Friday, February 28, 2014

List of Accredited Registrars for .ARCHI - .BIO - .SKI new domain names

Our wholesale 1 year registration General Availability fee for .ARCHI is EUR 44 or USD 55 tax excluded. Registrations are available in 1-5 year terms and 10 year. Post-pay or pre-pay billing model upon financial requirements. Contact us for more information.

Richard Branson turns to new tools to combat cybersquatting

Billionaire fights back after finding his name cybersquatted in new domain names.

.ventures and .holdings are open TLDs available for registration.

How Are New TLDs Being Adopted?

The new gTLDs allow users, like Photographer David Stewart, to choose a Web address that better reflects their business. When Stewart created his website, he had trouble finding an available Web address that was simple and illustrated his expertise. With the help of 1& 1 Internet, Stewart was able to register a personal and customized domain, helping increase his business’ credibility and reach to all consumers searching online.

As the article says: "with the help 1&1".

Top 5 new domain names

Register on of these new domain names at 1&1.

Ouverture des noms de domaine « .vin » et « .wine » et protection des indications géographiques viticoles

Quels moyens la France compte mettre en œuvre au niveau européen et international pour assurer la protection des indications géographiques viticoles sur internet.

According to this question to the French Senate, no one call tell if .WINE and .VIN new domain names will be available for registration.

Launch of new gTLDs: The biggest change to the internet since its inception

As part of the large-scale roll-out of new generic Top-Level Domains by the industry regulator ICANN, CentralNic Group plc, the internet platform business which earns revenues from the subscription sales of domain names, is pleased to provide an update on the progress of the new generic Top-Level Domains which will be exclusively using the CentralNic technology and cash-collection platform. 

Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic said: “In this, the biggest change to the internet since its inception, each new gTLD launching represents a completely new alternative to the traditional domain extensions such as .com and – creating new, relevant and meaningful domain names that are compelling both for well established markets and for the vast number of potential internet users in developing countries.  The CentralNic Board is excited to be taking such a strong list of new Top-Level Domains to market, from the most generic and universal of all gTLDs, .xyz, to gTLDs designed for significant and clearly-defined verticals such as .bar, .college and .wiki.”

CentralNic is the exclusive platform powering 25 “uncontested” gTLDs confirmed so far, to begin launching from next week, as well as 27 gTLD applications that have passed the Initial Evaluation from industry governing body ICANN, and are now in the contention resolution process.

CentralNic has also succeeded in attracting additional domain extensions, including and TLDs to be acquired by Domain Venture Partners via its DVP II fund.

25 new Top-Level Domains poised for launch

CentralNic’s first launch, .wiki, takes a term that is synonymous with online collaboration and high quality websites, and makes it available for the use of companies, developers, communities and hobbyists alike.  The first .wiki domains will be available for registration to trademark holders on 3 March 2014, and to others from 8 May 2014.

This will be followed by .xyz - a mass-market Top Level Domain designed for global appeal, priced below the likes of .com and designed to be appropriate for any website in any language.  The first .xyz domains will be available for registration to trademark holders on 20 March 2014, and to anybody who wants to join “generation XYZ” from 20 May 2014.

CentralNic’s clients have an additional 23 new TLDs that are currently in the contracting process with ICANN.  These fall into two categories:

1. TLDs from existing CentralNic clients, to be retailed through registrars. These domains are: .bar, .college, .contact, .fans, .feedback, .ink, .pid, and .rest – the global domain for restaurants.

2. Sixteen “DotBrand” TLDs for corporations obtaining their own business names as Top-Level Domains so as to create their own branded universe of websites. CentralNic’s “DotBrand” clients include Global 1000 enterprises such as Saudi Telecom, Qatar Telecom, Etisalat and Kuwait Finance House, as well as media and entertainment leaders The Guardian (.theguardian) and the world’s leading talent agency, William Morris Endeavor.

24 Domains in Contention

CentralNic’s clients have applied for an additional 27 TLDs that have passed ICANN initial evaluation and are now in the contention resolution process.  These include .app, .blog, .cafe, .chat, .forum, .golf, .law, .love, .mail, .news, and .school, amongst others.

Additional Domain Extensions being added to CentralNic’s portfolio

CentralNic listed on AIM in September 2013 with a stated objective of increasing the number of domain extensions using its distribution platform.  The Company has already started delivering on this objective, and has recently announced that it was awarded the exclusive Registry Services contract for the domain extension, which launched for trademark holders on February 24, as well as being selected as preferred partner by Domain Venture partners for Top-Level domains acquired by the DVP II fund.

Please find the full statement attached to this email. Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic plc, is available to take interviews. Should you wish to speak with Ben Crawford about the new gTLDs that are launching, or about how these changes will affect the internet in general, please contact me to arrange.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who to blame for the expected gTLD-brand mess?

Under such an environment, brand protection services advise and register on behalf of their clients a large number of unnecessary defensive domains instead of relying on viability matrices such as ROI or potential damages from infringements.

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.INFO vs .TIPS – Which Would You Choose?

I would choose... .BLOG :-)

Register you TIP at Accredited Registrar 1&1.

Cybersquatters Rush To Claim Brands In The New GTLD Territories

In negotiations with trademark owners proponents of the new domains agreed to put in new mechanisms for registering brand names and speeding the process of evicting cybersquatters from names they have appropriated.

Grab your domains at 1&1.

Will .COMPANY domain names be a success?

Cast your .vote on LinkedIn:

.COMPANY new domain names will be available at  1&1.

Donuts’ domain names continue to spill onto the domain name market

4 more Donuts domain names entered GA yesterday. Here are the numbers.

.TIPS .DIAMONDS .ENTERPRISES and .VOYAGE domain names can be registered at 1&1.

Remember .TRAVEL? French version .VOYAGE is now available!

Do you remember about .travel domain names and how difficult it was to proceed through the registration process? French version .VOYAGE is now open to all with no restriction: a nice present made to travel agencies and the entire tourism community they belong to.

WHOIS databases: what’s new?

The present WHOIS service has a number of weaknesses and needs to be reformed to adapt to the digital world and e-commerce in particular. An Expert Working Group was formed by ICANN in 2013 to examine the registration service for gTLDs.

.sexy not so sexy after all?

Disappointing .sexy launch shows the importance of the channel. Note this is day 2 only...

New gTLD registries given way to free up millions of blocked names

Up to 9.8 million new gTLD domain names are to get a get-out-of-jail card, with the publication yesterday of ICANN’s plan to mitigate the risk of damaging name collisions.

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Independent report commissioned by ICANN (new gTLDs)

An independent report commissioned by ICANN, Mitigating the Risk of DNS Namespace Collisions, has offered a set of concrete recommendations on how to mitigate potential risks of domain name collisions.
Register your new domain name at 1&1.

Who Are the Major New gTLD Applicants and… (Part Four: Donuts)

What are the differences between Donuts and the other portfolio applicants?

One factor, which is very noticeable, is the number of applications made by Donuts Inc. but when looking at the amount of capital that was raised by each portfolio applicant in order to fund applications, run registries and win contention sets, there is much less of a disparity.
Donuts domain names are available to register at 1&1.

The expanding internet: what’s in a name?

Thousands of new alternatives to dotcom web addresses are starting to roll out across the internet. But how significant are they and are they worth the big expense for brand owners?

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.guru leads the new gTLD pack

It’s not easy to gauge aggregate growth at this early stage, we can see that of the strings that are delegated and that have completed their sunrise period the total number of registrations is around 152,000 registrations all together.

Register your .GURU at 1&1.

New gTLDs: What’s hot and what’s not

Only four weeks after the new gTLDS (generic Top Level Domains) became available on the open market, we’re already seeing trends of the most and least popular, so let’s take a look.
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Uncontrolled Interruption? Dozens of "Blocked" Domains in New gTLDs Actually Delegated

Given the anticipation of "controlled" interruption, it's ironic that while ICANN specifically precludes the delegation of domain names on the SLD block lists, dozens of them were actually registered and delegated!

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Say Hello To The Next Hit New gTLD .Tips, Breaks Out With Over 8K Registrations

.Tips went into General Availability today and from the zone file it appear the new gTLD has surpassed 8,000 registrations.
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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pre-register domains to win a .BIBLE Charger!

Win a free .BIBLE charger for your electronic devices by pre-registering your .BIBLE domain names.
.BIBLE new domain name is coming at 1&1.

.Mail added to new TLD deathwatch, new proposal for handling Name Collisions

.Mail may be shelved and group suggests new way to handle name collisions for new top level domain names.

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Would It Be Selfish to Register Calzone.Pizza?

To help answer these questions, the new Calzone service provides a good case study on the different options that businesses have in registering their brand name in the new TLDs.

Pre-order your .PIZZA domain name at 1&1.

15 domain names sell in .Club auction

Auction at Sedo closes with 15 domain names meeting their reserve.
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Google Chromecast, Cable Consolidation, and Fiber Optic Cable Could Boost Impact of gTLDs

In the past, consumers were not willing to shell out more money for higher-speed access when it didn't make that big of a difference to them. But if they shift spending from direct cable subscriptions to fiber access, using their Google Chromecast to turn every device into a remote control, the shift away from cable and into the digital world becomes within reach for average consumers.

What does your business need to do about the new top level domains?

Ignore the impact of the new generic top level domains (gTLDs) at your peril! Here is what you need to know to act now.

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CSC Digital Brand Services Names Patrick Hauss as a European Regional Director

CSC vice president Jim Stoltzfus said, “Patrick’s unique experience spans corporate enterprises, the public sector and academia. We are thrilled to have someone of his caliber join our global management team and look forward to having him use his expertise to help our customers manage their brands.”

.AFRICA and other African new domain names explained (video)

.AFRICA domain names will be available to register at 1&1.

.bbva New gTLD applicant files its 3rd URS complaint for 5 New gTLD domain names

On the 19th of February BBVA, a multinational Spanish banking group and the second largest bank in Spain,filed a URS complaint for the domain name and then they filed another URS complaint for the domain name

.BBVA domain names belong to a "closed Registry" and are not available for registration.

.SHOP : un nom de domaine...vendeur

Partez avec une longueur d'avance et augmentez votre visibilité en enregistrant votre nom de domaine avec des extensions novatrices comme le .shop ou le .store.

Enregistrez votre nom de domaine chez 1&1.

Here Are The .Sexy Brands: Google, Chrysler; BWM; Godaddy; Rolex; Microsoft; Durex; Viagra

Many major brands registered their .SEXY.

Brands can register their new domain names at 1&1.

NABP Moves .Pharmacy Program Closer to Launch

NABP's proposed criteria for .pharmacy registrants are consistent with safeguards recently defined by the ICANN Government Advisory Committee (GAC) and now required of all new gTLDs within highly regulated industries.

Register your new domain names at 1&1.

UAE hotels begin to register Arabic domain names

Dubai based DotShabaka Registry made the world's first cross-border Arabic top-level domain 'شبكة.' (pronounced dotshabaka) available to all businesses last month, and Middle East hotels have begun registering.

Top Level Domain Holdings secures .WEDDING

Chief executive Antony Van Couvering told Proactive Investors it is not just companies that will be interested in the .WEDDING web address ending. Couples who create their own sites for the big day are expected to make up most of the applicants.

.WEDDING new domain names will be available for pre-registration soon at 1&1.

.DANCE and .DEMOCRAT Available for Pre-Order

Rightside Registry Partners with Top Registrars to Bring New Domains to Market; .DANCE and .DEMOCRAT Available for Pre-Order

Pre-order your .DANCE.

Whay is "Name Collision" in the new gTLD process?

Private domain names are used in Intranets and in many corporations and organizations throughout the world. A domain name on a private network that matches a name in the public Internet can create security risks, confusion, and systems failure.
Domains blocked in collision lists are not available for registration at Registrars.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

JOB : Registrar Partner Manager – US, Canada and Latin America (new gTLDs)

Radix is looking to develop a deeper level of engagement with the global distribution channel (registrars) for its new extensions. As a Registrar Partner Manager, you will be responsible for our partners in the US, Canada and Latin America.
Most of Radix Registry new domain names will be available for registration at 1&1.

Mistake blamed for “Germans only” .voting policy

It seems the new gTLD .voting will not be restricted to Germans after all.
Register your new domain name at 1&1.

An English new gTLD restricted to Germans?

Reading through the policies of new gTLD registries has given me cause to double-take several times, but .voting has to be one of the oddest yet.

L’extension .PARIS lancée en mai, ouverte à tous en janvier 2015

L’extension « .paris » sera ouverte dès mai à quelques privilégiés. Ces « pionniers » ont l’usage exclusif du nom de domaine pendant six mois. En échange de quoi ils ont contribué à hauteur de 416 000 euros à la mise en place de l’extension ainsi qu'aux frais de communication.

Les noms de domaine .PARIS sont déjà disponibles en pré-enregistrement.

.wedding and .green gTLD auctions raise millions

Two more new gTLDs — .wedding and .green — have been auctioned off, with proceeds amounting to millions of dollars.
.green and .wedding new domain names soon available at 1&1.

Show your journalistic content with a .BLOG domain

Your blog is special, unique and personal and when registering a new .blog domain you tell your readers exactly what to expect. Distinguish yourself from the world of inflexible forums and eShops by promoting your blog's unique features and qualities.

Uniregistry's list of accresited Registrars

.SEXY and .TATTOO new domain names are availalble at these Accredited Registrars:

Death-Defying Marketing Campaign for .XYZ, .NINJA, .CLUB, .BUZZ, .HIV and .KIWI

Colin Campbell, CEO of .CLUB added: “We are thrilled that .CLUB is part of’s New Zealand bobsled team sponsorship, along with these other great new domain extensions. Winter sports are definitely on everyone’s mind now, as is the introduction of new top-level domains. With the team, .KIWI, .NINJA, .BUZZ, .HIV and .XYZ, the crew has put together an awesome!”
Most of these new domain names are already available at 1&1.

Godaddy Is Not Bringing .Sexy Back; Nor Are 9 Of The Top 10 Registrars

Matter of fact 9 out of the top 10 domain name registrars in the world as listed by are not handling domain name registrations for .Sexy or .Tattoo

New gTLD operators should definitely follow the domaining industry very closely because quite frankly, most if not all of them can’t afford not to.

To register a domain name, click here.

TLD Registry Party in New York

TLD Registry, home of the essential new Chinese TLDs Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) invites you to a domain name industry party in New York!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Which registrars have the lowest prices on new TLDs

GoDaddy appears to have the cheapest overall pricing on new TLDs among the largest domain name registrars.

Register your new domain name with the cheapest Registrar. Resolves Contention On New gTLD .One In Single Sealed Bid Auction

The winning bidder for the new TLD extension is of Dubai, AE, which will act as the worldwide registry for .One domains.

Interested in a .ONE new domain name? Chances are high you can grab one here when it opens to the public.

Watch and .xyz battle in bobsled competition

Jared Ewy and Daniel Negari fly around the track in friendly wager.
.XYZ domain names can be registered here.

Frank Schilling’s first two top level domain names available tomorrow

.Tattoo and .sexy enter general availability tomorrow, although relatively few registrars are offering the domain names.

.TATTOO and .SEXY domain names will be available for registration at 1&1.

150,000 domains for Donuts

Over the course of the last month, 25 Donuts TLDs have entered the general availability phase, and to date we have registered over 150,000 domains.
Register one of  Donuts new domain names here.