Saturday, May 31, 2014

One Site Owner Wants to Trade His .Com for a .Link

It is an interesting dilemma, should someone eat their own cooking as they say ? If you are focused on new gtlds might as well run your site on a new gtld.
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When it comes to the complicated minefield (or money factory…) of new gTLDs, those of us working in SEO really just have one question on our minds: how will the new .something domain extensions affect search results and rankings?
Would there be a .SEO in Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program, you 'd fin it at the World's Largest Registrar - Covers One Applicant For .ART

We haven’t seen cover the new gTLD program very much but today they did and picked out a story surrounding one applicant for .Art, deviantART. The TechCrunch article covers the letter sent to ICANN by deviantART’s as to why it deserves a “community designation” in the application process.
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Donuts Newsletter: the Month in Review

  1. The Month in Review
  2. Industry News
  3. Donuts' TLD Launches for June
  4. Donuts Live and In-Person
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Friday, May 30, 2014

Las Vegas Review Journal Covers .Vegas; The City Is Getting $4 a Domain & Expects $250K In Revenue A Year

”Las Vegas will reap financial rewards from that pioneer status. Dot Vegas will share 10 percent of all .Vegas registration revenue with the city of Las Vegas, or nearly $4 on a $39.95 domain fee and estimates .Vegas will yield $250,000 in fiscal 2015 for the agency, which has an annual budget of about $970,000.”
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State of the Net for the Week of June 3

ICANN has updated its auction schedule for resolving outstanding Contention Sets, or groups of applications for the same or similar new top-level domains (TLDs) like .COUPON and .MOM.

New .vegas domain could transform online marketing

For consumers, .vegas will mean easier website searches and more certainty about whom they’re dealing with online, say executives of Dot Vegas, the local company that has the exclusive rights to lease .vegas domain names. For companies, it will offer highly targeted marketing. And for the city itself, the new domain will reap priceless free branding, as well as a cut of the revenue.
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New gTLD program auctions (update)

The Auction Schedule is updated as of 29 May 2014. This version is updated to reflect the accommodated postponement requests due to the anticipated timeline for the finalization of the Name Collision Occurrence Management Framework.
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Registrants join the ‘.club’, but are brand owners outside looking in?

With heavyweight endorser 50 Cent throwing his weight behind the ‘.club’ gTLD, the string has shot to the top of the gTLD registrations table. However, new research from Domain Incite’s Kevin Murphy suggests that brand owners are shying away from making wholesale defensive registrations.

First ICANN “Auction of Last Resort” to take place next week

ICANN will hold its first new top level domain name auction next week to settle the contention set for .信息, which roughly translates to “information”.
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How much are new gTLDs really costing trademark owners? We have some numbers.

If there’s one thing we’re learned from the last six months of new gTLDs, it’s that predictions about massive levels of defensive registrations were way off the mark. your brand secured as a new domain name ?

Uniregisty Wins Private Auctions For .Help and .Diet

At the TRAFFIC show today, Sevan Derderian, Director of Sales of Uniregistry announced at the TRAFFIC conference being held in Las Vegas, that Uniregistry won the private auction for the new gTLD’s .Help and .Diet this week.
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How many registrations will new TLDs get?

The median response to this question was 12,000 and the average was 41,054.
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

.Ninja Wins The Week With 5,200 Regitrations

Yesterday marked the first day of General Availability for several new domain extensions (new gTLD’s) and .Ninja led the way ending with 5,200 registrations. Closely behind .Ninja was .Rentals which is sitting at 5,044 domains. .immobilien which translates into “real estate” closed it first day with 4,500 registrations.
.Holiday had over 3,900 registrations after its first day of availability.
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How to Sell Domain Names at Godaddy

Since my fingers are about to fall off from responding to so many inquiries about this topic, I decided to sit down and write an extensive 26 page report explaining how to best sell your domain names through domain marketplaces.

It’s Official – Everyone Wants To Be In The .CLUB

Today is a big day for .CLUB, they just passed .GURU and now hold the title as #1 new gTLD in the world. As I’ve said many times before, I think most of the new gTLDs will have an uphill battle, but a handful I think will hold premium value and resonate with end-users for a long time to come. I said .CLUB would be one of those and without a doubt now, it is.
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Walgreens snaps up generic domain names in new TLDs

While I was going through .wiki registrations this morning I noticed that pharmacy chain Walgreens registered a number of generic terms under .wiki.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

.WANG Enters Landrush This Week

"Astute businesses and domain investors recognize the unique "pinyin" feature of our .wang TLD and have been waiting patiently for the Landrush", says Eugene Li, CEO of Zodiac. "History has shown the value of a premium domain name, and now is the opportunity to secure a great .wang domain name."
Register your new .WANG domain name at one of these Registrars.

Let’s collaborate on .wiki: A look at who registered .wiki domains

Like most new TLD launches so far, there was the one big investor that took a big chunk of domains. Innovation HQ registered 497 domains by my count. After that it gets pretty spread out. I found two other investors who picked up about 25-35 domains. Then a bunch of registrants with ten or fewer registrations. This is good as it shows broad interest in the domain.
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Why is .CLUB Succeeding ?

This week .CLUB became the top selling TLD string with over 60,000 registrations and sporting a daily registration run-rate that, so far is outperforming the field many times over. WHY IS CLUB SUCCEEDING?
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.Wiki Tops 3,000 Domain Registrations After Its 1st Day Of GA

.Wiki which went into general availability yesterday Tuesday May 27th, is has a total of 3,169 domain registered. .Wiki after its first day is number 67 on the list of new gTLD’s with the most domain registrations.
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New .WEBCAM domain names are in the Gibraltar Chronicle

Gibraltar-based Famous Four Media has launched a live CCTV feed of Ocean Village in a bid to showcase a new internet domain name .WEBCAM.

Priority Registration for Trademark Holders

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Melbourne IT sees growth in web names like .sydney

The introduction of the web domains comes at a vital time for Melbourne IT, which has spent recent years selling off units and focusing on its core web domain and hosting businesses. It bought Mr Bloch’s web domain company NetRegistry for $50.4 million this year in a move which would make the merged company the biggest local registrar of web domains.

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Domínio .RIO já está na raiz da internet

Resumindo, o .RIO vai concentrar todas as informações relevantes sobre o Rio de Janeiro na Internet, para os cidadãos cariocas e visitantes.

No Reserve Auction of .BUZZ Premiums Begins Thursday

A NameJet hosted no reserve auction of .BUZZ premium domain names including,, and along with 31 additional names begins this Thursday May 29th. See complete NameJet .BUZZ Auction list. Create buzz and you have the ear of the world. The .BUZZ top level domain is short, edgy, fun, and globally recognized.

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The internet domain name system is currently going through a major growth spurt

Generally the new domain name extensions fall into the following categories:
  • Brands (‘.mango’ and ‘.axa’ have been delegated and applications for the likes of ‘.ford’, ‘.apple’, ‘.samsung’ and ‘.etisalat’ have passed their initial ICANN evaluations)
  • Communities (‘.democrat’, ‘.actor’)
  • Geographic (‘.london’, ‘.tokyo’, ‘.berlin’ have been delegated; ‘.abudhabi’ and ‘.dubai’ are coming)
  • Generic (‘.events’, ‘.rentals’, ‘.expert’, ‘.flights’, ‘.cool’)

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New .wine is in the press worldwide

When all this is fixed, register your .WINE domain names with

What Is a Domain Name?

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In Da Club, 50 Cent, and New TLD marketing

.Club is spending a lot to promote .Club. That’s good news for .Club domain registrants.

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Business in the Age of the New gTLDs

A gTLD Crash Course: Crash now, don’t crash later.
Anyone can apply for a website at a new gTLD, except the branded ones like .nike or .sony. But, buyer beware, the individuals or companies who own the gTLDs can charge however much they want for domains employing their extensions. For example, registering will cost you $600/year, though inversely will cost you under $10/year.

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This week in new TLDs: Ninjas and non-profits

A handful of new top level domain names hit the market this week, and we’re not just talking about sprinkled donuts.

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Infographic: How CEOs network with their new .CEO domain name

When these CEOs tweet, the world pays attention. The 18 influential CEOs profiled in our infographic lead the way on Social Media. If you would like to be featured in the SocialMedia.CEO Community alongside these social superstars, membership is free with every dotCEO domain registered.

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New .CLUB now biggest-selling new gTLD

.club has overtaken .guru to become the top-selling new gTLD on the market. According to today’s zone file report, .club now has 59,120 domains, having grown by 2,504 yesterday. That’s compared to .guru, which grew by 181 names to 58,791.

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A push for Web addresses in era of search, apps

For instance, a search engine might be able to classify something as a date site because it carries the suffix “.date.” Before, it would have to infer from text on the site, and search results might inadvertently include general discussions on dating.

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URS on .SEXY domain name

Frank Schilling defends URS against reserved .sexy domain name.

Which company is best to do UDRP and URS?

Monday, May 26, 2014

What on earth is a new gTLD anyway

What on earth is a gTLD anyway - Cogent Elliott

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Start-ups see gold mine in burst of Net domains

Are you an expert? There's .guru. Starting an organization? Try .club. Opening a restaurant in New York City? Consider .nyc. Running a daily news site? How about .today?
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TLDs categorization according to ICANN

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If You Want a Great .Vacations Domain Bring Your Wallet & These Are Gone

From what I can see there are 4 price points on premium .Vacations domain names, $5,500, $1,500, $400 and $200 (all Godaddy prices, prices rounded up, all available as of publication).

Sunday, May 25, 2014

DOTCOM Act Passes House as Rubio Leads Senate Call for IANA Oversight Hearings

"Rockefeller has shown past interest in ICANN, having held oversight hearings on the new gTLD program and most recently sending a letter to NTIA raising concerns about .Sucks and similar new gTLDs. Any Senate Commerce oversight hearing might well include a look at the status of the new gTLD program, as it is the largest and riskiest effort ever undertaken by ICANN and the market and operational status of the new gTLD rollout might be viewed as indicative of its readiness to sever its last formal connection with the US government".

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Multi-gTLD Registrars?

Do you expect to see the birth of an independent multi-gTLD registrar(s), i.e., a service where you can register domain names from various registries? Why or why not?

Looking for the World's Largest Registrar ?

1st .Ninja Domains Including Car.Ninja; Brand.Ninja, SEO.Ninja; Wine.Ninja & Fart.Ninja

Here are the .Ninja domain name registrations that caught our eye and once again do not including collision land rush auctions. I’m in a collision auction on the domain name All collision Land Rush auctions are going to be handled by

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

New generic top-level domain names do more harm than good

"As you can tell, I’ve been watching this space as I’m interested in how the new gTLD program will evolve. In the coming months, I’m planning to write about interesting trends I see and specific topics related to new gTLDs. In fact, I’ll give you a little teaser on my next blog - I plan to address the dirty little secret around new gtld that you’re not going to want to miss, especially if you’re thinking of adopting one for your business. Given the myriad opportunities available, I want to make sure that small business owners know their facts before considering a journey down the new gTLD path. Love to hear your thoughts. Have you considered purchasing a new gTLD?"

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QNET Gets Exclusive URL That Will Change the Internet Forever

Asian Direct Selling Company, QNET has secured its own top-level domain .quest, making it one of only a few hundred companies in the world to be part of the first wave that will eventually transform almost every URL on the Internet.

.WINE : the Congress of the US wrote to ICANN

The US Department of Commerce recently wrote a letter to ICANN and as it has been published by ICANN. ICANN received another letter from the Congress of the United States and I underlined – with no comment – what their request is.

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New Resource on Fees for the addressing services provided by the FCR Operator (.FROGANS)

The fee for the initial registration of a Frogans Address of a Public Frogans Network is 6.00 euros net per year.

A new resource has been published on the Web site of the FCR Operator ( concerning the fees for the addressing services provided by the FCR Operator to FCR Account Administrators. If you are interested in the registration of Frogans addresses or Frogans networks or if you want to become an FCR Account Administrator, you'll find a series of answers to your questions by reading this resource.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Demystifying Premium Domain Names

Some Registrars do their job and will guide you in the right direction but it is important to note that it is not necessarily in their remit to provide consultancy services to help you in registering a Premium domain name. The reason for this is that often a Registrar won't actually make any money by registering a Premium Domain on your behalf.

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New gTLDs revive the Internet’s Wild West tendencies…

The problem celebrities, public and political officials will encounter is that they generally do not have the same trademark protection mechanisms over their names as brand owners. Therefore, they are unable to take advantage of the protection mechanisms put in place by ICANN through the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) — e.g., Sunrise and Trademark Claims services — to prevent the unauthorized third-party registration of domain names identical to their names.

Secure your domain names with the World's Largest Registrar - is Live

Watch a live .WEBCAM domain name in action : or

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Your forecast for the best selling TLDs.

Here’s what your favorite TLDs are (and the ones that will sell the most).

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Instra Joins The Fight Against Trademark Abuse

With the incredible number of new gTLDs hitting the market one issue that everyone is looking at is, no surprisingly, trademarks. If you think brands had a lot to worry about with the current number of TLDs, just wait. ICANN definitely knew this would be an issue so created the Trademark Clearinghouse to mitigate it

Thursday, May 22, 2014


With the launch of hundreds of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) already resulting in over 500,000 new domain names, brand owners need to consider steps to protect their trademark portfolios. The new gTLDs can be an opportunity for brand owners to target their unique customers, but also present opportunities for misuse and infringement of trademarks by competitors, cybersquatters, and other bad actors. What, if anything, should brand owners do? When and how? What is the most effective approach and what will it cost?

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Preserve Dot ART

There are two applicants for .ART, which have elected community designation, DeviantArt and e-flux who mutually support each other's applications. Eight other, purely commercial, entities and individuals have chosen to oppose or stand in the way of that joint effort.

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A Word’s Worth: Contention Sets & New gTLD Auctions

I like the .YOGA example down in the article: time will tell if a $27 billion industry helps deliver traffic to .YOGA websites.

.BUZZ Premium Auctions : reserve yours today!

NameJet is thrilled to partner with .BUZZ offering these 35 .BUZZ premium domain names. One of the first pure generic strings to be launched, .BUZZ is short, edgy, fun, and globally recognized. The term "buzz" typically refers to what people are talking about. This premium domain list represents some of the hottest topics being discussed on the web.

Video on .WEBCAM new gTLD

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Results of the poll regarding changing to a .LINK domain name

50 persons voted and it appears voters want the website to keep its .COM domain name. Unfortunately, my advice is different and I will change to a .LINK domain name once I have managed to find a way to change the graphics. Thank you for your participation.

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.Foundation Gets 1,393 Registrations On Day-1

. Foundation 1,393; .Dance 881; .Exposed 746 .Democrat 535 and Best just 79 domain names.
.Exposed and .Foundation were Donuts extensions, while Rightside has their first two new gTLD’s rollout, .Dance and .Democrat.

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ICANN, new gTLD domain names, and the Law of Bad Ideas

My next post requires this background on ICANN, ICANN's new gTLDs (generic top level domain names), and the Law of Bad Ideas. Never heard of the Law of Bad Ideas? It's all explained below.

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New gTLD Governance Councils

Governance Councils should be a “must have” for a Registry but few are operating them…
The success, or failure, of these ‘sectorized’ extensions will ultimately be determined by their adoption by the sector’s stakeholders. If we assume that owners of ‘sectorized domain names’ should also be motivated to protect their sector from detrimental practices, the operators of the domain name extensions (known as Registries) should be open to influence by the community for the betterment of its namespace. For this reason, Famous Four Media had the forethought to create Governance Councils, specifically to offer stakeholders a forum with a voice through which they can influence a gTLD, the way it is governed and how it should evolve. Governance Councils should comprise key industry stakeholders, interested individuals and other relevant industry bodies who will serve as a voluntary advisory body.

Register your new domain names with the World's Largest Registrar - sold to some guy in Kansas

Some guy in Kansas registered the domain name before Rightside’s new gTLD went into general availability yesterday.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New gTLDs Create Anticipation

Some of the panelists at the session have already issued UDRP or URS decisions affecting new gTLDs. The most common issue in these cases is the lack of content on the websites in question since the domains haven’t been registered for very long and it’s sometimes a challenge to determine if they have truly been registered and used in bad faith. However, it was unanimously expected that cybersquatting in the new gTLD space will increase and that panelists will, as a result, see more and more of these cases.

Why domain name investors should embrace new gTLDs today

Much of what those who “know what they are doing” in the domain name industry are actually doing is very similar. We (.CLUB, Donuts, FFM and the other experienced registries) have embraced the channel and aim to support their registrars as much as is possible whilst squeezing in a couple of hours of sleep every couple of days!

New gTLDs : where are we?

A slide taken from the latest ICANN presentation.

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The internet can be a ridiculous place

The Wild West nature of the Web is its greatest strength, and brand owners should accept the messiness, including...

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.Club Passes .Berlin & Is Now 2nd Most Registered new Domain Extension

.Club is just short of 50,000 registrations while .Berlin is sitting just past 48,000

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.BRAND owners are finally in the clear

"ICANN’s new generic top-level domain (gTLD) Program Committee (NGPC) approved the long-sought and much-discussed Specification 13 on March 26. But the three-registrar provision raised a potential conflict with Policy Recommendation 19 in the GNSO’s Final Report on the Introduction of New Generic Top-Level Domains from 2007, which prohibits discrimination against any accredited registrars".

All city names need their .DIRECTORY

.DIRECTORY makes a memorable web address for anyone who offers listings of people, places or files. Whatever you catalog – residential listings, service providers, membership lists or even data for the software industry – .DIRECTORY is where you belong.

Cities can register their .DIRECTORY domain name with the World's Largest Registrar -

GTLD's: Train Wreck Ahead

Maybe they would have worked 20 years ago, but today, the gtld's are a terrible idea. There is no need for them and they serve no purpose other than providing additional inventory for registrars to promote and to fill the coffers of ICANN...

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gmail Not Recognizing New gTLD Domain Names

When you send an email to someone who uses Gmail, and you include a new gTLD in the email, Google does NOT make it a clickable link. They just don’t recognize these new gTLDs in Gmail. With the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .tv TLDs, Gmail turns them into clickable links in the email when it was received, whether the sender made the domain name a clickable link or not.

Top 7 Blogs for New gTLD Latest News and Info

With over 250+ new gTLDs delegatedalready (at the time of this post), there could be a lot of information to wade through. I noticed this question asked on Quora: What’s going on with new gtlds? I’m finding it very difficult to get any decent information about the new gtlds that are being released. Thought it’d be helpful to share this list of top blogs with good info about new gTLDs that we’re following.

Soon, register your new .BIBLE domain name with the World's Largest Registrar -

Some of these new TLDs are doing quite well

Applicants with low overhead or a smart growth strategy are poised to make a healthy return. There are a lot of new top level domain names I’d like to own as a business right now. Many of them.

Register your .GURU domain name with the World's Largest Registrar -

To gTLD or not to gTLD? Weigh the options for choosing your business’s domain name

For any of you out there trying to find the right name for your business, you might have heard about new domain name extensions becoming available. Maybe you’re wondering whether these new domain names are something you need to worry about.

"gTLD" and register your new domain with the World's Largest Registrar -

The universe is not just

Consider registering your site on another top level domain, or TLD, such as a or This choice has long been unpopular but attitudes are changing, particularly with plans by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to launch up to a thousand new TLDs. Some of the new TLDs will be service and product based, others will be related to geographic areas. Dot.London, dot.Wales, dot.NYC and dot.Berlin are already in the works.

Register your .LONDON with the World's Largest Registrar -

Official: new .TRADE domain names available at GoDaddy

What is .TRADE?
With global trade on the rise, now’s the time to get a web address that tells the world what you do..TRADE is specific and memorable – perfect for anyone who exchanges goods, services, currencies or information online.

Register your new .TRADE domain name with the World's Largest Registrar -

DotConnectAfrica Update - Independent Panel Grants Interim Relief on .AFRICA gTLD

The interim relief granted after DCA Trust submitted an Amended Notice of Independent Review Process ("IRP")on Jan. 10, 2014 to the International Center for Dispute Resolution (ICDR). DCA Trust sent its Notice of IRP in October 2013. This is a step towards resolution of the dispute between ICANN and DCA Trust over ICANN Board decisions and actions taken with regard to DCA Trust's application for the .africa new gTLD.

Soon, register your new .AFRICA domain name with the World's Largest Registrar -

Need to register new domain names in Bulk?

Register "in Bulk" is a good way to register many domain names at the same time and pay less. Such options are often allowed at retail Registrars and should be requested at Corporate Registrars. Another good reason to register domain names in Bulk is to renew them at the same date. It is possible to register up to 500 new domain names at the same time, one per line during the registration process.

Report: Supporting the Domain Name Industry in Underserved Regions

ICANN is exploring ideas and strategies to help promote the domain name industry in regions that have typically been underserved. In particular, ICANN is looking at existing barriers toRegistrar Accreditation and operation and considering ways that these challenges might be mitigated. Public comments on this report will be used to determine next steps to support the domain name industry in underserved regions.

ICANN To Open Up Comment Period On Donuts Request To Allow 2 Letter New gTLD’s

ICANN just posted a letter it send to Jon Nevett of Donuts regarding its request to release all 2 letter new gTLD domain in all the strings that Donuts has signed contracts with.

Register your new domain names with the World's Largest Registrar -

New gTLDs: Is Internationalism the Solution?

Are international strings such as "club" and "rugby" the key to launch a successful TLD in Round 2 of the ICANN new gTLD program? Are "International TLDs" the key to a successful Registry?

New gTLD Marketing is What Interests Me Most

To me, the most interesting aspect of the new gTLD domain names is the marketing that registries and registrars are doing to sell their domain names. My background is direct marketing (my education and career), and I find these marketing efforts to be interesting.

What Do Zuckerberg, Autism, Breast Cancer & Ronald Regan Have in Common ? .Foundation Domain

From Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s foundation to Autism to Breast Cancer to Ronald Regan, to Glaucoma and even Rockefeller, a lot of charities hopped on board and registered a .Foundation domain name in Sunrise.

Register your new .FOUNDATION with the World's Largest Registrar -

ICANN snubs Belgium, gives Donuts the all-clear for .SPA

ICANN has rejected demands by the Belgian government by giving Donuts the go-ahead to proceed with its application for .spa, which Belgium says infringes on a geographic name.

Soon, register your new .SPA domain name with the World's Largest Registrar -

More Stats For Domain Lovers:, Includes Fastest Growing New gTLD (.Club)

The site offers a section entitled “Fastest Growing gTLD’s and not surprisingly .Club is leading the way.

Check stats and register your domain names with the World's Largest Registrar -

Political cybersquatting ends with launch of new .VOTE domain

“Today, politicians and voters must be confident that accurate and genuine campaign information is easily discoverable online. Too often, however, politicians have found Internet addresses related to their own names being fielded by opposing campaigns or cybersquatters. The new .VOTE domain solves that issue permanently.”

Will anyone buy .luxury names?

The new gTLD .luxury went into general availability this afternoon, having reported a surprisingly promising sunrise period, but will it attract any interest from early-bird registrants?

Register your .LUXURY domain name with the World's Largest Registrar -

Let’s Be Honest, When It Comes To New gTLDs – It’s All In The Data

Over the last year the Domain Name blogosphere has made a major pivot as new gTLDs have quickly become the focus. While some readers are getting a little gTLD’ed out, many are enjoying staying informed and watching it unfold. It doesn’t matter whether you think the new gTLDs are incredible or you think they’re going to crash and burn, you still want to see the data.

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Which Will Have More Registrations After One Year; .GOP; .Republican; .Democrat or .Vote

According to Demand Media,”.DEMOCRAT appeals to elected officials, candidates, political enthusiasts, or anyone who simply identifies with Democratic values. There are 2.2 million monthly searches for the word “Democrat,” and there are 43 million registered Democrats in the U.S.”

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Parasites of the Domain Name Industry

Now, thanks to ICANN, businesses globally will have to pay an "ICANN tax" perpetually by having to employ armies of trademark enforcement lawyers, waste money registering and renewing unwanted andunneeded domain names for "defensive" purposes, pay "protection" money to TMCH -- the list goes on -- I think you get the idea.

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Comment financer sa nouvelle extension Internet?

La question peut surprendre pourtant c’est la première que se sont posés les candidats qui ont bien compris tout l’intérêt de devenir Registre. Notez qu’il n’est pas ici question d’emprunter de l’argent ou de se lancer dans un schéma complexe d’investissement, non…c’est bien plus simple et … assez malin.

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Why all dotBrands need to be a part of the Brand Registry Group (BRG)

Although Amazon is a member of the BRG and still unsuccessful in their application for a dotBrand, imagine what issues brands who are “going at it alone” are up against if one of the world biggest can’t get approval. Amazon has invested hundreds of millions in growing and developing their brand name around the world over the years and still failed. The only answer for brands is to join the BRG and band together to champion the commercial interests they represent.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

What are IDN Variant TLDs?

Internationalized Domain Names, or IDNs, use character sets such as Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic or any other characters outside US-ASCII. An IDN variant TLD can be defined as one that may look like or be considered exchangeable with another TLD by a user of the related writing system.

GoDaddy Presents - New Domain Names Are Coming, Find Yours

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South Africans can change their e-mail addresses and websites from to, and from October.

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Luxe sites get digital destination with .luxury

For brands, these new website endings can potentially represent not just a new url, but a fresh way to shop, market and communicate with crème de la crème consumers.

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Major League Baseball & The NHL Are Very .Social As They Go In Heavy On Sunrise .Social Domains

Sports teams in other league also applied for their domains including one of the most popular teams in the world in any sport Manchester United which registered, and

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.Amazon New gTLD No More!

By adopting the GAC advice, the NGPC notes that the decision is without prejudice to the continuing efforts by Amazon EU S.à r.l. and members of the GAC to pursue dialogue on the relevant issues.

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International - Blow for Amazon as ‘.brand’ gTLD application shot down

ICANN’s New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) has passed a resolution stating that Amazon’s application for the ‘.Amazon’ gTLD, as well as the related IDNs in Japanese and Chinese, should not proceed.

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New gTLDs Will Work Way Better Than Vanity Domains Did

Is that sort of success, for rather strange domain name extensions, the result of ... a miscommunication or a misunderstanding from end-users? Or does a vanity domain actually fit with the way in which they intend to go to market online? Or is it, once again, just a matter of offering something basic, simple, relevant for the end-user to encourage them to visit the website? Actually, I think this has been a trend driven by the fact that most of the good .COM domain names are already taken, nowadays you are likely to have to string together three terms before you find a name that is available.
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Michael Gilmour: “New gTLD’s Are Pathetic Compared To Even .Net.Au”

The chart speaks for itself, but the main thing to remember is that more than 98% of all new gTLDs are have been registered speculatively or by ‘investors’. By contrast, most “” registrants are in fact ‘end users’.

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Does ICANN Exist Primarily to Enrich Insiders and Contractors?

If you look at the financials for ICANN or follow the go-to-guy on ICANN finances, George Kirikos, it is a legitimate question -- for example, why would ICANN pay Rod Beckstrom (former ICANN CEO who left June, 2012) more than $1.6 million dollars (US) over a two-year period ending June 30, 2013?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

From New York to London to Berlin, the Race is on For City Dotbranding

"The geo-TLDs are touted as having the greatest chance of success," commented Jerome McDonnell, Group Trademark Director at Interbrand (brandchannel's parent company). "It's unclear if major brands will register with all the extensions, unless for defensive reasons. Local businesses will definitely see opportunity in being able to secure their pure/exact name at this extension."

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Why .AXA ?

I just love the title: "redefining standards"

Who is Responsible for New gTLD Marketing?

These end users also need to be convinced that their domain names will be recognized and trusted by their clients and prospective customers. Educating these end user buyers will require significant marketing efforts. This leads me to the question: who is responsible for new gTLD marketing?

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Domain Name Registrations and the Global Internet Population

Globally, there are about 10 Internet users for every registered domain. The US has one domain name registered for every 3 internet users. Registering a domain name is relatively rare in much of the world outside of Europe and North America. There are fewer domains registered in China than in the United Kingdom, even though the UK internet population is one tenth that of China’s, which has the world’s largest internet population. China has only one registered domain for every 40 internet users.

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DNA has new plan for gTLD auctions: give us your money!

The Domain Name Association is hoping to raise funds for marketing by hosting private new gTLD auctions, according to executive director Kurt Pritz.

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Rolex buys 27 .watch New gTLD domain names

Rolex also bought the domain name at Sunrise. They also have a DPML block on the term “tudor” which prevents anyone without a trademark on the term “tudor” buying any New gTLD domain from the 200 to 300 Donuts strings.

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Thousands switch to .kiwi domain

On May 1, the company behind the suffix, Dot Kiwi, completed all its pre-registration periods mandated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).
.kiwi domain names have been bought by individuals, bloggers, non-profit organisations and companies all looking for an alternative way to represent themselves online.

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9000 .EXPERT domain names registered

The new domain extension had over 2,000 registrations going into the 1st day of GA which is far less than the start that .Guru got off to.

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.SHIKSHA Domain Pioneers Program

Just complete our simple Domain Pioneers form, telling us about your projected use of the .SHIKSHA domain.

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gTLD Clever – Use your URL to build brand recognition

The Vegas-based app lets users buy (and redeem) specific items from participating bars and restaurants. Want to buy your co-worker one of your favorite beers but won’t be able to meet them when they’ll be at the bar? Now you can. You buy it, they take their phone up to the bar and redeem their drink.

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.WINE and .VIN: Where Does ICANN Stand?

ICANN encourages all interested parties to use the 60-day hold period to continue to negotiate and seek common ground and hopes that these efforts will result in improved outcomes to all parties.

Are “International TLDs” the key to a successful Registry?

That is quite possible as the results of the recent .CLUB launching show that it generated a lots of interest in a short period of time. The .CLUB registry is now number 3 on the list of most registered domain names with 37 806 domains registered and .EMAIL is in position 6.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ed Koch Hypes .nyc Domain Name In Long Lost Video

Former NYC mayor was paid $25,000 to represent a company that eventually lost the bid.

Without Notice – ICANN Approved Major Changes to gTLD Applications

The changes are necessary to allow the public to be able to properly evaluate an Applicant and to hold Applicants accountable in the future. Without filing of changes to Applications, the public is left wondering just what an Applicant stands for, and by what standard and policies they will be held accountable.

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Was panel wrong to put .africa on ice or does ICANN have an accountability problem?

Did an Independent Review Process panel get it wrong when it accused ICANN of failing to implement proper accountability mechanisms, or did it actually highlight a more serious problem

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Legendary rapper 50 Cent announced today the upcoming launch of the www.50InDa.Club web sit

50 Cent Is In Da .CLUB as Award-Winning Rapper, Actor & Entrepreneur Announces New Fan Site at www.50InDa.Club.

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When will more new gTLD websites go live?

"I think there are 4 things that will accelerate and increase the number of websites using these new gTLD extensions:
  1. universal accessibility – to have URLs that are useable in all browsers, email account systems, etc
  2. easier finding & registering - new gTLDs are still rolling out and the user experience in searching for a fitting name is currently quite a chore
  3. big brand usage – companies with big budgets for marketing & advertising will engage a lot of people who’d want to connect with those brands, like .google .amazon .microsoft .apple .walmart
  4. celebrity usage – celebrities today have a disproportionate amount of power, influence on media, economy, and popular culture"

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LogicBoxes Delivers Vertical Integration Solution For .WIEN Retail Operation

“The business plan and launch strategy of the .WIEN namespace was unique in ways more than one. With LogicBoxes, was backed by a friendly, responsive team that delivered a highly customized solution with a really quick turnaround, enabling them to launch right on time. Sunrise application numbers received through far exceeded our expectations.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

.AFRICA launch further delayed by DotConnectAfrica injunction

The launch of the generic top-level domain (gTLD) dotAfrica will be delayed further due to an injunction awarded to Kenyan-based DotConnectAfrica (DCA) Trust.

New .CLUB / Invitation to meet 50 Cent

Don't forget to reserve.

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New gTLDs discussed at INTA Annual Meeting

The latest developments on ICANN, the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) tool were discussed yesterday at the INTA Annual Meeting.

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GNSO says dot-brand rules “inconsistent” with policy

The ability of dot-brand gTLDs to limit how many registrars they work with is “inconsistent” with the GNSO’s longstanding policy on new gTLDs, ICANN’s GNSO Council has found.

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Nominet Announces .CYMRU and .WALES Launch in September

A phased launch plan will begin on 1 September and allow those with a registered trade mark to benefit from first registrations in September of this year closely followed by businesses and organisations who can prove interests and use of a brand name in Wales even if they don’t have a trademark. The final phase will see the addresses open up to everybody from 1 March 2015.

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.AFRICA ICANN Independent Review

An ICANN Independent Review Panel has issued a decision [PDF, 7.80 MB] that ICANN should hold off from further processing of ZA Central Registry's (ZACR) application for the .AFRICA top-level domain (TLD) for the time being. This will allow the Panel time to consider arguments from DotConnectAfrica Trust (DCA Trust) and ICANN on DCA Trust's claims regarding the .AFRICA TLD.

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New .AFRICA frozen by panel after ICANN screwup

ZA Central Registry’s bid for the .africa new gTLD has been put on ice by an arbitration panel which admonished ICANN for failing to follow its own bylaws.

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Can’t find a .com address? Try .foo - or .xyz

The rush to claim choice domain names is beginning anew. Now, if the .com you wanted is not available, you have even more places to hang out a shingle in cyberspace: .xxx, .finance, .london, .foo, and now .xyz.

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I Used to Be a Part of It (.NYC)

For residents of the city of Tours (France), this won’t be a problem apparently since the .TOURS is not the name of the city and was applied as a generic string. The status of the application is now : “Application Status: In Auction / Evaluation Result: Pass IE (IE Report) / Objection Determinations: Charleston Road Registry Inc. vs Sugar Station, LLC – String Confusion – Objector Prevailed / Contention Resolution Status: Active.

Does it mean this TLD can still see the day ?

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Registrar Day 2014 on Thursday 5 June (AFNIC)

Read the detailed program of the day dedicated to Afnic accredited registrars.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Lords of a new domain

Neustar has set all .nyc domain annual registration fees at $20, plus a sliding-scale, one-time setup cost, though several companies that are authorized to sell and register .nyc domain names are expected to add their fees on top of that.

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Primeiro sufixo de internet exclusivo no Brasil tem dono: a Globo

A intenção da empresa é de reforçar a presença de seus produtos online por meio de um endereço único e exclusivo. No futuro, por exemplo, o portal de notícias G1 poderá ser acessado pelo, em vez do endereço atual, o No documento enviado ao ICANN solicitando o gTLD (nome técnico da terminação de domínio), a Globo informou que pretende “concentrar todos os conteúdos [do grupo]. No primeiro momento, o foco será a TV Globo e a, mas no médio prazo todos os conteúdos da marca estarão sob o domí”.

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New Domains, Specifically Designed for the World’s Restaurants and Bars, to Debut at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show

.rest the abbreviation for “restaurant” in almost 30 languages and in more than 50 countries, is a targeted and categorized domain for restaurants that enables them to use a highly-defined, SEO-friendly, short and memorable domain. Also, .bar, launching at the same time as .rest is a natural Internet address ending for bars, pubs and related companies in the food and beverage industry.

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.Expert Gets Over 1,300 Registrations Just In Early Access Program

Also keep in mind that many of the .Expert domain carry a premium price on registration and renewals such as which has a $800 registration and renewal rate at Godaddy which was registered under privacy.

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List of ICANN new gTLDs which will not proceed

The ICANN website offers “Will Not Proceed” filter. This status measn: “The application has completed a Program process, and based on the outcome will not continue, as defined in the AGB. This could include process outcomes including but not limited to not passing evaluation, a dispute resolution proceeding, not prevailing in a contention resolution auction“.

TRS launches Flagship Registrar Website store for .Luxury Top-Level Domain

“.LUXURY is an entirely new concept in domain names – a marque of distinction, a privileged brand-safe space on the Internet, allowing consumers and search engines alike to easily identify authentic sites supported by the brands themselves. TRS fully understands the demanding standards and stringent policies of the TLD, and has produced an online showcase for .LUXURY truly worthy of our namespace” said .LUXURY CEO, Monica Kirchner.

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In the .CLUB - GoDaddy unveils unique domain name

There are millions of established clubs throughout the world, ranging from social clubs to health clubs, from yacht clubs to night clubs – making .CLUB one of the most versatile, globally relevant domain name extensions available. Premium names such as MakeUp.CLUB and Beauty.CLUB have already been purchased by MaryKay Cosmetics, a trusted global name in skin care, but we can probably expect some of the nightclubs to latch on soon enough.

INTA 2014: New gTLD update from IP constituency

Kristina Rosette, of counsel at Covington & Burling LLP, was providing an update on the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) in one of the opening sessions today, May 12, at the meeting in Hong Kong.

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Trademark Hysteria On New gTLD’s Unfounded? 725K Domains/ 53 URS/17 UDRP

By my count, URS have been filed against 53 domain names and UDRP’s have been filed against 17 domain names (counts by domain names not cases)

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Australian Government regarding the new gTLD applications for .WINE and .VIN

It is also acceptable for Australian entities to use the word champagne in business names and domain names, such as In this example, the existing safeguards for new would appropriately prohibit a fraudulent or deceptive use of that domain name, and require a process to deal with any complaints that may arise.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Copycats recently generated a fake Thrift Savings Plan retirement fund website and sent Army members emails directing them to change their passwords as a part of one such scam. In that case, the credential-stealing trick was orchestrated by fellow service members who were testing troops’ cybersecurity instincts. But most fake sites aren't so friendly.

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Dot NYC (.nyc) TLD Enters First Phase of Launch

The "Sunrise” phase gives NYC businesses with trademarks first priority in claiming their .nyc names through June 20. This is the first of three phases prior to general availability opening October 8, 2014.

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If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

So, for instance, if the panel’s representatives believe a particular new gTLD (generic Top Level Domain, such as .com or .net) application lacks certain essential safeguards or protections, it is empowered to raise these concerns (formally called “GAC Advice”) with ICANN and the applicants to work out a solution or even recommend that a particular application not be pursued in the new gTLD programme. In recent times, GAC Advice on various new gTLDs has led to several of them being stalled in the application process.

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gTLD Expansion and Trademark/Brand Concerns

It is anticipated that both website access and email traffic will greatly expand through the use of many new domain names that will be registered in these new TLDs. This Internet expansion will likely increase the opportunities for commerce, but will also present significant challenges regarding brand protection.

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Sunrise .Expert Registrations Include Mac.Expert & .Bowling.Expert

Bowling.Expert has a registration date of May 5th which is the day all Sunrise applications are created but has an updated date of May 7th which would be the 1st day of registration with the $12,500 cost, however the expiration date is May 5th, 2015 so it sure looks like a domain that was grabbed in Sunrise, which is pretty troubling.
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Friday, May 9, 2014

How many registrations can GoDaddy’s home page drive to a new TLD?

Comparing first day zone files with the second day, it appears GoDaddy generated close to 2,500 .club registrations on the second day. Obviously many of the registrations were due to the prominent placement.

GoDaddy is...the World's Largest Registrar

Skeptical of the new gTLD insurgence? Finding the pièce de résistance

Skeptical brand owners should think twice

The implications are not yet apparent, but even those individuals and entities that are resistant to this change should think about strategies to establish a new web presence and, at a minimum, create brand protection plans to defend against unauthorized third-party use. It would be highly inefficient, incredibly expensive and unadvisable to seek a second-level domain in every single new gTLD that launches.

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Only one new TLD “auction of last resort” to take place in June

ICANN’s first official auction to resolve a new top level domain name contention set will take place on June 4…but with only one TLD.

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.club on track to topple .guru?

.CLUB Domains sold an additional 4,904 domain names on its second day — its first full day — of general availability, taking it into the top five new gTLD registries by volume.

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