governed and how it should evolve. Governance Councils should comprise key industry stakeholders, interested individuals and other relevant industry bodies who will serve as a voluntary advisory body.

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