Friday, November 29, 2013

Are Domain Names Still Valuable Investments?

Think the glory days of top dollar domains are behind us? Think again. According to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, domains still represent a highly lucrative industry.

The new domain name game

I’m working for the leading Irish web hosting company Blacknight and so get to deal with domains a lot. In the domain name industry we’re living in slightly exciting times. We’re about to see the launch of 100s of new extensions.

Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark, recommends registering a URL for your baby

Yes, Randi Zuckerberg — older sister of Facebook founder Mark — made sure she secured a web site address and email address for her now two-and-a-half-year-old son Asher in preparation for his birth, and talks about why she thinks it's so important in her new book "Dot Complicated," a guide to managing the ever-changing demands of technology and social media.

New gTLD Strategies

It is hard to imagine a time when the Internet wasn’t ubiquitous. Through the evolution of the digital ecosystem, email, wireless connectivity, and the explosion of social media have revolutionized the way communicate on the Internet.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday and new gTLDs

HEXONET’s Canadian office is just a short drive from the United States border. Our neighbors south of the border are gearing up for a shopping frenzy called Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day and is often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Exclusive: GoDaddy Shares New gTLD Trend Report

Earlier this month, GoDaddy opened pre-registrations on four domain extensions: .Build, .Luxury, .Uno, and .Menu. Prices to pre-register domain names ranged from $40 to $1,200 (price is refundable less the application fee if name isn’t secured).

Study on Whois Misuse

The findings from the study provide empirical data needed by the ICANN community to assess community concerns about misused Whois contact information, identify the most common forms of misuse, and highlight the effectiveness of anti-harvesting measures in reducing misuse.

Seven new gTLDs available

First of several hundred Sunrise Periods now open to trade mark owners.Written by Stacey Wood and Damian Broadley.

.DIRECTORY: awaiting launch of Sunrise Period

Tuesday, 10 December, 2013 to Friday, 7 February, 2014.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Conflict in ICANN Dot-Radio Selection Process

Recently, Radio World chatted with Bundy. He commented that he was concerned about restrictions that EBU would impose on dot-radio, should it be granted the position. Their “community” designation for the TLD would “really limit and restrict” the radio industry’s access.


.bio, .ski, .design, .art, .banque, .archi, .marketing, .vin, .paris, .alsace ou encore .aquitaine : annoncées comme un cadeau de Noël aux utilisateurs d’Internet, les nouvelles extensions viennent compléter ou concurrencer les classiques .fr et .com.

Why Digital Marketers Should Care About ICANN

So, why, you may be asking, should digital marketers care what happens at ICANN? The simple answer is: the outcome of that policy has a direct impact on digital marketers.

Net names .bike and .guru available

Nine new web address suffixes, including .bike, .clothing, .singles and .guru, have been made available as the net names system undergoes a radical shake-up.

Launch Dates of The 617 New gTLDs

The domain name revolution has arrived! From November 2013 until 2015 we will see a large number – 617 gTLDs to be exact – being launched. Since 1985 only 22 gTLDs have been launched. This tidal wave of new top level domains will create a changing internet landscape forever. Brand owners need to prepare a brand protection strategy to secure the most obvious domain names. Marketers will have new, innovative options to be creative and new businesses will have a large assortment of endless possibilities finding the perfect name.

Suggest the coolest name in our .WEBCAM competition and land yourself an amazing prize!

Starting right now, Famous Four Media is running a competition in collaboration with Key-Systems to find the coolest web address you can think of for the new .Webcam generic Top Level Domain (TLD).

TLD Registry: dot Chinese Domains als kultureller Brückenkopf?

Das new gTLD Programm der ICANN bringt neben einer Vielzahl neuer generischer und geografischer Top Level Domains auch sogenannte IDN – also mit Schriftzeichen, wie arabisch, chinesisch oder russisch. Einen Bewerber für diese IDN Domains, TLD Registry, möchte ich heute näher vorstellen.

CentralNic’s Path to Growth in the New Gold Rush – With Ben Crawford

In this interview we hear about the history, current operations and future aspirations of a leading registry service provider: CentralNic.

The day EuroDNS met the TLD Registry

Our two Chinese TLDs are creating a huge buzz in the Chinese media and we are tremendously excited. They are Chinese characters in constant use on the Internet and already adopted by localized brands of MSN, the Financial Times, the New York Times, AOL, Reuters, etc. When an internationalized domain matches the brand and content language it becomes a very powerful SEO tool, creating more trust and traffic.

Buenos Aires Brief

ICANN’s 48th Public Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, marked an important transition point for the organization and for all members of the ICANN community.

Let’s Talk About The .XYZ Auction On NameJet

The .XYZ and .College Advance Auctions are in full swing with closing tomorrow and a slew of other premium .XYZ and .College names to follow in the coming weeks. This is a different type of auction, it’s a new concept, and it has definitely seen its fair share of controversy in the domain industry.

New gTLDs and the 1%

The chief of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) now says that it has “spent the last few months” considering the new gTLD program, and has found it lacking. They want ICANN to shut the whole thing down.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Could new gTLD auctions last until April 2016?

April 2016. That’s the likely date of the final new gTLD contention set auction under the rules currently anticipated by ICANN.

21 community objections have been decided. So far it’s unpredictable

It’s difficult to predict the outcome of community objections.

If A New gTLD Applicant Used His $185K To Buy Bitcoins Instead His Investment Would be Worth $30 Million

Back in May 2012 when the application period for a new gTLD’s closed, the application fee was $185,000 per new gTLD string.

Taipei to have Web domain name

Taipei will be one of the first cities around the world to have its own domain name, enabling local businesses and residents to start using the “.taipei” domain name next year, the Taipei City Government announced yesterday.

First English new gTLD Sunrise periods start today

Donuts today kicks off the Sunrise periods for its first seven new gTLDs, the first English-language strings to start their priority registration periods for trademark owners.

Andee Hill forms

The domain industry is undergoing incredible change and is positioned to provide secure, yet flexible, state of the art products and services. will be able to meet the needs of both past and future generations of domain buyers, brokers and sellers. Hill's reputation as an honest, discreet and hard working professional will now aspire to a new level.

More here:

.WINE & .VIN : communiqué de presse de la CNAOC

Lors de la dernière session de l’ICANN à Buenos Aires du 17 au 21 novembre, les « .vin » et « .wine » ont été à nouveau au centre des discussions. Les gouvernements sont divisés sur la question de la protection des indications géographiques (IG) et ont demandé à l’ICANN de recourir à une expertise juridique. En parallèle, les discussions entre les sociétés candidates et le secteur se sont enfin engagées à Buenos Aires.

Extensions de nom de domaines .vin et .wine : décodage

L'ouverture des noms de domaines de premier niveau génériques est en marche. Bientôt, vous pourrez surfer sur ou Cependant, la création des noms de domaine .vin et .wine suscite la polémique. Décodage.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Education Briefing: The new gTLDs and The Trademark Clearinghouse - implications for education institutions

As competition between providers increases, education institutions’ websites are increasingly their shop windows and of crucial importance to their “brand”. Some institutions are already taking steps to protect their brand through registration of relevant trade marks.

Blake Irving CEO Go Daddy Talks About the New Gtlds

Irving starts out talking about how there is a lot of domain name pollution, that his kids think .fail is awesome and that no one uses the address bar and instead of everyone goes to Google.

After The Gold Rush: Domain Names Have Lost Their Glitter

When it comes to investing, I’m what financial advisers somewhat derisively call “risk averse.” But in all modesty, I just have this knack for woulda coulda shoulda. My latest involves the subject of buying domain names. Specifically, I shoulda registered the domain name, not too long ago, because I coulda sold it to HomeAway in 2007 for $35 million.

Three new gTLDs pass Extended Evaluation

ICANN still hasn’t polished off its backlog of new gTLD applications in Initial Evaluation, but three more passed Extended Evaluation this week.

JOB: 3 positions at CentralNic (London)

  1. Registrar Account Manager and Marketeer
  2. Technical Developer
  3. System Administrator

.London, the new domain for London

La ville de Londres vient d’obtenir la validation finale de l’ICANN pour sa candidature à la gestion d’un nouveau TLD , le .LONDON.,1910

Friday, November 22, 2013

Brands & gTLDs – Stopping to Breathe and Strategize

As I continue to work with companies across the globe on their new gTLD strategies, I have found a few commonalities, regardless of the industry.

Companies aren’t communities for new TLDs, panelist rules

Is Merck a community? It’s a murky argument.

How Will New gTLDs Affect Search Engine Optimisation?

  1. Scenario one – ‘No Bonus Generics’
  2. Scenario two – ‘The URL Addition’
  3. Scenario three – ‘The Top Level Domain Bonus!’

GAC gives ICANN a way out on IGO acronyms

The ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee has reiterated its call for the protection of intergovernmental organization acronyms in the new gTLD program, but seems to have given ICANN a way to avoid a nasty confrontation.

Dot City: Welcome To The Age Of Virtual Geography

Last week’s news that London had applied for a .london top level domain name (TLD) — joining a small handful of other cities and regions around the world, including .nyc and .paris — raised the question of how a city might define itself online, where the edges and outer boundaries of a city might be when you’re clicking around amidst all those 1s and 0s.

The race is on for .luxury and .menu domain names

With .luxury priced at $800 or more per year, .menu is a bargain at $50.

Conclusion: SLD Blocking Is Too Risky Without TLD Rollback (Part 4 of 4)

ICANN's second level domain (SLD) blocking proposal includes a provision that a party may demonstrate that an SLD not in the initial sample set could cause "severe harm," and that SLD can potentially be blocked for a certain period of time.

GAC Communiqué – Buenos Aires, Argentina (.VIN & .WINE)

Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC).

The independent objector has killed Donuts’ application for .medical

  • Donuts disses Independent Objector;
  • Panelist disses Donuts;
  • .Medical is dead.

Reminder: Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress New York

Launch Strategies for Brands and Generics as the First Wave of New TLDs go Live.

New gTLDs, update by Barker Brettell

The Internet is changing. Hundreds of new domain name extensions, or generic top-level domains (gTLDs), will soon start appearing online and it is important that brand owners are ready for these changes.

More gTLD news - Brand protection with URS and the .brand effect

As the new extensions start to take off, new rules are coming into play, like the URS procedure. Also, a recent survey by the Afilias registry highlights issues around the launch of these new gTLDs. The ".brand" aspect will forever change the use of social networks by companies looking to promote their brands.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

For the sponsors of (only) ;-)

I received a strange alert today and here is the content of the email:

My understanding of this alert:
  1. Google indexes the "new generic Top-Level Domains" group conversations;
  2. When I add your Press releases, special offers or any info related to new gTLDs, I increase your chances to let users know about it because Google grabs them too;
  3. When "you" add your Press releases, special offers or any info related to new gTLDs, "you" increase your chances to let users know about it. Submitting your info is free;
  4. Most of the 1397 members of this group receive 1 email per day with up to 20 links to the most interesting info of the day. With the volume of info I receive, I have to select what I publish and I admit the info forwarded by my sponsors, if relevant, is published first.
Welcome to

New gTLD .UNO Selects Sedo For Sunrise & Landrush Auctions & Broker Premium Domains

Dot Latin LLC who is the registry for the new gTLD .Uno has selected Sedo, to conduct sunrise and landrush auctions, define a premium list of the extension’s most valuable assets and provide brokerage and additional auctions for its premium domains.

Sedo gets exclusive deal with Famous Four Media for new TLDs

Famous Four to handle sunrise, landrush, and premium sales through Sedo.

ICANN in a sticky spot as GNSO overrules GAC on block-lists

ICANN may have to decide which of its babies it loves the most — the GNSO or the GAC — after receiving conflicting marching orders on a controversial rights protection issue.

New gTLDs: "Is .com rendered arbitrary by the new gTLDs?

Or as some suggest will it be worth more? Will be interesting to look back on this thread in a decade.

Maybe Will Work Better

David Letterman's show and many more of this kind are on their way.

The ICANN Quilombo

ICANN's leadership has left the ICANN community struggling to answer deep and ongoing questions about the future of the Internet and the multistakeholder model.

Icann chief: shift away from US 'is the way forward'

Icann moves slowly as part of its "multi-stakeholder" model, but internet governance and should governments control the internet is a hot topic.


Londres sera la première ville au monde à avoir son propre nom de domaine.

How the ICANN Top-Level Domain Scheme Puts LGBTQ Organizations at Risk

ICANN's scheme appears very much like a racket on businesses and organizations: Pay or you'll lose visibility on the Web.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As requested, Newsfeed is now available

Following the increasing number of requests, I have decided to activate the NEWSFEED for this website. It is now available at the URL below:

You can also click on "subscribe to" on top-right of the website to be able to read each new info in your RSS reader.

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.Horse Domain Registry Service Offered

.HORSE has announced it is offering a service in which horse industry professionals and enthusiasts can reserve a domain name ending in .horse, which is among a group of new domains now approved to increase choices in the domain name space.

What are your strategies going into this new gTLD market?

If the new generic domain names destroy the value of .com's and other popular TLD's, do you plan to continue with the domain investing business?

Should your business have more than one domain address?

What are the business benefits of more than one domain address?

Seven more new gTLDs delegated .TODAY

  1. .diamonds
  2. .tips
  3. .photography
  4. .directory
  5. .kitchen
  6. .enterprises
  7. .today

Panel denies community objections against .Hotel applicant

Objectors were upset with single registrant application for .hotels.

GACmail? Belgium denies .spa gTLD shakedown

The Belgian government has denied claims that the city of Spa tried to shake down new gTLD applicants for money in exchange for not objecting to their .spa applications.

New gTLD Strings With The Smallest Number of Domains In Collision (Non-Brand, Non-IDN’s)

We have chatted about the new gTLD strings with the most number of collisions based on ICANN report here are the 10 new gTLD’s with the smallest number of collisions, that are not Brand applications and not IDN’s.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ICANN Jumps Into Internet Governance Talk; Fight Over Domains For GIs

Governments gathered in Buenos Aires also clashed over the protection of geographical indications, which is requested by greater Europe and also some Latin American countries for the .vin and .wine TLD applications in the new gTLD round.

Sedo Inks Deal with Donuts for New Domain Sales

Sedo, the world’s largest premium domain marketplace and monetization provider, and Donuts, Inc., the industry’s largest applicant for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), today announced a partnership to bring Donuts’ new domains to market. Awareness Campaign Planned New gTLD Awareness.

.SKI internet addresses to launch this season

Domains will be priced at under $100 (approx. £63), and a number of large industry organisations have signed up to support and endorse the project.

Namesphere Launches Customized Sunrise Clearinghouse for New gTLDs in Cooperation with IP Metro

Community, Industry & Reverse Prior Rights Verification for New gTLDs

TLDH reveals new gTLD launch strategy

Top Level Domain Holdings will announce its go-to-market strategy — including .tv-style premium names pricing and its launch as a registrar — at an event at ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires this evening.

TLDH launches “Priority Registration” service for new TLDs, starting at €29.95

Service makes it easy to get first in line for some new TLDs, although premium pricing does apply.

New gTLD programme could see decline in social media

The increase in generic top-level-domains (gTLDs) is likely to result in a decline in brand participation on social media platforms, new research has suggested.

.WOW has more collisions than any other new gTLD

Amazon, Google or Demand Media are going to have to block over 200,000 strings in .wow, which all three have applied for, due to the risk of name collisions.

.GAY Objector Strikes Out

ILGA loses three community objections against .gay and one against .LGBT

Your Passion - Your .CLUB

.CLUB : what's your passion? Pulls All 16 New gTLD Domain Names On Collision List Out of Auction

After ICANN released the collision list today for all new gTLD strings, informed that it has pulled all auction for new gTLD domain names that were on the collision list.

The TLDH priority registration platform

Top Level Domain Holdings (LON:TLDH) has unveiled plans for a new revenue generating initiative.

Monday, November 18, 2013


ICANN has published the Alternate Path to Delegation Reports and lists of Second-Level Domains (SLDs) to block for all eligible proposed new gTLDs. Nearly all of the applied for new gTLD strings have been found eligible to proceed with the Alternate Path to Delegation prior to receiving their Name Collision Occurrence Assessments.

ICANN posts all name collision reports – except for 25 new TLDs that don’t qualify

ICANN has posted the block lists for all new top level domain names that want to pursue the “alternate path to delegation.”

Is The Internet Domain Land Rush A Land Rush At All?

There's a land rush going on right now. At least that's how everyone seems to be describing theopening up of vast amounts of Internet real estate with so-called top-level domains.

ICANN blocks almost 10 million new gTLD domains

ICANN has asked new gTLD registry operators to block a total of 9.8 million domain names, due to the perceived risk of damage from name collisions.

CentralNic is part of some stocks for betting on new Top Level Domain Names

Want to invest in new TLDs through the stock market?

Anticipated Timeline to new gTLD Operations

Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress New York

Launch Strategies for Brands and Generics as the First Wave of New TLDs go Live.

New gTLDs: what you need to know

The Internet landscape is set to face its “biggest change:… since inception” with the introduction of new generic top level domains.

Social networks likely to lose grip on brand/consumer conversations in the wake of new “dot Brand” Web domains

New research from registry services provider Afilias reveals that the launch of branded generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) will likely mark the start of a decline in the number of brands using social networks.

What If New gTLDs Are Wildly Successful?

If I could poll every domain investor right now asking them to predict the outcome of the new gTLD extensions, I think the majority would say that a majority of new TLDs will fail. This is my unsubstantiated opinion based on what I’ve read on a number of websites and forums, including this one.

‘.tokyo’ to be available next spring

Domain names ending with “.tokyo,” “.nagoya” and “.moe” will be available next spring as part of a move to increase the number of suffixes by the agency that oversees Internet addresses.

In Praise of ICANN

"Until recently, I'd been watching Fadi Chehadé, ICANN's CEO, with growing bemusement. Because I'm trying to start a new gTLD registry, I've been frustrated by delays in the ICANN new gTLD program. But with new gTLD contracts being signed almost daily, with pre-delegation testing taking much less time than expected, and with IANA doing the actual delegations with such efficiency that I'm beginning to think I actually work on the Internet, things have definitely improved".

Rick Reviews .London, .NYC, .Club, .Tattoo, .Sexy, .Web and BS!!

Rick Reviews .London, .NYC, .Club, .Tattoo, .Sexy, .Web and BS!!
Geo's and Brands may be exceptions.

Are the New gTLDs a Threat to Your Network?

On October 23rd the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced the roll out of the first 4 gTLDS under its New gTLD Program. The new domains could pose a potential security threat to your organization.

Adventures in New gTLDs – .SEXY, .PLUMBING . . .

This Small Company Is Battling Amazon For The Next .COM is bringing the new domain extensions .xyz and .College to the Internet as part of the new gTLD program. It’s also in a battle with Amazon and others to bring .Now to market.

Friday, November 15, 2013

.AFRICA Government Reserved Name List (French)

A funny translation of the .AFRICA Government Reserved Name List :-)

Dave Coplin - Microsoft Chief Envisioning Officer present at the Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress.

.LONDON: capital goes it alone with new website domain names

The official go-ahead will allow companies to rename their websites with .London rather than or .com at the end, in what is being seen as a huge global marketing coup for the city.

Famous Four Media: Our gTLDs

AGIT’s New gTLD Program Strategy

AGIT's new gTLD applications:
  1. .ISLAM
  2. .PARS
  3. .HALAL

New gTLDs: What’s Your Plan to Protect Your Brand? Part III

One tool that can help your organization protect its brands is a suite of brand proection solutions and response services that will monitor for and address the different ways cyber criminals may abuse your brand online.

New gTLDs Update: Say CHEESE for the .camera!

Following on from last week’s post confirming the first new domain extensions to launch and on what dates, we can now confirm the dates for the second batch of new extensions launching soon.

United TLD Signs ICANN Registry Contracts for 5 New TLDs

  1. .SOCIAL
  2. .NINJA
  3. .IMMOBILIEN (“real estate” in German);
  4. .MODA (“fashion” in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian);
  5. .KAUFEN, (“to shop or buy” in German).

MarkMonitor Signs the .UNO Registry-Registrar Agreement With Dot Latin LLC

.UNO is the first global web extension dedicated to Spanish-speaking businesses, consumers and individuals online.

Official : awaiting launch of Sunrise Period

Sunrise Periods launching soon:
  1. .holdings
  2. .singles
  3. .clothing
  4. .ventures
  5. .guru

ICANN Urged to Rule on .LLP "Breach"

As the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) has outlined in its Beijing Communiqué, within the corporate identifier namespace this cannot be accomplished in an unregulated TLD.

Type a new TLD in Chrome, and the browser will ask you if you really meant it

New top level domain names are being delegated to the root, but Google Chrome wants to make sure you really meant to type them in.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

.LUXURY -- Monica Kirchner

Video about .LUXURY new gTLD.


The official ICANN webpage for Sunrise and Claims Periods.

EnCirca Certified to Process New gTLDs

EnCirca announced today that it received notice that it passed technical certification to process new gTLDs.

New Internet Domain .BUILD Innovates Construction and All Things “Building”

A new Internet Company founded by Los Angeles based entrepreneurs, .BUILD, has secured the rights to administer one of the most sought after, newly issued generic top level domains (gTLDs), “.BUILD” for global usage on the Internet.

.VIN & .WINE new gTLDs: NEELIE KROES writes to ICANN (again)

Here is the copy of a letter from NEELIE KROES, Vice-President of the European Commission to ICANN regarding .WINE and .VIN new gTLDs.

Some new TLDs will run “Early Access Programs” for the Landrush phase

The TLD launch phase typically known as Landrush might look very different with new top level domain names.

Will ICANN be forced to reject Islamic gTLDs?

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has condemned applications for .islam and .halal gTLDs filed by a Turkish company, despite the applicant recently fighting off an OIC-backed objection.

The first English-language new TLDs have been delegated. What’s next?


An Introduction to Dot Chinese Website (.中文网)

Name Collision Mitigation Requires Qualitative Analysis (Part 3 of 4)

A better way to deal with the risk is to treat not the symptoms but the underlying problem: that queries are being made by installed systems (or internal certificates are being employed by them) under the assumption that certain gTLDs won't be delegated. Tops 4 Million New gTLD Pre-Reservations; Adding 1.5 Million In a Month

The domain name registrar, just topped 4 Million pre-reservations for new gTLD domain names.

Pre-Reserve a Domain Name, or Not? ICANN Answers the Question

Many of the advertisements are touting “pre-registration” as a means of securing your desired domain name, and some Registrars are reporting a high volume of pre-registrations. Clearly, this is welcome news for new Registries and the Domain Name Industry as a whole. However, we feel it is our responsibility to convey a note of caution for anyone pre-registering a domain.

The Difference Between Various Domain Extensions

Understanding the differences between the various types of TLDs is essential for businesses to accurately choose one that will help increase online marketing success, brand recognition and website traffic. In this presentation, we explain the most important differences and some business opportunities arising with the new top-level domains.

EuroDNS is Now Accepting Applications for .SHABAKA

After years of planning and anticipation, the wait is finally over as .شبكة, roughly translated as .SHABAKA, is the first new gTLD to go live. .SHABAKA translates as ‘Internet’ in Arabic, and is the first generic top level domain in Arabic; EuroDNS is now accepting applications for this new extension.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Donuts TLD Launch Schedule

Sunrise Opens / Sunrise Closes / General Availability

JOB: .POST Product Development and Marketing Expert

Prepare and implement business plans, marketing and sales plans for the growth of the exciting new .POST gTLD.

List of new gTLD Pioneer Programs

Uncomplete list of new gTLD Pioneer Programs.

Benin first to the mark to reserve .africa domain

The small West African nation of Benin has become the country to reserve its dotAfrica (.africa) domain name.

Le marketing autour de .vlaanderen, .gent et .brussels est lancée

Même s’il faudra encore patienter jusque fin 2014 avant que les premières nouvelles extensions apparaissent sur internet, la machine marketing axée sur .vlaanderen, .gent et .brussels est d’ores et déjà lancée.

Brands May Lead The New gTLD’s But They May Also Lead The Confusion

Many expect the Brand applicants are to lead the new gTLD charge by bringing consumer awareness to the new gTLD program.

Galicia firma el contrato del dominio .gal y culmina siete años de trabajo

El dominio gallego en la Red ya está aquí. La ICANN, la corporación que gobierna las direcciones de la Internet, acaba de firmar el contrato de creación del dominio .gal, tal y como anuncia la Asociación Puntogal, que ha firmado ya el documento que "significa la culminación de siete años de trabajo en los que toda la sociedad gallega se unió para conseguir un distintivo de máximo nivel en la Internet".

New gTLDs at Openprovider

Why do your new gTLDs at Openprovider?

gTLD expansion: A concern for brand owners, or a blessing?

The new naming options will open up significant inventory and give business owners and entrepreneurs, and the public in general, more relevant choices that are specific to their business or location

GoDaddy and 1&1 Are Now Accepting Pre-Registrations For Selected New gTLDs

GoDaddy started accepting pre-registrations for 4 new gTLDs: .luxury, .build, .uno, and .menu. 1&1 started accepting pre-registrations to 4 Donuts domains: .bike, .singles, .holdings, and clothing.

XYZ.COM to Offer Premium .xyz and .College Domains

So what sort of domain names can you get? For those interested in a .xyz domain, there are options like,, and even .College domains include,,, and more.

The .KIWI Pioneer Program

Pioneers are friends and partners of Dot Kiwi who recognise the value of the .kiwi domain and will help to make it a huge success from Day One.

March 3-4, 2014

Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress New York. Launch Strategies for Brands and Generics as the First Wave of New TLDs go Live.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Over half the world’s biggest brands will be blocked in new gTLDs

More than half of the world’s most-famous brand names already stand to benefit from blocks in new gTLDs, due to the name collisions policy introduced by ICANN recently.

Dominion Powersports Solutions Introduces .motorcycles

Leading powersports business systems provider joins Google, Apple and Amazon as innovators in internet's next generation.

Over 100 new gTLD contracts now signed

The pace is stepping up as ICANN starts to lift its heels in moving more new gTLDs towards delegation.

ICANN rejects third new gTLD bid

ICANN has formally rejected .THAI, only the third new gTLD application to suffer this fate.

Become a FFM Registrar to .BID new domain names

FFM helps you cut through the noise to deliver the domain names your customers need, simply, efficiently and cost effectively.

.Buzz registry launches ICANNBuzz ahead of Buenos Aires conference

.BUZZ registry makes website for sharing during next week’s ICANN conference in Buenos Aires.

Top-level domains could become an important factor in ranking and online brand visibility

Are the new gTLDs set to shake-up the way businesses pick names for their websites?

Donuts wins two more string objections, settles another

Only four string confusion objections have not been decided.

We Are Officially The .CLUB Registry!

.CLUB Signs Registry Agreement with ICANN

Full Listing of all Proposed, Presale and Available New gTLDs

New gTLD Update for the Week of Nov. 11, 2013.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lexsynergy Limited is an ICANN accredited register focusing on global domain name registrations

Lexsynergy offers over 400 TLDs for registration including all of the new gTLDs that will be launched in the coming months and years.

Our client base spans the global industry spectrum and includes telecommunication companies, financial institutions, Internet service providers, retail chains and intellectual property law firms.

Our specialist services are tailored to your unique requirements and market environment, giving you the benefit of our industry expertise and global reach while reducing the burden on your marketing, legal and technical personnel.

Contact our brand protection team (brandprotection [at] for advice and assistance in securing your domain name within the new gTLDs.


GoDaddy Will Not Sell .REALTOR domains names

The world of online domains is opening up – .com, .org, .edu, and other commonly-used domains will soon stand alongside new domains like .doctor, .music, .lawyer, .REALTOR, and hundreds of others coming to the Web.

1&1 begins pre-registration, and new TLDs are getting much more confusing

Top ten domain registrar 1&1 is now accepting pre-registrations on a first come basis, and the various pre-registration offerings are rather confusing.

The National Association of Realtors is warning its members

GoDaddy Will Not Sell .REALTOR Domains.

SLAM Strategy: a specialized Internet strategy company

SLAM Strategy is a specialised Internet strategy company focused on return on investment advertising and marketing ideas for the new gTLD industry. We are a company that sees the potential and exciting opportunities presented by new gTLDs. As the new kids on the block, we bring fresh blood to an industry that is largely made up of domain insiders. Our dynamic approach gives businesses the opportunity for a point of difference in a competitive industry.

Founder Shaun Le Cornu is an entrepreneur who is passionate about new gTLDS. With over 25 years of experience in retail, advertising and marketing, franchising and global Internet concepts, Shaun has dedicated his career to the development of profitable Internet strategies for business.

Our professional experience and support of our global partners means that SLAM Strategy is well positioned to be a partner in developing your gTLD business plan.

Godaddy Goes All In On The New gTLD’s appears to have gone all in on the new gTLD’s.

New gTLDs bring back tiered renewal pricing

Only one mass-market TLD used it, and it’s often considered a bad idea, but variable pricing for domain name renewals is making a comeback with the launch of new gTLDs.

How Much Will The Highest .College/.XYZ Sell For On

These are the first new gTLD’s to go up for sale anywhere in the world.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

First Nine English-Language newgTLDs Delegated by ICANN

The first nine newgTLDs delegated last week were: .CAMERA - .CLOTHING - .EQUIPMENT - .GURU - .HOLDINGS - .LIGHTING - .SINGLES - .VENTURES - .VOYAGE

Verisign Publishes 2nd Part of 4 Part Series On Why Domain Blocking Of New gTLD’s Isn’t Good Enough

Verisign just released the second in a four part series of why ICANN’s effort to fix the potential collision issue caused by the release of new gTLD’s, by blocking domain registrations, isn’t good enough to fix the potential problems.

.NINJA Premium domain names

Premium domains represent the most popular domain choices available. They often attract significantly higher amounts of traffic, increasing your online visibility.

.CATHOLIC reserved for church-related organizations

Friday, November 8, 2013

New gTLD Sunrise Launches

The Sunrise is the trademark priority period during which a trademark owner can apply to register a domain name that matches its verified registered trademark.

How Your Premium Domain Might Be Sold By Godaddy As People Try To Pregister A New gTLD

With Godaddy taking paid preregistrations on four new gTLD’s today, .Luxury, .Build, .Menu and .Uno, your chances of selling your premium domain name may increase if its listed in Godaddy resale channel.

NameJet to auction new gTLD domains before they launch

Many registrars are already offering new gTLD pre-registrations, now NameJet has taken the idea one step further: it’s going to auction premium names months before the gTLDs even go live.

JOB: Nominet Seeking New gTLD Lead

The company posted a job opening for the position of gTLD Lead.

NCSG Position on ICANN Board-Staff Violation of Corporate Bylaws

NCSG Position on ICANN Board-Staff Violation of Corporate Bylaws by Imposing “TM+50 Policy” on GNSO.

Will Google discount new gTLDs?

Is the perceived authority of the old-time TLDs something worth investing in?

ICANN inches closer to dot-gay domain

The agency that assigns new Internet domains could choose one for the gay community and there are several proposals vying for approval.

Independent Objector loses case for .health

Afilias successfully defends limited public interest objection against .health.

Why The New gTLDs Matter to Me

As someone who runs a website in the domain investing space, the new gTLD domain names will likely lead to advertising revenue opportunities.

GoDaddy begins accepting pre-registrations for new TLDs for up to $1,200 each

Pre-registrations now accepted for fees of up to $1,200 per domain.

ICANN: No New gTLD’s Last Resort Auctions Until Early March 2014

In a webinar held by ICANN today on its Last Resort Auction for new gTLD strings in contention, ICANN stated that no new gTLD ICANN last resort auction will be held in 2013 and most likely not until March 2014.

New gTLDs on video, by Godaddy

GoDaddy Presents - New Domain Names Are Coming, Find Yours.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The curious case of .pets

ICDR posted two different panelist documents for the same exact top level domain string confusion objection.

The new domains – what’s taking so long?

Lot’s of people have asked (well more than one) what’s happening with the new domains, what do all the phases mean, and when can I register one?


Strings that have successfully completed the Program.

Introduction: ICANN's Alternative Path to Delegation (Part 1 of 4)

Without appropriate countermeasures, changing the global DNS by delegating a new gTLD could introduce significant cybersecurity and operational risks.

Merck v Merck – WIPO gTLD decision

In two recent related decisions, which are amongst the first in which non-dictionary generic top-level domain (gTLD) terms have been challenged, a World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Centre panel has rejected objections against gTLD applications to register .merck and .emerck.

Nine Donuts gTLDs delegated

Donuts has had a batch of nine new gTLDs delegated to the DNS root today.

New gTLDs Launched, Delegated, and Signed

We are excited to share the official launch and Sunrise period of the first new gTLD, with more to come.

Verisign Rolls Out 4 Part Series On Why Second Level Domain Blocking For New gTLD’s Isn’t Good Enough

Verisign just published the 1st of a new 4 part series on the potential collision issue arising from new gTLD’s this one authored by Burt Kaliski.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

.Cam Objection Fall Out: Demand Media Compains About Panels Reaching Different Conclusion on Same String

Another day and another applicant is complaining a new gTLD Dispute Resolution panels.

Donuts Adds Seven Generic Top-Level Domains To The Internet, Signs 13 Registrars

Domain Name Expansion Now Well Under Way As Largest Applicant Moves Actively Into Marketplace; "Sunrise" Period Approaching.

Donuts' New gTLDs – a Digital Shopping Mall

Donuts is on track to operate hundreds of new domains in 2014. Its first batch of domains including .LIGHTING, .GURU, .VENTURES, .CAMERA, .CLOTHING, .HOLDINGS, .SINGLES and .VOYAGE have entered or will soon enter the sunrise period.

Ascending clock to separate gTLD applicants

An ‘ascending clock’ auctioning model will decide who will own the generic top-level domains (gTLDs) left in direct contention, according to ICANN.

Applicants call for new gTLD objections appeals process

Twelve new gTLD applicants, representing many dozens of applications, have called on ICANN to create an appeals process for when Community Objections have debatable outcomes.

Whois Beta

Learn about WHOIS, keep up-to-date on policy development activities, become involved in Working Groups, or file complaints to ICANN Compliance on WHOIS Inaccuracies and Unavailable Services.

JOB: Technical Developer (PHP/LAMP)

Technical Developer (PHP/LAMP).

JOB: Registrar Account Manager and Marketeer

Registrar Account Manager and Marketeer

Growing concerns relating to the Community Objection process

This process, and therefore the entirety of the New gTLD Program, is being corrupted by significant departures from the Applicant Guidebook (AGB).

ICANN makes GAC’s Category 1 new gTLD advice less stupid

After six months, ICANN is finally giving its Governmental Advisory Committee what it wants. Kinda.

Afilias loses consolidated string confusion case against .mobile

Amazon, Donuts, and Dish DBS prevail in dispute over .mobile.

Dot kiwi domain name reservations set to begin

A small number of Kiwis will be able to sign-up to reserve their favorite .kiwi domain name and be a part of the .kiwi Pioneer Program, from next week through to Christmas.

5 Critical Factors New gTLD Investors Need To Consider

Here are some things for those investors in gTLDs to think about.

The Nuts & Bolts of an Effective New gTLD Launch Plan (Webinar)

Topic: The Nuts & Bolts of an Effective New gTLD Launch Plan.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New TLD applicants flummoxed by objection results

Applicants ask ICANN to intervene in objection process.

.Sport Fallout: 12 Applicants Call On ICANN To Add An Appeals Proceess For Community Objection Proceedings

The fallout from the .Sport objection continues as 12 new gTLD applicants sent a letter to ICANN today signed “expressing our ever-growing concerns relating to the Community Objection process”.

Rightside Registry

Rightside Registry plans to own and operate a robust portfolio of new TLDs, creating a sea of new opportunities for individuals and businesses.

Famous Four Media Partners with Key-Systems to Promote its Portfolio of new TLDs

Famous Four Media (FFM) and Key-Systems today announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop, market and sell the FFM generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) portfolio.

At last! First new gTLD Sunrise Period announced

Com Laude to announce first new gTLD Sunrise Periods.

To the ICANN Board: major changes needed are as follow

  • The ability to run an effective Founders’ Program;
  • The ability to restrict trademarks geographically;
  • The ability to validate trademarks outside of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH);
  • The ability to run Limited Registration Periods (LRPs) with different eligibility requirements than generally pertain in the TLD.

Almost 15,000 trademarks registered in TMCH

The new gTLD program’s Trademark Clearinghouse has almost 15,000 trademarks registered, according to a spokesperson.

Pre-Delegation Testing for Dot Chinese Online (.在线) & Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) Begins

The next major stage for Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website, after a successful PDT, will be for the essential new Chinese TLDs to be delegated into the IANA root, which we expect to occur around January 8, 2014.

ICANN Launches WHOIS Website Beta

Following through on community recommendations for improving accountability and transparency, ICANN has launched the first phase of a new "one-stop" online resource about the WHOIS directory service.

Bringing .NINJA to Munich

.NINJA, a TLD which never seems to disappoint when it comes to interest levels and curiosity, Solomon got a great reception from the audience.

How Insider Domain Theft Can Bring Down ICANN

Criminal insiders who steal domain names, generally to try and sell them elsewhere, are ICANN's worst nightmare.


.frogans is a Brand TLD being proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program. The applicant is OP3FT.

Concerns with the ICANN Board’s Proposal Regarding IGO Names and Acronyms

IGOs warrant special protection by ICANN due to the fact that they are in an objectively different category to other rights holders.

As the First New gTLDs are Delegated, Escrow Protection Comes to the Forefront

Currently 83% of registry operators depend on Iron Mountain to fulfill ICANN’s data escrow requirements, and 99% of all gTLD registry data is in escrow with Iron Mountain.

Epik Starts Charging $199 For New gTLD’s Pre-Reservations

Epik is taking pre-reservations for new gTLD’s and are charging for it.

Patent Application for Verisign


Monday, November 4, 2013

Yet Another Embarrassing IDN Gaff from ICANN

Another example of ICANN's failure to comprehend the differences between IDN and ASCII names.


ICANN has sent Contracting Information Request notifications to applicants holding priority numbers 1 – 1500.

Update on the Work of the Expert Working Group

Uupdate on the work of the Expert Working Group (EWG) and its progress since the ICANN 47 Meeting.

New gTLD Success and Inevitable Realities

There has been an interesting debate raging over the likelihood of new gTLD success and consumer demand. One opinion asserts that all new Top Level Domains will fail.

Domainers to provide examples why new gTLDs will be a success (or a failure)

Read best comments on Domaining.PRO.

When can I get my .ACCOUNTANT?

The earliest you can expect for any of the new gTLDs to be available is in the spring of 2013.

Part 2: gTLD Madness: Team Schilling vs Team Schwartz

I strongly encourage new gTLD fans to watch this video.

ICANN Issues Rules For Last Resort Auction But Fails To Address Many Of Applicants Concerns

ICANN published rules for its Last Resort auction last night.

Contention questions remain as ICANN reveals “last-resort” auction rules

ICANN has published a first draft of the rules for its “last resort” new gTLD auctions, but they do not yet address the contention created by controversial objection rulings.

How many donuts can you buy with $56 million dollars?

Having spent $56,425,000 in ICANN application feesalone, Paul Stahura’s Donuts, Inc. takes that numero uno spot amongst investors that are paving the new Internet landscape of gTLDs.

TMCH Update: Roll-out of new gTLDs

Donuts, a domain name registry that applied for more than 300 generic top level domains (gTLDs), has just announcedthe start of the Sunrise Period for 9 new gTLDs, commencing on 29 October 2013.


Cambridge UK computer researchers have laid the foundations for a transformational new Internet that ends the dependence on servers and urls for search and content sharing.

Old dotcom era gives way to new top-level domains

The dotcom era is ending, but not because of any sudden decline in online participation. Quite the opposite – over the next few months the internet will expand from 22 top-level domains to nearly 1400, including non-latin script domains for the first time.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

.PersianGulf survives community objection from those who favor Arabian Gulf name

You say Persian. I say Arabian. Let’s call the whole thing off.

First New TLD Quietly Enters Sunrise Period

The first Sunrise Period for trademark owners under ICANN's new gTLD program has begun. The gTLD is the Arabic IDN 'شبكة, or "dot-Shabaka".

Two dot-brands pass Extended Evaluation

ICANN did not have much to report in this week’s batch of new gTLD evaluation results, as that stage of the program gradually winds down.

Early bird gets the .worm

Close on the heels of delegation, the dot Shabaka registry has begun the Sunrise period for trademark holders to register their Arabic trademarks in an internationalized domain name (IDN) known as شبكة (xn--ngbc5azd), the Arabic word for “Web” or “Network.”

New gTLDs preregistration module. A free service!

Simply check out the gTLD top 30 below, or select a category of your choice.

Connecting the Dots in Munich: The New Domains New gTLD Conference 2013

One of the most promising and exciting aspects of the New gTLD Program is the potential for regions, cities, and communities around the world to develop dedicated spaces for the exchange of information, problem solving and relationship-building.


An in-depth discussion on the Auctions process, including an overview, proposed timeframes and deadlines, and preliminary key rules. ICANN will also gather community input on process elements that will affect parties preparing for Auction.

Famous Four Media to fight for .sport gTLD

Domain company Famous Four Media has suffered a setback in its attempt to host the .sport generic top-level domain (gTLD), but has vowed to fight on.

Friday, November 1, 2013

4 more new gTLD contracts signed, including .email

Donuts added Registry Agreements for .email and .codes to its portfolio, bringing its total up to 43.

Preorders for Domain Name Registration in the New gTLDs

From October 31, 2013, RU-CENTER accepts preorders for domain name registration in the new gTLDs.

Marketing 500 new TLDs on a Shoestring

By Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd, CEO & Founder at Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd on Nov

New gTLD Bookmarks

Up-to-date list of important links about new gTLDs.

Spotlight on the .wiki TLD

Most of our readers are familiar with the popular website, a collaboratively edited, multilingual, free Internet encyclopedia supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.

Famous Four vows to fight .sport objection loss

Famous Four Media has promised to pursue “all available legal avenues” after losing a Community Objection over the .sport gTLD to its Olympic-backed rival.

Sunrise dates (Official Page)

Now accepting registrations in sunrise period.

Web4Africa partner XYZ.COM to bring .xyz domain to Africa

Web4Africa, one of the leading web and e-commerce service providers in Africa, has collaborated with XYZ.COM LLC to be the first registrar in Africa to carry the .xyz domain extension, set to launch in 2014.

gTLD updates for brand owners

First new gTLDs delegated, non-Latin gTLDs, a new product to defend your marks and recent changes to ICANN Registry Agreements.