Friday, January 31, 2014

Digging in on Donuts’ Sunrise: Amazon tops the list, gaming, and top registrars

As I mentioned in my previous post, the number of names in the zone file should be considered the lower bound of names that were actually registered in sunrise. I’ve already discovered more names, such as (which doesn’t have nameservers). It also doesn’t account for companies that blocked their mark across all of Donuts’ domains with the domain blocking service.

Why cybersquatting won’t be a big deal in new TLDs

Cybersquatters have a profit motive. Their goal is to either monetize traffic meant for a brand or to extract a ransom from the brand owner by selling the domain to them.

Delays hit .africa sunrise launch phase

Two factors have delayed this phase to April or even May after which the general availability of the domain is expected to commence 90 days thereafter, according to the ZACR in a statement emailed to ITWeb Africa.

Who Are the Major New gTLD Applicants (Jean Guillon)

In order to shed some light on the main players in the New gTLD space, I have selected "commercial portfolio applicants" because they applied for "several" generic new gTLDs, sometimes dozens, sometimes hundreds. I did not select applicants with "closed" applications (who will not make domain names available to the public) so Amazon and Google are not in my list. Here is my list of applicants: Donuts, Famous Four Media, Minds+Machines (TLDH) and Uniregistry. It is possible I will add more in the future according to feed-back I receive.

When Should Businesses Consider TM Protections in New gTLDs? Now!

Most brand owners have registered no new second-level domains let alone filed claims under the Uniform Rapid Suspension system (URS), the Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure (PDDRP) or the Registry Restrictions Dispute Resolution Procedure (RRDRP) which have been added to the arsenal of brand owners that, until now, had been limited to the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

TLDH raises $33.6m to fight new gTLD auctions

As part of TLDH’s transition from a revenue-free penny stock to a trading company, it’s going to change its name to Minds + Machines Limited, via a reverse takeover of its subsidiary of the same name.

The numbers are in! Donuts sunrises typically get 100+ domains, but they also got gamed

.pluming and .singles are below 100. On the upside, many brands were adamant about protecting their marks in .clothing.

First Donuts new gTLD sunrise periods looking tiny

It’s possible that fewer than 1,200 domain names were registered in Donuts’ first seven new gTLD sunrise periods, judging by the latest zone file data.

WalMart to run .GROCERY for its exclusive benefit

WalMart’s closed gTLD for .Grocery will, among other things “complement Walmart’s branding and brand protection strategies and lower Walmart’s overall costs by reducing the need for defensive registrations in other TLDs.”

Are you ready for Generation XYZ?

There has been a lot of noise surrounding .xyz over the past few months and the question on everybody’s lips at the moment is what is .xyz and what does it mean?

New Top-Level Domains Flood Web

There’s been plenty of debate about the new domain names. Attorneys at the law firm of K&L Gates are predicting a new wave of cybersquatting, for example. In a press release, a group of attorneys from the firm said, “A virtually limitless number of domain names will very soon open for registration under these new TLDs, with the potential for widespread abusive registrations and cybersquatting."

New gTLDs : changes at TLDH

  • £21 million (approximately US$33.6 million) conditionally raised from institutional and other investors;
  • Cash balances on completion in excess of approximately US$48 million with an additional US$15 million available to compete in a single private auction;
  • Elliot Noss, President and CEO of Tucows, Inc (NASDAQ:TCX) to join Board as a non-executive director;
  • Company to be re-named Minds + Machines Limited to reflect transition to a full operating business.

Day 1 Donuts Trademark Review: Only 12 of 28 Top Brands Bought The Donuts Block (DPML)

According to the WTR; Apple, Microsoft, Walmart, Samsung, Google, Vodafone, Wells Fargo, Chase, BMW, HSBC, Bank of America and McDonalds and Lego all bought the DPML and now have their first 7 new gTLD extensions that Donuts released yesterday.

Verisign : New gTLD Services

New gTLDs will create a unique opportunity for fast-acting organizations to define and acquire their own online namespace. Verisign brings extensive expertise in domain name system (DNS) operation to help you manage and monetize your new gTLD.

Too complicated to register a new domain name

The gTLD registration process is “very complicated” for the average consumer, said Berkens of Right of the Dot, which does consulting on TLD strategy. If certain gTLDs are not available, the consumer may be left with options not previously anticipated, in terms of both the name of the domain and price, he said. Berkens isn’t “sure” the registrars have done a “good job” of explaining how the registration process works, he said. There has been too little marketing from registries to raise public awareness, he said, saying education is “going to take time,” given the complexity of the issue. Although rules and pricing will differ depending on the owner of the TLD, the process of registering for .pizza isn’t going to be “any less clear than it is now — you’re going to be able to find it,” said Mason Cole, Donuts vice president-communications.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Seven Things To Think About Before You Register That New Domain

With all this fresh territory opening up, business owners might be tempted by the expanding set of choices to stake out a beachhead, either to extend their reach or as a defense against someone else squatting on what should be their virtual real estate. But potential buyers should take note of the following seven considerations before jumping in with both feet.

Here’s what I honestly think about new top level domain names

I write a lot of stories about new top level domain names. Some are about the good and some are about the bad. Sometimes people read one of my positive stories and think I must be a new TLD supporter. Others read my stories about problems and challenges new TLDs will face and think I’m a new TLD hater.

Dominios .viajes

El nuevo dominio .viajes, uno de los principales de habla hispana.

Want to see the new Trademark Claims Notice in action? Here’s an example.

See what it looks like if you try to register a second level domain in a new TLD that matches a record at the Trademark Clearinghouse.

Join the new gTLD Revolution – Make your own gTLD Wishlist!

While your customers can apply to register trademarked domain names during the Sunrise phase, they can also make use of our ‘wishlist feature’ to keep track of the launch progress of each new gTLD and the availability of their desired domain name(s).

Les nouveaux noms de domaine de premier niveau générique (gTLD) : enjeux et opportunités

Le dotbrand : une opportunité pour les propriétaires de marques

Spécifiquement, ce plan de libéralisation des noms de domaines ouvre de nouvelles opportunités aux propriétaires de marques qui y verront la possibilité de consolider leur réputation et d'assurer la promotion de leur entreprise en s'inscrivant dans une politique de marketing innovante. Déposer un dotbrand constitue également une solution efficace pour lutter contre la cybercriminalité et protéger la propriété intellectuelle. L'entreprise opérateur de registre du .marque sera seule à gérer l'ensemble des noms de second niveau y étant attachés.

First gTLDs reach General Availability, while .scot likely in summer with a little help from James Bond!

On promoting Scottish culture, Gavin McCutcheon, director of Dot Scot Registry, said “Scotland and Scottishness conveys a whole range of positive connotations, which could not really be portrayed on the web before, but with a .scot domain there will be a new option anyone involved in Scottish business, arts and culture and others to identify themselves more clearly as Scottish to the online world.”

Would you register a .CAR or a .CARS new domain name?

Which one would you register?

Luxury by another (domain) name

“If I go and look for, for example, I know what I'm getting before I get there. I have an association with the word luxury that informs me what I'm going to see before I get to the website or even the domain name,” he says.

.Uno wants to be the domain of choice for Spanish speakers

The initial target market for the .uno domain name is companies that sell to the U.S. Spanish-speaking market. Jolles pegs the population at 55 million, and it’s expected to grow to 100 million by 2050.

EU body tells ICANN that 2013 RAA really is illegal

Weirdly, the written legal opinion used to support the OVH request is a three-page missive by Blandine Poidevin of the French law firm Jurisexpert, which cites the original Working Party letter heavily.

Donuts’ EAP opens today, but only some domain name registrars support it

GoDaddy and eNom are offering Donuts’ domains today, but other big registrars are not.

.com gives way to .bike and .singles

Kieren McCarthy worked as general manager of public participation at ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the international nonprofit organization overseeing this massive internet expansion. He now follows internet policy at .nxt. McCarthy is convinced many of the new TLDs will catch on in the next few years, as kinks are worked out and the addresses get more familiar.

.AFRICA second applicant wants to remain in the arena

Let me continue to extend a deserving and sincere thank you, to all of you our supporters, who are in the ARENA with us, some of you since 6 years ago, when we started this .africa New gTLD initiative.

The Boston Globe covers new gTLDs

Hiawatha Bray of the Boston Globe wrote an article about the new gTLD domain names today, and I think it offers a very good overview of the new domain names that are coming to the market. In the article, Dot-specific domain names on way to the Web, Bray shared insight from a number of familiar names in the domain space, including Mason Cole, Braden Pollock, Kevin Murphy, and me.

New gTLDs Are Coming -- Which Brands Are in and Which Opted Out?

While many hold on to the idea that .com will always be the gold standard, the gold rush of the new domains is starting in February. The window to apply for a gTLD will not be open for several years. Those who assume nothing will change may be left without the digital assets they need. Brands, whether they applied or not, should follow a few simple steps to evaluate what domains they could use in an evolving digital life.

Ready or not, here come the new Internet top-level domain names

I see this just as a way for ICANN and domain registrants to make money. For ICANN, each bid for a new gTLD brought in $185,000 plus whatever they make from other fees. Of course, if a domain registrant ends up owning what proves to be a popular gTLD they can make a handsome profit from registering sites that use that gTLD.

New Domain Names For Sale: 4 Facts

Proponents of the new gTLDs say the expansion will make it easier for businesses and individuals to acquire compelling, memorable web addresses, among other benefits. Meanwhile, critics have bemoaned the expansion process as expensive and exclusionary, among other gripes.

Is .COM Dead? Some Say Yes, Others Say No – I Think Both Sides Are Right In Their Own Way

It’s a mantra we’ve all heard for years, .COM is dead. Then we read about the millions of dollars in .COM domains that sell every single week and realize, well that just can’t be true. With the addition of over 1,000 new gTLDs coming like a freight train there is a lot of speculation about how this will impact the .COM market.

The Secure Domain Foundation (SDF)

Our primary mission is to provide Domain Name Registrars, Registries(ccTLD & gTLD), Hosting providers, DNS Operators, and other Internet infrastructure providers the tools they need to combat abuse of their services.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Moment of truth as first seven new gTLDs go on sale

We’re finally going to see if there’s any demand for new gTLD domain names.

Why I Like .GURU and .VENTURES The Most

Maybe I’m missing the point behind .SINGLES but right now I don’t get it. I think .GURU will be one to watch and next week when domain extensions like .GALLERY hit the market I think they’ll be a few others that will see some nice traction.

RADIO : how to keep track on new gTLDs

Want to register a domain in .PLUMBING? .SEXY? .CLUB? .PHOTO? .PINK? With more new generic top-level domains (newgTLDs) appearing each week, how do you keep track of what is going to be out in DNS soon? In this episode I talk a bit about the newgTLDs and about an article I wrote on CircleID where I talked about how to keep track of all the newgTLDs:…omains_newgtlds/

ICANN CEO sets off explosion of new Internet names (Q&A)

http://news.Next week, ICANN opens the Internet up to new domains like .ski, .sexy, and .berlin -- and Fadi Chehade has to handle people unhappy with the change. Also: time for the US to let go of its Net oversight?


fTLD, the only community-based applicant for the .bank and .insurance gTLDs, recently moved a step closer to provide a trusted and protected .insurance gTLD. On January 15, 2014, fTLD learned that one of its two contending applicants for .insurance, Auburn Park, LLC (a Donuts company), was eliminated from consideration after the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) ruled in favor of FSR’s community objection to their application. The other applicant, Dotfresh, Inc. (a Radix Registry company), has two pending community objections to its application, one each from FSR and the American Insurance Association (AIA). The ICC is expected to rule on these objections in the coming weeks. If FSR and/or AIA prevail, Dotfresh, Inc. will be eliminated from further consideration by ICANN, leaving fTLD as the sole remaining applicant, which could mean .insurance domain names would be available later this year.

What New Web Domain Names Mean for You

They also present great risks for established businesses who might have their trademark company name copied by someone making a look-alike websites, says David Weslow, an intellectual property attorney at Washington D.C.-based law firm Wiley Rein. These sites won't become popular overnight, since ".com" is still the most popular domain and it will time for people to change online habits, but businesses should think ahead, says Weslow, who advises clients on domain-name property rights.

Ready for .sucks or .sexy? New domain names available next week

So what kind of names will you be able to buy? Now, you can have your website URL end in .pizza, .yoga, .wtf or .sucks, just to name a few. You can read the full list of gTLDs that have been applied forhere. This new flood of gTLDs also includes the first in non-Latin alphabets. For the first time, you can buy gTLDs that use Arabic, Russian or Chinese characters.

Web gets new neighbourhoods with ‘.guru’ and more

Donuts will manage the domains, letting website registry firms such as GoDaddy sell addresses to the public.
A new batch will debut on February 5 with domain suffixes ".camera", ".equipment", ".estate", ".gallery", ".graphics", ".lighting" and ".photography", the company said in a release.
"Starting this week, new, relevant and specific internet naming options will be available on a scale never before seen," said Donuts co-founder and CE Paul Stahura.


Le dotbrand : une opportunité pour les propriétaires de marques
Spécifiquement, ce plan de libéralisation des noms de domaine ouvre de nouvelles opportunités aux propriétaires de marques qui y verront la possibilité de consolider leur réputation et d’assurer la promotion de leur entreprise en s’inscrivant dans une politique de marketing innovante. Déposer un dotbrand constitue également une solution efficace pour lutter contre la cybercriminalité et protéger la propriété intellectuelle. L’entreprise opérateur de registre du .marque sera seule à gérer l’ensemble des noms de second niveau y étant attachés.

The need for a remedial gTLD program for new gTLDs

The first part of the failure was that it cost too much. Estimates are that beyond the exorbitant application fee, the applications costs $1+ Million USD when you take fees, delays, fees, objections, fees, and the community proving grounds (aka The New gTLD Gauntlet) into account. The ICANN Board did offer developing economies a discount, but the program was developed too late to be of any use but to a very few. nd it would have only amounted to 10% of the total projected costs of an application, perhaps generous in relation to the ICANN fee but not enabling when considering the full costs.

New gTLD updates: 27 January

  1. .KIWI;
  2. United TLD – DPML service launched;
  3. Uniregistry;
  4. .BERLIN;
  5. New gTLDs Delegated;
  6. New gTLDs Signed.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Infographic : New gTLD Trade Mark Protection Flow Chart

You have a registered trade mark and want to protect it within the new domain name extensions (new gTLDs) but you are unsure of the process to follow OR you don't have a registered trade mark and would like to secure a domain name for the mark you use. The flow chart after sets out three routes you can follow

.MIAMI Website Benefits : Better Visibility – Search Engine Optimization

It is quite likely that .MIAMI domain names will rank favorably in Google for MIAMI related searches. Search is becoming more localized and granular. More and more, search results are being tailored to both the location and intent of the searcher. The .MIAMI name will send a very strong signal to the search engines that the subject matter of the residing site pertains to MIAMI. Consequently, the MIAMI domains may indeed begin to gain favoritism from Google, Yahoo, and Bing for MIAMI related search.

Infographic: What to Buy During The Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Bum Rush

What You Should Do : we can separate your options for purchasing new TLDs into two major categories:
  1. defensive domain registrations, or
  2. offensive domain registrations.

.SKI explained by Godefroy Jordan, CEO and Founder, Dot Ski

ICANN New gTLD Auctions - Apparently No Antitrust Concerns?

In sum, while there has been much discussion of this topic over the past year, the DOJ has officially been silent even as 21 auctions have been held. Moreover, it does not appear that true private auctions among applicants are inherently any riskier than ICANN's intended private auction among applicants. Nor that gTLD auctions should inherently carry any higher antitrust risk than second-level domain name auctions which have occurred for more than a decade. Given the obvious advantages of true private auctions, compared to ICANN's unsettled but surely rigid plan, it seems likely that nearly all gTLD contention sets will be resolved prior to ICANN's "mechanism of last resort."

Amazon gets a win in .Amazon fight & IO found to have conflict of interest in case has successfully defended community objections brought against its applications for .amazon and the Chinese and Japanese equivalent top level domain names. At the same time, it has also successfully questioned the Independent Objector’s conflict of interest in filing the cases in the first place.

Premium Domain Names Live Auction Event (March 21, 2014)

Marking the beginning of the Landrush Period of the essential new Chinese TLDs, Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website. Two days of celebrations in China’s Macau on Thursday March 20 & Friday March 21, 2014

What Might A .chrome gTLD Look Like?

The .chrome application is for a Brand TLDs.

Exploring the Various Options of Private gTLD Auctions

In Sealed Bid auctions, each bidder makes a one-time bid. The highest bidder wins, and pays either the price they bid (a "First Price” auction) or the second highest price ("Second Price” auction). A First Price auction is easy to understand, but difficult to bid in — the best bidding strategy involves trying to guess what the others will bid and then bidding just a little bit more. Bid too much, and you overpay if you win. Bid too little and you won't win — and, worse, possibly watch someone else win for less that you were willing to pay. (Economists call this particular outcome "inefficient" — it fails to reach a fundamental goal of an auction, which is to put a good in the hands of whoever values it the most.)

New gTLDs Phase Keys

Full Listing of all Proposed, Pre-sale and Available New gTLDs.

First European registrar (OVH) to get Whois data opt-out

ICANN plans to give a French registrar the ability to opt out of parts of the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement due to data privacy concerns.

OVH is also applicant for .OVH new gTLD.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Domain Security Requires More Than Just A Registry Lock

They take hard-earned business from your site and cost you time, money and effort. In the last year alone there were more than 5,000 arbitrations related to domain abuse – and those cover only a small fraction of the actual problem. Surely you’d want to know if someone took a variation on your domain within 24 hours of its occurrence! And if you have a registered trademark for your business wouldn’t you want rights and protections so that you have a “right of first refusal” when a new domain extension (.web, .store, .club, et al) launches?

Will New Domains Be The Key To Rankings Success?

There has been plenty of rumours over the months since the news of new domain extensions broke about what this could mean for SEO, and forums, blogs and social networks have been buzzing with rumours over the effect this new release could have on the entire system of rankings that Google uses to determine just how important your website is in its world.

New gTLDs' Success Drivers

This post demonstrates that success factors differ across generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) depending on their implied signal/message. Success drivers can be grouped into four: community, location, generic keywords, and competitors to .com. I discuss their marketing implications.

Which Donuts gTLDs Arrive in February?

As a reminder, each gTLD's general availability is preceded by a 60 day process known as Sunrise, when trademark holders are able to secure their trademarked terms. Once this phase is completed, the gTLD is open for anyone to register names. Registrations are available only through accredited domain name registrars.

New gTLDs: What About 10 Years Ago?

In 2003 — what did we have in terms of domain names?

.EU brought something new to the Domain Name Industry and many corporate Registrants wanted to secure their brand in .EU. It was launched on its own, with no other TLD launches in sight, so there was quite a lot of buzz around it.

First applicant to write a song for its TLD is .CLUB

We've seen dozens of videos about new gTLDs but no applicant ever wrote a song. Just press on "Play" on frontpage of .CLUB website
:-) Adds Over 50 New Domain Name Extensions to Inventory Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:WWWW), a leading provider of Internet services and online marketing solutions for small businesses, now has over 50 new domain extensions available for pre-registration and purchase. With the addition of these new domain name extensions, has increased its inventory of available website addresses, providing its small business customers more choices to register relevant domain names.

Popular .BID Domain Names available at Standard Retail Price

Have you ever wanted the chance to obtain a high value domain name in a premium suffix at a low price? Now’s your chance! In the Bid-on-.BID program you can place a bid for the amount you are prepared to pay for any .BID domain name. To get you started we have provided a list of available high value domain names which you could reserve for just $20.00.


Go Daddy “thousands and thousands” of people have preregistered 25 new gtlds”

GoDaddy is expecting a rush of buyers and already has 25 extensions available for preregistration. So far, “thousands and thousands” of people have preregistered, with .guru and .photography endings being the most popular, McLaughlin said.

.PHOTO Registry Information

Important Dates:
  • Sunrise Period: 28 January 2014 to 29 March 2014;
  • Trademark Claims Period: 15 April 2014 to 14 July 2014.

May 04 2011: Hearing Documentation on ICANN new gTLDs


Scotland to get digital identity with .scot domain

Scots will have their own online identity from this summer, it will be confirmed today, after a near decade-long campaign which was backed by famous names including Sir Sean Connery and Sir Tom Farmer.

Africa covered in 100 new generic TLDs

“The valued support of the African Union Commission “AUC” has been a key success factor. Our bid for dotAfrica could not have made it this far without the support and encouragement of the AUC,” said dotAfrica Steering Committee Chair Mohammed El Bashir at the time.

Six-year domain registration for free (

Centralnic : 6 year domain registration for free.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Inc and the Los Angeles Times weigh in on the new gtlds

They also got some misperceptions writing the following, If however you’re unwilling to pay the piper for customization, you will be able to purchase second-level domains, at a price of less than $10 each. There are going to be many extensions that cost much more than $10, the public cannot be reading stories that all these new extensions are going to be less than $10. Handbags.Luxury for example will be somewhere in the $799.

ICT Africa Headline News

The biggest benefit of the gTLDs is that it will decentralize the ownership of generic domains currently in the hands of 22 individuals such as companies .COM, .ORG and .NET and to new innovative extensions such as .FOOTBALL, .DAD, .PHD, .CEO, .AFRICA amongst others totaling 1930.

Trademark Protection and Territoriality Challenges in a Global Economy

EBOOK : edited by Irene Calboli, Edward Le.

Domains By The Numbers: 50 / 100 / 200 / 300 / 5 million+

We’re seeing the biggest, most influential shift in online identities since it all started. It’s been a long time coming but the new gTLD program is now a reality, and things are happening quickly.

Ringing in the New Year with .xyz

.xyz will be launching globally in MARCH 2014! That means if you’re a trademark holder who registered through the Trademark Clearinghouse, you can register your .xyz domain names starting in March during our Sunrise period. Keep up-to-date with more launch news by following us on Twitter @XYZ.

2014 Will Be A Breakout Year for Domains on Flippa

So what are some examples of such a sea-change? In the exhibit hall, we were near the folks who were operating the new .CLUB extension, as well as those behind .SEXY, .TATTOO and .GUITARS roll-outs. In addition, soon you will be able to register domain names with a .LUXURY, .NYC, .BAR and even .HORSE extension. There is much speculation to be made about the rollout, domainer success with, and consumer perception over these new gTLDs.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's a DOMAIN !

Well, technically the kiwi (small flightless bird grounded in New Zealand) does not fly but the new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) .kiwi may get off to a flying start.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Trademark Clearinghous using .uno to plug new gTLDs to Spanish markets

New gTLD registry Dot Latin has scored an early anchor tenant win, as the Trademark Clearinghouse has agreed to use two .uno domain names to market rights protection mechanisms in Spanish-speaking markets.

Advantages of gTLD Portfolio Ownership

The essay outlines the advantages to owners of managing a portfolio of gTLDs. The advantages can lead to concentrations of ownership in a few hands, which is unavoidable but not necessarily harmful to consumers. Moreover, some of the advantages can lead to profitable complementary business models.

Uniregistry’s new TLD launch plans are different from the others

Uniregistry’s new TLD launch plans are different from the others. Uniregistry plans a more inclusive sunrise, no landrush, and simpler pricing.

How I Plan to Profit from the gTLDs

I will look for keywords where there are tons of companies that have added something on to the keyword on a .com domain. What I mean is there is only one but there may be tens or hundreds of sites that add another word, maybe, or, or whatever. Of all those potential companies, what is the likelihood that one of them would prefer Cars.web or I’ll take a shot here.

Looking for a partnership with an Accredited Registrar / Jean Guillon

My offer (to be discussed):
  • A Link in my new articles will point to my partner's website (all articles are promoted by me);
  • In : a link, in most posts when the content allows it, will point to the partner's website;
  • Partnership to last 6 months maximum.
Contact me by email, thank you.

Must-read : Gripe sites and PPC banned in .BUILD new gTLD

New gTLD registry Plan Bee expects to ban gripe sites in its forthcoming .build registry.

Ten more new gTLDs go live

Donuts, Afilias and Atgron were the beneficiaries of 10 new gTLD delegations yesterday.

Think All the Best Domain Names are Taken? Think Again

If you wanted to launch a site called or JerseyShoreBeachRental.beach you can.

Revealing Rightside Registry

The announcement of our new registry arm is yet another wave in the tide of new beginnings for Rightside, the internet, and most importantly you- our partners and customers. With the help of Rightside Registry, we can now better enable our audience to mark their online territory in relevant and specific terms, with the help of a name they can be confident in.

Webinar: Are you ready for new gTLDs?

With CSC: Thursday, January 30, 2014 2:00:00 PM CET - 3:00:00 PM CET

Collisions Ahead: Look Both Ways before Crossing

Much of the current concern centers around the "alternate path" introduced by ICANN in its Oct. 7, 2013 plan document, whereby a new top-level domain (TLD) can be added to the global DNS provided that the operator of the TLD agrees to avoid any second-level domain (SLD) that had a query in one of several past "Day in the Life" (DITL) data sets.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

ICANN Releases New Web Domain Name Options: .Apple, .app, .baby, .lol

Many of the applicants are sticking with a single application. Hyatt only wants .hyatt, Gucci only wants .gucci, and perhaps surprisingly, Apple only wants .apple. Phillips said that it's those companies that are going to end up making gTLDs popular.

JOBS: 3 positions at Centralnic (new gTLDs)

  1. Support Engineer;
  2. Systems Administrator;
  3. Sales and Account Manager.

GoDaddy Seizes on .UNO Domain, Expanding into Latin America

As part of GoDaddy's Latin American expansion, the company has localized its site in both Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, as well as creating a new position and office in Mexico City.

Porn won’t be allowed on the home page of .Sexy websites

.Sexy registry Uniregistry spells out the rules in a revised document (pdf) it filed with ICANN on January 20. The guidelines only apply to the home page. This means that sites could have a warning button/entry page on the home page that leads to adult material elsewhere on the site.

Why Google wants to give you 101 alternatives to .com

Hundreds of new top-level domain names (the last bit of a web address, like .com) will hit the web this year. Of nearly 2,000 proposed domains, 101 belong to Google, one of the largest single applicants. That’s odd, for Google has worked hard to make domain names as irrelevant as possible.

Welcoming .Coffee, .Pink And 105 Other New Internet Domain Names

The digital world is welcoming new Internet suffixes like .coffee, .pink and others that represent the beginning of the great Internet real estate expansion.

Sell Bikes? There's a Web Domain for That

Seven Web domains will be released next week, including .bike, .clothing and .singles. The new domains are expected to draw interest mainly from entrepreneurs and small-business owners seeking Web addresses that more closely relate to the products and services they sell than the Web addresses that are currently available to them.

.ECO UPDATE — HURRY UP AND WAIT – a non-community supported applicant for .eco – failed their initial evaluation in August 2013. However, ICANN provides all applicants the chance to remedy failure by undertaking a second “extended” evaluation. The extended evaluation process can take more than six months.

The benefits of a .travel domain

The .travel top-level domain registry announced last year that Tourism Fiji, the official travel and tourism agency of the government of Fiji, had registered the name FIJI.TRAVEL and launched as its official tourism website.

.ART Domains May Be Available Summer 2014

Ten different groups applied to ICANN for the rights to operate the .art top-level domain. Because it would be very confusing (and could break the internet!) if there were duplicated .art addresses across the web, only one applicant can be awarded custodianship of the .art top namespace. This way there will not be multiple Michelangelo.ART or other duplicated website addresses floating around the internet.

First 100 Generic Internet Domains Include .Club, .Voyage and .在线 (Chinese for "online")

Last year, the Internet opened up the doors on generic top level domains (gTLDs), letting anyone create their own ".anything" space on the web — provided they pony up $185,000. Now those generic domains have passed their first big milestone.

A gTLD right? Conceptual challenges in the expanding internet domain namespace

Many new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are currently being added to the internet’s domain name system. It is, therefore, important to ask how we should conceptualize the legal aspects of this expansion. This article focuses on the legal position acquired by a successful applicant for a new gTLD.

What's new ? - Statut des futures extensions

Vous pouvez ici consulter les informations relatives aux diverses extensions disponibles à la préréservation. Pour être informé(e) en temps réel de l'évolution de ces donnée.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Infographic : What goes into a domain name?

A domain name is key to doing just about anything on the Internet, from setting up a website, to sending and receiving email, to building an online store. Verisign enables companies -- big and small -- to increase their online visibility, expand their businesses into new markets and promote their brand.

Verisign new gTLD services

The availability of new gTLDs will create a unique opportunity for fast-acting organizations to define and acquire their own online namespace. Verisign brings extensive expertise in domain name system (DNS) operation to help you manage and monetize your gTLD.

Donuts has bad luck of the draw, loses .ski as well

Panelist from .sports decisions also rules against Donuts for .SKI

There will be no .sports top level domain in the first round

Objection panel rules that the the sport community would face material detriment for a .sports domain name.

.VIN: le sujet sera abordé lors de la 48ème réunion de l’ICANN à Buenos Aires

Lors de la 48ème réunion de l’ICANN à Buenos Aires, la France, favorable à une gouvernance universelle forte de l’internet, au service de tous et respectueuse de la diversité culturelle du monde, souhaite aborder à nouveau, entre autres sujets, les problématiques relatives à l’attribution de nouveaux noms de domaine génériques, tels que ‘‘.vin’’ ou ‘‘.hotel’’ : elle veut à la fois garantir le respect des indications géographiques et le droit de tous les acteurs à défendre et à promouvoir leur patrimoine culturel.

The biggest land rush in the history of the internet starts on February 4

The coming deluge of new domains is different. It is highly visible, and will affect everybody who uses the web. What’s less certain is whether it is strictly necessary. Proponents argue that it will benefit people and businesses (small ones especially) by giving them more addresses to choose from. Critics call it a massive land grab by both entrepreneurs and some of the world’s most powerful internet companies.

INFOGRAPHIC - Next Step When Your Wanted Domain Name is Taken

One of the most critical aspects for a business these days is ensuring high visibility on the web and the fundamental cornerstones of achieving this goal is to ensure that you have chosen the right domain name for your venture.

100 New gTLDs in the Internet, Thousands of New Ideas

Over 100 new gTLDs are now waiting to go “live” for Internet users worldwide. That translates to expanded consumer choice and industry competition. The online landscape is about to be transformed by the innovation that these new domain names will usher in.

ARI Registry Services Supports .luxury to Delegation

The .luxury Top-Level Domain is the first ever domain namespace to offer registrants a digital platform catering solely for the opulent and premium market, offering a dedicated digital platform for all things luxury. This provides product manufacturers, service providers, retailers and consumers a central place to engage, transact and celebrate a luxury-oriented lifestyle.

New gTLD Update: 5 more new domains launch today!

It’s another week and another batch of new domains (or new gTLDs) have launched. To date, a total of 50 new domains have been released and and more are expected to come in the next two to three years.
The latest batch of domains being introduced are: .CAMP, .EDUCATION, .GLASS, .INSTITUTE and .REPAIR.

Look out New Gtlds, Here Come Star Domains

W.Kenneth Ryan has a dream and it is for a multiplexed naming system. Ryan has created the Asterisk browser to make for the possibility of his naming system, he shows an example of how it would work using for example.

6 Domain Name Industry Developments to Lookout for in 2014

2013 was one of the most exciting and forward-looking year for our Industry, and here we are, right at the beginning of 2014. Shall we look into the crystal ball and see what the horizon up ahead likely holds for us? We hope and foresee that a lot of everyone's hard work will eventually begin to pay off this year. We also believe that the industry will witness a huge change; opportunities and possibilities that were never before thought of.

DotConnectAfrica Trust takes its case with ICANN to Independent Review Process (IRP) Panel

The Arbitration Process between DCA Trust and ICANN ('DCA Trust vs. ICANN') shall be governed by the International Dispute Resolution Procedures of the ICDR and the Supplementary Procedures for ICANN IRP Process.

Heritage Auctions accepting submissions for next domain name auction

Heritage Auctions is planning its second domain name auction to take place in late March, and is seeking domain name owners to submit their domains for the auction.

.Build Constructs Niche Presence Online With ARI Registry Services

The building and construction industry is set for the biggest digital evolution in its history with the global launch of the .build Top-Level Domain over the weekend.
.build joined the likes of .com, .net and .org live on the Internet when web infrastructure specialists ARI Registry Services facilitated the delegation of the new namespace yesterday.

100 New Generic Top Level Domains Delegated Into Internet

ICANN's Generic Domains Division today announced that the number of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) delegated into the Internet's Root Zone has topped 100. Delegation is one of the final steps before the Registries that control the domains may begin accepting registrations for names that will use the new gTLDs.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Trademark Clearinghouse Statistics

This is the official page for the TMCH monthly statistics (this page will be updated on a monthly basis.)

Un nouveau débat : .voyage versus .travel

Dans le domaine du nommage des sites Internet, les agences de voyages pourront choisir entre deux extensions : le .travel et le .voyage. Tandis que la première convient davantage aux acteurs qui souhaitent cibler le public anglophone, la deuxième est plus pertinente pour les agences françaises et plus facile d’acquisition.

How to Keep Track of the New Generic Top-Level Domains (newgTLDs) Now Appearing Weekly

How do you keep track of what new generic top-level domains (newgTLDs) are now available? Particularly when there seem to be new ones being announced weekly? Because I've written about newgTLDs here previously, someone recently asked me those questions, and my response was simply that I look at ICANN's web page of delegated strings. I suggest to read comments down this page :-) gets contract for .wien and .tirol auction services scores sunrise and landrush business for two domains, but this aspect of TLD launches isn’t as important as before.

New .CLUB Domain Delegated by ICANN

.CLUB Domains, LLC, the company formed to own and operate the new “.CLUB” generic top-level domain name (gTLD), announced today that its new “.CLUB” domain has been delegated by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, and entered into the Internet’s Root Zone. As required by ICANN, the first .CLUB website to go live on the Internet is, the registry’s website.

Trademark Clearinghouse : running late or just lost?

These HOW-TO manuals will guide you through the most essential steps for submitting and managing your trademarks in the Clearinghouse.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Official website for .BUILD Registry

As the website says: this is the place where to find how to register a domain name if you build skyscrapers.

Panel: .Kosher top level domain application is Kosher

Application for .kosher top level domain name can proceed after surviving objection. An International Chamber of Commerce panelist has ruled that a community objection against .kosher has failed.

Monash first in the world to acquire a new brand Top-Level Domain

Monash University today became the first globally recognised organisation to be delegated a brand Top-Level Domain (TLD) by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the Internet’s global governing body.

Bid-on .BID: Famous Four Media announces .BID reservation program

Monday, 20 January 2014, Gibraltar: In December 2013, Famous Four Media signed its first Registry Agreement for its .BID generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) on behalf of the Registry operator. This momentous moment for one of the largest new gTLD registries now sets in motion a chain of events that will culminate in the launch of the .BID Registry. In order to allow Registrants (anyone including individuals, corporations, clubs, charities and others) the chance to reserve a cool, funky and potentially valuable .BID domain name at the normal registration price, Famous Four Media has launched a .BID reservation program.

Here are the Reasons the .Club guys Impressed Me and why .Web is the Main gTLD

I will judge each gTLD on their own merits. And while there is a lot of stupid things being said, we have to know that there is more than one dance happening and for more than one audience. Domainers, Investors and the end-user. (Just kidding about the end-user) :-)

Monash Uni gets top-level domain .MONASH

Monash University will soon begin operating its websites under the .monash domain, after becoming one of the first organisations to acquire a brand top-level domain under a program by the global body governing the internet.,monash-uni-gets-top-level-domain.aspx

ICANN BC Committee Tells ICANN Not To Allow Singular & Plurals Strings (Again)

Elisa Cooper the Chair of the ICANN Business Constituency has told ICANN (again) not to allow singular and plural’s strings of the same word.

Symantec: ICANN’s new generic top level domains - gTLD

New generic top-level domains (gTLDs) have already been released by ICANN and there will be potentially over a thousand new gTLDs available for companies and web services on which to do business. These include not only new domains like .app, .blog, and .money, but words using non-English characters including Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

New gTLDs top 100 as first dot-brands hit the root

There are now 106 new gTLDs live on the internet, following the latest batch of delegations.

Donuts Comments On ICANN Last Resort Auction Rules

Unlike Google which thinks the one year period in which is would take ICANN to hold all Last Resort Auctions is too slow, and Unregistry which think the period is too quick, Donuts thinks the timing is just about right although wants applicants who agree to have a second extension period of 3 months to resolve contention privately.

This week in gTLDs, including .CHEAP, .AGENCY and .SOCIAL

ICANN is delegating generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) at a fairly rapid pace now, so instead of sporadic posts, we'll just save them all for an easily digestible weekly post. So here's the very first This week in gTLDs.

New gTLDs explained

We’ve had some questions recently about the new generic top-level domains (gTLD) that are hitting the marketplace. It seems phone book companies are at it again, telling their customers “just buy this domain name and it will help you rank high on the search engines!” If only it were that easy, Mr. and Ms. Phone Book Rep.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

> Sunrise Begins for Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website

The clear leaders in new Chinese TLDs, Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) are now open for registrations.
Our ICANN-mandated Sunrise period begins today. Trademark owners which are registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse may reserve fully Chinese domain names in Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website.
The opening of our Sunrise period coincides with an auspicious day in the ancient Chinese almanac.

Google grabs slice of interwebs for EVERYONE (who speaks Japanese)

The registration is the world’s first open top-level domain in hiragana, one of the three scripts used to read and write Japanese, according to the web giant.

Friday, January 17, 2014

RU-CENTER Starts Accepting Applications for Landrush and General Availability Registration in 15 New TLDs

RU-CENTER starts accepting applications for Landrush and General Availability registration in the following top-level domains: CENTER, EMAIL, SUPPORT, COMPUTER, SYSTEMS, ACADEMY, MANAGEMENT, BUILDERS, SOLUTIONS, TRAINING, CAMP, EDUCATION, GLASS, INSTITUTE, REPAIR.

La libéralisation des extensions Internet

Avec la fin de l’année 2013, les premières « nouvelles extensions » apparaissent progressivement après un parcours du combattant. Du 19 au 24 juin 2011, le « gouvernement International d’Internet » (ICANN) était réuni à Singapour et posait les prémices de la libéralisation des noms de domaine. Retour sur cette nouvelle donne qui n’est pas sans poser de nombreuses difficultés tant économiques que juridiques!

Google Registry Tells ICANN They Should Finish Off Last Resort Auctions In Six Months

Google Registry in its comment filed on the ICANN Last Resort says ICANN plan to conduct all of the Last Resort Auctions within one year is too long. Google wants the ICANN Last Resort Auctions to be all held within 6 months.

ISSUE: Plural and Singular Forms of TLD Strings

Letter from Elisa Cooper to New gTLD Program Committee regarding plural and singular forms of TLD strings.

A myth that keyword rich domains improve search engine rankings?

This came about after Forrester attended Namescon and overheard people discussing how keyword rich or exact match domain names can make or break your site. Claiming that’s just a myth, Forrester took it upon himself to debunk this theory.

Contention & Auction Strategy

Provide an estimate of what your new gTLD string is worth in a private auction – Market intelligence opinion on a range of values that we believe the string could achieve in a private auction scenario. This opinion takes into account the valuation that both parties might put on the string based on their own intended use and also take into account the dynamics of a private auction.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Top 5 Reason Domainers Resist New gTLDs

Top 5 reasons domainers don’t want new Gtlds:
  1. Invested interest in .com
  2. Resistance to change
  3. Lack of understanding of new industry
  4. Short term objectives
  5. Old thinking

Are personal domains the greatest chance for the new gTLDs?

It seems that majority of the new gTLD applicants are focusing on businesses. The end users, who could register personal domains, are IMHO, also very important target group.
How I would define a good personal domain? Simply: a personal domain is that one you could use in an e-mail address that you put on your C.V.

Let's Get One Thing Straight, ICANN Doesn't Care About Your Trademarks

Why would anyone other than multi-billion dollar corporations, pay annual fees to ICANN, or any other entity, to "protect trademarks" that wouldn't need to be "protected" but for theirresponsible actions of ICANN in its megalomanic expansion of gTLDs?

The Wireless Registry

A wireless name is a word or phrase from one to thirty-two characters in length that typically corresponds to the SSID (Service Set Identifier) of your device. SSIDs are often referred to as “network names” and are broadcast by your device to all receiving devices within the broadcast radius of your device’s networking hardware. A new device typically has an SSID that is set by default by the device manufacturer. This SSID can be manually changed on a number of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and wireless network routers in the home or office.

Sex offence terms to be removed from internet addresses

All new web addresses registered in the UK will be screened for terms that signal or encourage serious sexual offences.

The New gTLD Program: Latest Updates on Brand Protection and the Trademark Clearinghouse

After this lengthy application and vetting process, ICANN has now delegated the first 44 gTLDs, with additional gTLDs launching each week. Over the next couple of years ICANN expects to delegate nearly 1,400 new gTLDs – including .CLOTHING, .COMPANY, .EDUCATION, .GURU, .HOSPITAL, .INC, .INVESTMENTS, .LAND, .MENU, .MOVIE, .NEWS, .PHOTOS, .SCIENCE, .SPORTS and .WEBSITE.

What is a Top-Level Domain? (TLD)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Are Not Selling Domain Names, We Are Selling Domain Identities

Mr. Rich’s company also operates People Browser, a social network platform that is adaptable to a endless amount of verticals as well as Kred which looks to be a Klout type product.

About .UNO new gTLD

.UNO is an alternative to .COM and gives businesses and individuals the unique opportunity to create a niche market for the Latino and Spanish speaking communities.

Progress of uncontested TLDH and client applications

The Directors of Top Level Domain Holdings (AIM: TLDH) are pleased to provide an update on the progress of its uncontested gTLD applications, Minds + Machines’ OPEN Priority Reservation programme and the private auction process.

Details on .uno, .luxury, .xyz, .rest, .ski, and more new TLDs

Participants included:
  • Shaul Jolles CEO, DotLatin .uno
  • Aaron Grego CEO, Punto 2012 .rest, .bar, .cafe
  • Rob Rozicki VP & Co-Founder, Starting Dot .ski, .bio, others
  • Daniel Negari CEO, .xyz, .college
  • Monica Kirchner CEO, Dotluxury .luxury

.PRESS new website

Stamp authority on your online presence with a .press domain name. You want to share, you want a .press

There is no way that the gTLDs will fail – Change is the law of life

Jennie Marie Larsen, CEO of Domain Diction, a marketing and PR firm specializing in strategic branding, opened the session with a bold prediction about the future of gTLDs: “There is no way that the gTLDs will fail.”. She acknowledged that while companies around the world are looking for more information to a series of questions related to the new Internet reality, the process of providing answers and solutions will gain momentum in 2014.

Why health companies need to protect their products ahead of the new domain rollout

With new web addresses available for the taking, including everything from .healthcare and .hospital to .Pfizer and .JNJ could begin appearing online by next year. This is a drastic departure from the traditional “.com” and “.org” endings that consumers are familiar with.

Why we applied for .WED

How will new gTLD applicant, .wed, change the wedding industry?

Conference keynote: Frank Schilling’s comments on new TLDs

Here are my notes from Frank Schilling’s keynote at Las Vegas Conference this evening. In a couple spots I changed the order of his comments because he discussed the same issue at two or more spots in his talk.


Learn how to protect your Trademark.

New changes to the new gTLD Registry Agreement (RA)

On 9 January 2014, ICANN made a "Required Change" to the Registry Agreement (RA) for new gTLDs to insert URLs in the following sections of the RA.

Are the New gTLDs a Threat to Your Network?

On October 23rd the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced the roll out of the first 4 gTLDS under its New gTLD Program. The new domains could pose a potential security threat to your organization.

gTLDs: Vanilla Ice or Jay Z ?

Is this a big cash grab for ICANN and its registrars or is there some real value to end users ? The answer is YES. Some argue that since very few of the other extensions currently available (.us, .biz,.travel etc.) have not been successful it is a ominous indicator of the success of the new gTLD’s.

Uniregistry Wants ICANN To Slow Down The Last Resort Auction Schedule

Uniregistry, Corp. (“Uniregistry”), an applicant for 52 top-level domains has gone against many other new gTLD applicants in asking ICANN to slow down the new gTLD Last Resort Auction Schedule.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

JOB: Support Engineer at Centralnic (new gTLDs)

CentralNic is Europe’s largest provider of domain registry services for generic TLDs, including .xyz, .feedback, .contact, .rest, .wiki, and .ink, as well as ccTLDs such as .LA and .PW, and our own portfolio of domain extensions including .UK.COM, .US.COM and .EU.COM. CentralNic is seeking candidates for a position as an Off-Site Support Engineer, working remotely but reporting to the CTO in London. Successful candidates will be brought to London for training before starting work from their remote locations.

Eight more new gTLDs delegated

Donuts and United TLD had a combined total of eight new gTLDs added to the DNS root zone today.

LogicBoxes releases Registry Wallet for registrars

Service aims to make it easier for registrars to manage prepaid balances with registries.

Les nouvelles "extorsions" (new gTLDs)

L'analyse qui suit propose un point de vue différent de ce que les registres, bureaux d'enregistrement et autres conseils en propriété intellectuelle veulent faire croire, dans leurs intérêts bien compris. Elle se compose d'une première vidéo d'introduction aux nouvelles extensions, puis d'une seconde vidéo, plus technique, qui s'adresse aux professionnels des noms de domaine. Les personnes souhaitant prendre connaissance des transparents de manière plus rapide peuvent consulter le document Slideshare qui suit les deux vidéos.

TLDH to invest in rival new gTLD names

Top Level Domain Holdings is to launch a new company, backed with a $2 million starting pot, devoted to investing in second-level names in rival registries’ new gTLDs.

Event: Beyond the Dot 2014 (new gTLDs)

Join fellow Internet users - innovators, policymakers, students, business leaders, academics - to discuss, listen, debate, and explore what's Beyond the Dot in 2014.

ICANN Retreats on Opposition to Standard Contracts with UDRP Providers

While it took three months, ICANN recently responded to the Business Constituency’s fall 2013 letter raising questions about the UDRP Status Report issued the day after the conclusion of the July 2013 Durban ICANN meeting. In a key clarification, ICANN’s response concedes that the Report does not predetermine the outcome of UDRP reform efforts slated to begin in spring 2015 -- stating, “As with all PDP recommendations, ICANN would follow the Bylaws in how those recommendations are considered and implemented…the Status Report was not intended to cause any confusion or supplant any future community discussion on the issue of ICANN’s relationships with UDRP providers.”

Heritage Auctions and RightOfTheDot Partner on Live Auctions of New gTLD Domains

Heritage Auctions and RightOfTheDot, LLC announced today an exclusive joint partnership to provide live and online auction services for premium domains in new gTLD extensions that are being launched over the next several years.

gTLDs and the Changing Internet

Do I need a gTLD?

TLDH opens up list of 70,000 premium names for all new gTLDs

Top Level Domain Holdings has ramped up its new gTLD pre-registration effort with a new database service that enables registries to automatically collate and price their premium names.

Name Collisions Could Pose Potential Problem for Web Hosts

Much of the coverage on new gTLDs in the hosting industry has focused on the scope of opportunity it presents for web hosting providers looking to grow their business. From extensive marketing campaigns to new tools and platforms to help customers reserve their top choices, web hosts have been busy over the past few years preparing for this growth phase of the Internet.

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Chinese Internet route could already be in the works

“The Internet is many many networks – what makes it one is a logical layer on top of the physical layer,” Chehade answers. “That logical layer includes what ICANN manages, names, numbers protocol parameters. That layer has to remain strong and in tact, in order for the physical infrastructure to be unified before we get to the application layer and content layer. If we lose that, and suddenly governments decide they will create their own numbering or naming system. A country like China, could introduce to the world a Chinese Internet route.”

More relevant domain names in 2014, says GoDaddy

In an exclusive interview with Jefferson Graham at CES 2014, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving says it will be easier for businesses and consumers to find relevant domain names for their websites in 2014.

The Longer You Wait The Longer Your Domain Gets (US Patent 8,543,732)

Registering the right domain name is a hurdle for anyone who wants an Internet presence. That hurdle keeps growing - all the good names are gone. We're testing an approach that expands the Internet name space by allowing names that are a little different, but not too different. Our solution also eliminates the need for ICANN's contentious new generic top-level domains.

International - Drawing on data to underpin gTLD strategies – and avoid being scammed

With gTLD sunrises now launching on a regular basis, trademark counsel should now be in the process of reviewing their online strategies. WTR previously wrote about the need to assess which gTLDs are of most relevance to your brand, whether for marketing/promotional opportunity or two defensively register in. One industry expert has outlined a data-based approach that can be undertaken.

Donuts assigns rights to .futbol and .reviews top level domains to Demand Media’s Rightside

The disclosures show that Donuts has assigned rights for two new top level domain names, .fubol and .reviews, to Rightside’s United TLD. These domains were applied for under Donuts’ subsidiaries Atomic Falls, LLC and Extra Cover, LLC, respectively.

.WIKI new website is launched

The .wiki TLD will allow anyone, from individuals to fan clubs to corporations, to host their content on a naturally convenient extension. Internal wikis no longer have to be hidden within a larger corporate site; hobbyists and fans can build stronger community projects by starting with a memorable name; and innovative open source initiatives can get greater public attention and participation.

There is a .buzz in the air

"The mission and purpose of the new .BUZZ top level domain is to provide registration space for registrants seeking to label their Internet-based content as noteworthy and as what's happening right now. Creating buzz around a brand, product, service, news, event or location is the goal of advertising and marketing professionals. Create buzz and everyone is talking about you."

Demand Media Takes Another Step in Spinning off Rightside

“In order to capitalize on the historic launch of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) under the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) program, Demand Media has made significant investments in its domain name services business, including securing interests in registry operator agreements or applications for more than 100 new gTLDs".

> Chinese New gTLDs : announcing Our Starting Roster of 26 Chinese and International Registrars!

Hong Kong – January 13, 2014 // TLD Registry Ltd the owner-operator of the Chinese New gTLDs Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) announced today its starting roster of registrars. The registry's international network of partners comprises 26 leading domain name registrars serving every continent and major region of the world.

.WINE and .VIN : the paradox

Jean Guillon

What Is The Difference Between New gTLDs and Repurposed ccTLDs?

There are many people in the domain investment space who are either opposed to the new gTLDs or are certain that the new gTLDs will fail. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. Should some new domain names happen to be successful, there might be a missed opportunity, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and should invest accordingly, especially given the illiquid nature of domain investing..

New domain name extensions coming to NZ

The Internet domain name expansion is now in progress and web users internationally are about to witness the release of hundreds of new domain name extensions (gTLDs), such as .BID, .REVIEW and .WEBCAM and many others

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pharmacy Group Lies To Registrars: If We Complain About A Site, It Must Be Taken Down No Questions Asked

This is incredible. Just yesterday we wrote about how EasyDNS won its arbitration case, saying that a registrar cannot takedown and block the transfer of a domain name just on the say so of law enforcement or anyone else not carrying a court order. And, the very next day, EasyDNS is reporting on an absurd letter it has received from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, which argues exactly the opposite of what the arbitration panel told EasyDNS.

Defining “Success” for New gTLDs

Depending on your domain investments and business affiliations, there are a number of ways one can define “success” for the new gTLDs. I thought I’d share what I think are the various ways the new domain names could be considered a “success” and who would be happy with that success

New gTLDs for Photographers

Easyspace has reported a surge in interest for photography-related extensions among the new ICANN generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs). In fact, the most popular group of new domains so far is extensions which reference the art of photography such as .photos, .photography and .camera as well as .gallery

Saturday, January 11, 2014

48 gTLDs Will Generate Bulk of Profits

48 of the current 240 new gTLDs (registry agreements executed) will generate 80% of the gTLD profits.

First-come, First-served Domain Name Allocation Is a Social Loss

Under such an allocation mechanism, the competition for second-level domain names would drive participants to invest heavily in developing placement mechanisms for extremely rapid processing of orders.

Pre-register new domains with

Remember when the domain name sold for $7 million dollars? For the first time since the dawn of the Internet, people everywhere have an opportunity to claim ownership of a whole new range of top level domain web addresses. Domains like .App, .Venture, and even .Sex are coming soon. How much will yours be worth? Register one today and find out!

Friday, January 10, 2014

New TLDs come out with a whimper

Those hoping for a “big bang” of new TLDs are surely disappointed in how the rollout is taking place.

Panelist awards .charity to Famous Four based on PIC

Panelist approves of Famous Four application for .charity while killing Donuts’ rival application.

You snooze, you lose new gTLD sunrise coming soon

Trademark attorneys and brand management executives take note: January 21 will see the launch of the first first-come, first-served sunrise period we’ve seen in a new TLD in a long time.

Preparing for New gTLDs (for Domain Name Investors)

Be Optimistic, But Don’t Be Stupid - I have reasons to believe that some new gTLDs will succeed in spite of the naysayers. I’ll give my top reason at the bottom of this post, but this point is about common sense.

Ray King: A Domain Name For Everyone, That Matches Their Passion (.WIKI)

“Over the next year or two, people will get used to the new system [where hundreds of new domain name extensions such as .wiki, .ink, .dentist, .law, etc come into existence].”

CentralNic signs Registry Agreement with

CentralNic plc (AIM:CNIC), the internet platform business which derives revenues from the worldwide distribution of internet domain names, today announces that it has signed a registry agreement with LLC, under which CentralNic will provide the technical registry services to make domain names ending available for worldwide purchase through registrars.

The newly-launched registry will have an open registration policy; any company, organisation or individual will be eligible to register domain names such as,, or

CentralNic has already built a very successful global business, offering domain names using country-specific .com domain extensions like and

It was recently announced that LLC has appointed as its CEO Ken Hansen, formerly Senior Director of Business Development, and GM of the .NYC Top-Level Domain at Neustar (NYSE:NSR). Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic, commented: “The LLC team includes an impressive line-up of domain industry experts. Any registry service provider would be excited to support this new domain extension. We are delighted to have been awarded this contract.”

Commenting on the agreement with CentralNic, Ken Hansen, CEO of LLC, said: “ provides CentralNic with the opportunity to enable a global extension ending in .com. We look forward to benefiting from CentralNic’s experience, and tapping into their global registrar distribution network.” LLC will capitalise on its ability to get to market quickly, while many of the new generic top level domains (“gTLDs”) must wait to complete the ICANN approval process. Premium domain names such as,,, and, are available now.

For those who wish to enquire about premium domain names, receive launch updates and any additional information as it becomes available can subscribe to the email list and find contact information at

Please find the full statement attached to this email. If you wish to speak with the company please do contact me to arrange.

Uh oh: .Basketball community objection fails, .sport prevailed

Panelist in .basketball decision uses different interpretation of guidelines to come up with a different conclusion than panelist in .sport.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lexsynergy new gTLD video

Sibername Launches Preregistration Service for New Generic Top-Level Domain Names

Sibername (, one of the most trusted Canadian resources for domain registration and web hosting, has launched a new self-registration and reservation system for organizations seeking to claim new Web domain names that take advantage of the new generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) extensions.

How do we choose what new gTLDs to support?

You have probably noticed an increased amount of activity and communication around the new gTLDs coming to market through OpenSRS. We are all very excited about the possibilities that the new TLDs bring but you may be wondering how we choose which ones to support. There is a thought process behind it and we thought it would be appropriate to share with you some of the internal guidelines we use in the selection process.

Proposal for a Specification 13 to the ICANN Registry Agreement to Contractually Reflect Certain Limited Aspects of ".Brand" New gTLDs

ICANN is posting today for public comment a proposal requested by the Brand Registry Group to incorporate a new Specification 13 to the new gTLD Registry Agreement, which would be available to a Registry Operator that operates a TLD that ICANN determines qualifies as a ".Brand TLD".

My Take on the New GTLDS – Joe Uddeme

Over the past few months, as a broker I have seen a more simplified approach from my buyer channel, specifically only buying .coms that are short, brandable or generic in nature. Many buyers and sellers are waiting on the sidelines for the dust to settle from the new GTLDS and no one really knows what will happen for sure. I do however have some key observations that I think are paramount to our business specifically, from the last 12-18 months.

Gold is not a clearly delineated community, panel rules

Rival applicants fails to eliminate Donuts’ .gold top level domain application.

Regina company aims to be merchant of .love

A Saskatchewan law firm says it would love to acquire the new .love web domain. The Merchant Law Group has applied to ICANN, the agency responsible for assigning new top-level domains, and has passed an initial hurdle to be considered for it.