Monday, September 30, 2013

Domain parking company named to bad hosts list, but…

Sedo listed as top for phishing sites, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.


In 2008, the Internet’s governing body, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN), began a process to fundamentally change the way people navigate online by introducing the possibility of an unlimited number of domain extensions that any company or individual could apply to manage.

TLDH has the end in sight, but no revenue

Top Level Domain Holdings made less than $12,000 in the first half of the year, but says its new gTLD business may start generating revenue in the fourth quarter.

What’s in a name?

The other day I was in a meeting with a guy who used to work for a Registry that ran one of the world’s most famous top level domains.

Name Collisions: Unanticipated Effects [Guest Post]

I attended the TLD Security Forum sponsored by Artemis in San Francisco five weeks ago. By happenstance, I became involved in a small group formed after the meeting that dedicated themselves to replicating the Interisle study (“Name Collisions in the DNS”) and carrying on with the next step in the analysis.


For a long time, gTLD applicants have kept their cards close to their chest, with application documents providing the sole clue as to their intentions.

La Fin du commencement

Signes des temps ? Aucun nouvel abandon n’a été identifié depuis le 30 août, mais à l’heure actuelle 47 contrats ont été signés avec l’ICANN (1). Donuts se taille la part du lion au travers de différentes filiales, avec 30 contrats portant sur des termes génériques qui seront ouverts à tous...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Samsung signs the first dot-brand gTLD contract

Samsung has become the first company to sign a Registry Agreement for a dot-brand gTLD.

Why the Registry Operator Will Be Important

“without knowing the operator of the registry you can’t predict the success of the extension.”

Can gTLD / nTLD Pre Registration Lists Help You Find Good Domain Names?

With the new TLDs coming soon(ish), domain registrars like 101 Domain, 1&1,, and others have been taking pre-reservations. While these are non-binding, it gives the registrars and TLD applicants some decent data about what the demand will be like when these TLDs come on the market.

Kiwi domain is almost ready to join the dots

Fast and frightening, his choice of sport may have prepared him well for the business world. But the company Johnson heads up and has a significant shareholding in, Dot Kiwi, has been on a slow burn since Johnson first had the idea for a .kiwi domain name about two-and-half years ago.

Brand Protection: Importance of Registering Multiple TLDs

As most business owners understand, one of the first steps to establishing an online presence for a company is the selection of a domain name.

Crocker to speak at second gTLD collisions summit

ICANN chair Steve Crocker is among a packed line-up of speakers for an event on Tuesday that will address the potential security risks of name collisions in the new gTLD program.

As The London Conference Closes Frank Schilling Responds To The 65 Comments On

As the The Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress Conference wrapped up yesterday in London Frank Schilling founder of Uniregistry an applicant for more than 50 new gTLD’s, posted a comment to our post to his opening remarks from the conference.

How fashion brands can stay on trend with the internet’s new top-level domain names

Even in the current Internet landscape of only 23 generic top-level domains (gTLDs)—including .com, .net, .org and a handful of others—many organizations find that protecting against domain name infringement is quite a challenge.

Can .whatever Make .net the Big Winner?

What are the first things that come to mind when you talk about .Net?

New gTLDs can jump hurdles to succeed – survey

New generic top-level domains (gTLDs) will face several hurdles when they launch but will eventually succeed, a survey has found.

Moving To The Next Phase: Contracting and Registry Agreements

On Friday September 20, 2013 ICANN signed 44 new gTLDs Registry Agreements. ICANN also decided two days ago to publish redline versions of executed Registry Agreements.

New Top Level Domains Most wanted

We offer non-binding and free pre-orders for domain names in more than 700 new gTLDs.

Friday, September 27, 2013

New gTLD Registration Strategies: Preparing for the Inevitable

As we draw closer to the first new gTLD registry launch, many companies are beginning the arduous task of developing their new gTLD registration and blocking strategies.

The TLD Security Forum

The current agenda may be subject to change. Please refer back closer to the date of the event.

Interbrand gives tips on building gTLDs

“Inviting customers in” was one of several practical tips given to applicants for .brand generic top-level domains (gTLDs) at an industry event in London.

Scooby says new TLDs will be full of scams and the options will stink

Man, all the good .scare domains must have already been taken. I don’t know who applied for .scare, but they must be selling a lot of registrations for Mayor Jones to stoop this low.

Pre-Registrations and the .online Surprise

According to the pre-reservation system for new gTLD's .web is #1 and that is no surprise. I have written about .web as the best chance of survivability and adoption by the masses.

The new gTLD casino

The Internet is about to change radically with the introduction of over 1000 new domain extensions. While it is probably good news for customers, and will create more choice and increased competition in the domain market.

KPMG lays out gTLD vision

Professional services company KPMG has said a .brand generic top-level domain (gTLD) should be seen as a secure registry database, "not just a domain name".

Next Friday we'll know the winner of the .BID contest

Call to Action: Prepare for New gTLDs

You know how your mother doesn’t understand this business about new top-level domains? Now is the time to explain it to her carefully because the web is about to get a major upgrade.

The Hype of Preregistration – Don’t be fooled

The upcoming launch of new gTLDs has lots of people excited, but there is also a lot of confusion and misperceptions going around.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

.CLUB : 3 Tips For Choosing A Great Domain Extension

With the introduction of hundreds of new domain name extensions (the word or characters to the right of the dot), if you are looking for a great domain name for your business or interests you’ll have more choices than ever before.

The Future according to Uniregistry

"We are building the next wave of destinations for businesses to exist on the Internet".

Google to "aggressively" launch .brand gTLDs

Google plans to market its branded generic top-level domains (gTLDs) "as quickly as we can", company representative Hal Bailey told an industry event in London.

Three Myths About the New Web Domains Coming This Fall

Later this year, the internet will commence its biggest transformation yet with the launch of hundreds of new "dot-something" web domains.

Einführung der neuen TLDs bei Variomedia

Schon seit einigen Jahren ist die Einführung neuer Domainendungen (kurz: nTLDs) wie .blog, .web, .shop oder .berlin im Gespräch.

Frank Schilling Live From London: “.Com Will Become Like AM Radio”

The Digital Marketing & gTLS Strategy Congress conference kicked off today with Frank Schilling of Unregistry, laying out how he see the future of the domain name space and its the new gTLD program.

The Coming Internet Expansion: .BIBLE

The Internet as we know it will be history and exciting changes are coming in the next 2 years. An estimated 1,000+ top-level domains (TLD) will be launching, like .SHOP, .WEB, .HOTEL, .MENU, and many many more.

Protecting Domain Names From Hacking

Recent hacks of domain names for a number of prominent newspaper websites by the Syrian Electronic Army highlights the often neglected issue of ensuring registration information is secure.


ICANN published the list of Objections filed that passed the Dispute Resolution Service Providers' (DRSPs') administrative reviews. Determinations made by the expert panels are published in the Determination column of the table below.

Donuts Launches Domains Protected Marks List

Available Through Accredited Domain Name Registrars, Rights Protection Mechanism Is Cost-Effective Method for Cybersquatting Prevention

Authentic Web wants to make .brand domains easier for corporations

Most large companies have a process in place for registering new domain names. This may get more complex when brands secure their own top level domains, such as .ford and .deloitte.

ICANN Should Look Before It Leaps: Part II

Here is what some of our leading companies and industries are saying.

How gTLDs May Affect Your Business

Much like the current domain name environment, third parties, whether with ill intentions or not, may apply for gTLD domains with second-level domains that are confusingly similar to your valuable trademark.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Authentic Web wants to be dot-brands’ pocket registrar

Toronto-based start-up Authentic Web launched today with a set of workflow automation tools for dot-brand gTLD registries.

Donuts launches domain blocking tool

The leading applicant for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), Donuts Inc, has launched a new mechanism for protecting trademark rights.

A Brave New World of Descriptive gTLDs

Do you want to buy and sell domain names to make a profit? Of course, you do. Well, here’s your chance.

Wow, United Domains is all in with New TLDs

Want to register a .com at United Domains? You’ll need to poke around the site a bit

What is your .BrandIQ?

In this ebook, learn about •BrandIQ (DOTBRANDIQ). See how a high •BrandIQ indicates understanding of new registry capabilities and a plan to launch innovations.

ICANN To Post Redline Changes To New gTLD Registry Contracts

According to a post by ICANN on its site it will start publishing redline versions of executed Registry Agreements as it ” would be helpful to the entire ICANN community, and would also support ICANN’s efforts to provide operational transparency”.

Donuts’ trademark block list goes live, pricing revealed

Donuts’ Domain Protected Marks List, which gives trademark owners the ability to defensively block their marks across the company’s whole portfolio of gTLDs, has gone live.

The EC does not like the GAC

"dot wine" and "dot vin" domain names were completely ignored by the Governmental Advisory Committee.

With .Sex, more proof the ICDR doesn’t have its act together

Despite what the official list says, SX Registry lost its objection against .sex.

Are These The 107 New gTLD Extensions Donuts Partnered With Demand Media On? which applied for 307 new gTLD strings has stated all along that they were in partnership with Demand Media (DMD) on 107 of the applications.

Learn how to protect your trademark in the new gTLDs and non-Latin scripts

Archived Webcast is now available through the INTA website. Duration: 75 minutes (CLE will not be provided.)

.WINE in position 38 on Pre-registrations.

Since 2011, thousands of people have pre-registered over 1,378,992 new gTLDs through United Domains' pre-registration program, which is free and non-binding.


As of Friday 20 September, ICANN has signed 44 new gTLD registry agreements, none of which have substantial changes from the approved base agreement.

Google beats Donuts in .Games top level domain name dispute

.Games domain names will likely be confused with .game domains, panelist rules.

Recalibrating Strategies

Brands that were expecting International Domain Name (IDN) gTLDs to launch first, giving brands some extra time to make decisions about their Internet strategies, should sit up and take notice: it looks like English-language gTLDs may be the first to hit the Internet later this year.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

.Axis TLD appears dead after WIPO decision

.Axis TLD appears dead after WIPO decision.

Nom de domaine sur internet : qui veut troquer son .fr contre un .paris ?

Les 100 premiers pionniers choisis, qui auront le privilège d’avoir le .paris en avant-première pendant huit mois, et de bénéficier ainsi "d’une grande visibilité" devront verser de 50.000 à 100.000 euros.

Trademark Clearinghouse Agent FairWinds Educates Brands on TMCH Services

With the introduction of hundreds of new top-level domains through the New gTLD Program, domain name consulting firm FairWinds Partners sees marked increase in requests for TMCH assistance.

New gTLDs – it’s a (.amazon) jungle out there

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is, at last, preparing to roll out the first of the generic Top Level Domains (gTLD). Now is a good time for trade mark owners to ensure they are aware of current gTLD developments.

Nine more new gTLD contracts signed

ICANN signed nine more new gTLD Registry Agreements yesterday.

New gTLD Roadshow

Taipei, Hong-Kong, Beijing.

The fact that .tennis got four applicants is "totally bizarre"

Mark Ein still gunning for .tennis.

Nouvelles extensions : un enjeu pour les grandes villes

L’arrivée des nouvelles extensions en 2012, permettra notamment aux lieux géographiques de se réapproprier pleinement leur identité sur Internet.

Radix, TLDH & Westerdal Asks ICANN To Suspend All Pending Expert Panels In New gTLD Process

Three large applicants to the new gTLD program sent a letter to ICANN yesterday to complaint about the Experts appointed by The Dispute Resolution Service Providers relating to the Community Objection process especially those at the ICC and asked ICANN to “ask all contracted arbitrators to temporarily suspend their decision making until ICANN can conduct a basic level of training for the actual Expert Panels on the AGB guidelines and their interpretations.”

A guide to key developments in trademark law

No.2: Coming generic top-level domain names.

Wine and New gTLDs — Do They Go Well Together?

A good way to know the status of wine and new gTLDs is to visit the site maintained by Jean Guillon.

ICANN threatening acronyms and other desirable domain names

As I’ve long warned, in ICANN’s rush to bring forth new gTLDs (which mostly profit ICANN insiders, registries, registrars, and wannabes), it has no hesitation in trampling the rights of domain name registrants in existing gTLDs like dot-com.

Concerns Relating to the Community Objection Process

Radix Registry; Top Level Domain Holdings / Minds & Machines; Fegistry, LLC

Monday, September 23, 2013

What is a Pre-registration?

When you pre-register for a domain name, it’s like adding it to a shopping list.

The Initial Launch Phase

The launch of a new TLD typically includes a series of phases before General Availability (GA) begins and the TLD is officially launched.

Internet Governance Processes towards WSIS+10 / post-15

Comparing private vs. last resort new TLD auctions

In private auctions, applicants bid less than the valuation they place on the string.

Find the coolest web address you can think of for the new .BID gTLD

Famous Four Media is running a competition to find the coolest web address you can think of for the new .BID generic Top Level Domain (TLD).

Do Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website support all Chinese speakers/writers?

Chinese is considered by most linguists and sinologists to be a “language family” — Chinese consists of more than 250 spoken dialects which share a more-or-less common writing system (either the original Traditional Chinese script or the post-1949 Simplified Chinese script).

Domain name registry OpenRegistry picks up 2M EUR financing

OpenRegistry, which operates .sx and is the registry provider for a number of new TLDs, has raised a round of funding.

ICANN - Dispenser of Internet Justice

ICANN is beginning to look more and more like a government. It assesses taxes, it has amassed an enormous treasury, it passes laws with international effect, and it has developed an ad hoc judiciary system to enforce its laws. This paper will take a look at that judiciary system and ICANN as dispenser of Internet justice.

2,022,91+ Pre-reservations for 1&1

Enregistrez votre .PARIS avant tout le monde !

Qu’est ce que le programme des pionniers ?
Il s’agit d’une période durant laquelle une société pourra disposer d’un nom de domaine en .PARIS actif avant même le lancement de l’extension. Au delà de l’aspect financier, c’est un jury qui sélectionnera les projets sur dossier.,1867

IOC, Red Cross, and IGO reserved names for new gTLDs

This registry contains the list of reserved names according to the new gTLD base registry agreement for International Olympic Committee, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and Intergovernmental Organizations categories.

What the DOT is going on? (TMCH)

Lexsynergy has, as an ICANN accredited registrar and TMCH agent, developed an online tool to streamline the submission of trademarks to the TMCH, supported by a team of experts who will pre-verify each trademark prior to submission to the TMCH.

Costs Of Defensive New gTLD Registrations To Be Double The Total Cost Of All .Com Registrations

As pointed out by the Phil Corwin of the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) has launched another offensive at the new gTLD program teaming up with the Council of Better Business Bureaus (BBB) to launch a month-long “‘Know Your Net’ gTLD public awareness campaign”.

Conference: how to make the most of a new gTLD

I Want My gTLD

The new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are coming, and many of you are already showing interest by asking to be notified when certain extensions become available.

Paris Opens Up Founders/Pioneer Program For 1st 100 .Paris Domain Names

The City of Paris opening up a submission period to allocate the first 100 .Paris new gTLD domain names.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Invitation to Consult - Future of Internet Architecture

One of our clients, a project team at a professional services firm working on behalf of a company in the internet infrastructure business, would like to speak with a Council Member who can discuss the future of internet architecture due to new gTLDs.

The GiD Registry System

The GiD system will establish a security-system for every-day online users, for organizational authentication online.

Friday, September 20, 2013

One IE pass, one fail this week

ICANN is down to 18 new gTLD applications in Initial Evaluation now, after one pass and one failure this week.

Key Steps for Operational Readiness and Successful Launch of a New gTLD

31 August 2013 marked a historic day for Internet users worldwide. It marked a very key day in the introduction of new gTLDs

New gTLD plans November 30 sunrise

I-Registry, which signed an ICANN Registry Agreement for the new gTLD .onl this week, plans to launch its Sunrise period on November 30, according to the company.

Over 10,000 records now in Trademark Clearinghouse

Number of records in Trademark Clearinghouse doubles since the middle of July.

Make a .BID and Win A Prize!

Starting right now, Famous Four Media is running a competition to find the coolest web address you can think of for the new .Bid generic Top Level Domain (TLD).

ICANN admits new TLD auctions are delayed

The first ICANN auctions to settle new top level domain contention sets could take place in the middle of November.

Bagged your dotbike name yet? is soooo last century. and have gone but still time to register your bicycle-based domain name.

Bring your .brand to life

Tony Kirsch, Senior Manager of International Business Development at ARI Registry Services, previews his upcoming presentation for the Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress on why your TLD strategy is paramount to making or breaking your .brand.

Five-minute guide to day two of MARQUES

Trade mark practitioners are in Monte Carlo this week, discussing everything from gTLDs to genericisation to geographical indications.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wow. That's a Lot of Reserved Names

ICANN recently updated the list of reserved second level domain names.

Marques 2013: why brands applied for gTLDs

Attendees at the Marques annual conference in Monte Carlo heard some of the reasons behind .brand generic top-level domain (gTLD) applications and what the domains will be used for.

Donuts loses another objection to .Pets domain name

Another panelist finds that .pet and .pets are too similar to both be delegated as top level domain names.

GoDaddy Buys Afternic To Beef Up Its Domain Registry Marketplace

GoDaddy has made another acquisition, its fourth in 14 months: it has bought Afternic, a specialist in aftermarket domain sales — that is, reselling domain names that are already owned.

Internationalised gTLDs pose challenge for owners of multilingual brands

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) devised the new generic top-level domain (gTLD) programme to open up new top-level domains, as popular domains such as '.com' become increasingly crowded.

Hospitality Brands Need To Prepare For GTLDs

With the launch of the first new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) just around the corner, brand owners in the hospitality industry need to educate themselves about the unique opportunities and challenges posed by this unprecedented expansion of the domain space.

CORE Registry GTLDs

List of Back-end Registry provider new gTLD projects.

New gTLD .xyz to be brought to Market by Daniel Negari and NameJet and Daniel Negari are partnering to bring the new gTLD .xyz to the domain name marketplace.

Les collectivités investissent sur le marché des noms de domaine

En 2014, il sera possible d'avoir un site internet hébergé en .paris, .alsace ou encore .corsica. Cinq collectivités françaises ont dépensé près de 150.000 euros auprès de l’Icann, le régulateur américain d’Internet, pour en avoir le droit.

Trademark Notice for New gTLD Domain Registrants Must be Substantially Amended and Modified in Context of ICANN’s Trademark-Plus-Fifty Adoption

ICA has just submitted its comments ( to ICANN regarding Rights Protection Mechanism (RPM) Requirements at new gTLDs.


If you wanted to make ICANN’s Board and Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) accountable, would you put the chairman of ICANN’s Board and the Chair of the GAC in charge of running a committee of ICANN decision makers to assess its accountability?

Results of the GNSO Whois Privacy/Proxy Abuse Study

I’m excited to share with you some preliminary findings from one of the GNSO Council’s Whois studies of interest to all of us in the ICANN community.

NameJet New TLDs

Starting in 2013, new domain extensions will forever change how the world interacts on the Web. Internet users will have the option of selecting memorable domains reflecting their online presence and ventures.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

IOC, Red Cross, and IGO reserved names for new gTLDs

This registry contains the list of reserved names according to the new gTLD base registry agreement for International Olympic Committee, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and Intergovernmental Organizations categories.

Objection To .GAY New gTLD Rejected For Lack of Standing

Communities of people united by its members common ideas, values, or goals can still include a great range of thoughts, opinions and affiliations, such as religion, sexual orientation, or political party affiliation to name but a few.

Verisign loses objection against Dish’s .DTV top level domain name

Panelist says .DTV can coexist with .TV.

Google signs first new gTLD contract

Google has signed its first Registry Agreement with ICANN, covering the new gTLD .みんな.

What are new gTLDs Governance Councils?

- What are Governance Councils?
- What do Governance Councils do?
- How can I get involved?

Google New Search Algorithm for New gTLDs

With Google investing over $18.6 Million in 101 new gTDLs it is safe to assume they must already be working on a new search algorithm.

New gTLDs on Quora

I'm expecting to see a large percentage selling between $30 - $100 per year with maybe discounts for the first year.

Neustar Analysis Shows ICANN Study Overstates Risk of Harmful Domain-Name Collision

As we blogged about recently, Neustar is committed to ensuring that the domain name system is secure and stable and has been operating top-level domains (TLDs) for over a decade.

Interview with Christine Willett, VP of gTLD Operations | 17 Sep 2013

Sour grapes over internet domain names (.VIN & .WINE)

The dot-com economy may have revolutionised world trade but Europe’s vineyards are engaged in a furious campaign to stop the internet from having a similar impact on their sector.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Who Are the True Multi-Stakeholders in ICANN?

ICANN Chairman, Dr Steve Crocker, was on hand to congratulate the ccNSO on their 10 years and revered them as the "true multi-stakeholders in ICANN".


  • ICANN has sent Contracting Information Request notifications to applicants holding priority numbers 1 – 800;
  • 421 applicants have been invited to Contracting;
  • 108 applicants have responded to their Contracting Information Request invitation;
  • 38 contracts have been sent out for signature;
  • 34 applicants have signed Registry Agreements;
  • Continuing Operations Instrument outreach has been offered to applicants holding priority numbers 1 – 1250.

Top 5 nTLD Pre Reservations at 1&1

Domain registrar 1&1 has been advertising the new gTLD domain names somewhat extensively in the US during NFL games. The company may be advertising at other times as well, but I have primarily seen these commercials while watching football.

Tencent is latest to challenge ICANN on new TLD objections

Chinese internet giant Tencent is the latest company to ask ICANN to reconsider a new top level domain objection decision.

Rick’s Top 10 Myths and Facts About the New Gtld’s

Let's take a few minutes maybe even a few posts to untangle this clusterf*ck of what is coming and what the Myths and Facts really are. And if I don't know, I will make it up. I will come to an assumption.

Clearing the way for brands in the brave new web

The domains industry reached a milestone earlier this year with the long-awaited launch of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH): a service designed to support trademark owners in thecoming wave of new, generic Top-Level domains (gTLDs).

WHOIS Privacy Plan Draws Fire

Internet regulators are pushing a controversial plan to restrict public access to WHOIS Web site registration records.

Hundreds Of New Internet Domain Names Prepare To Launch

Kojo examines concerns about fairness and fraud, and probes a potential revolution in online search as the world gears up for .google, .app, .green -- and the first domain names in non-English scripts.

Interisle cashes in as new TLD hopefuls pay for more data

New TLD applicants turn to Interisle for more data in effort to avoid more delays.

What are the new TLD registration phases?

TLD stands for top-level domain. With the 700 + NEW TLDs (New TLDs refer to new domain extensions that are about to become available) and the variables allowing for up to 64 character site names there will be about one trillion options.

Monday, September 16, 2013

How much will good keyword domain names will sell for in new TLDs?

Supply and demand will push prices for good keyword second level domains down in alternate TLDs.

.CLUB offers solution to name collision risks

.CLUB Domains has come up with a simple workaround for its applied-for .club gTLD being categorized as risky by ICANN.

Domain name Registry Lock by the numbers

Many important websites haven’t added Registry Lock to protect against hacks similar to what brought down

Bataille sur les .vin et .wine : la Commission européenne hausse le ton

Le dossier de l’attribution des noms de domaine « .vin » et «.wine » continue. La Commission Européenne a décidé de hausser le ton auprès de l’ICANN. Elle vient de prendre deux initiatives fortes sur le sujet.

What Happens to a New gTLD when Domainers own all the Domains?

The new gTLD's have a very tough road to cross. The sharp ones have already thought of this. Then many have not. So let me pose the question and see what the ensers are.


This is the very straight forward letter sent by the Vice President of the European Commission yo ICANN about .wine and .vin new gTLDs.

Hundreds of new gTLD applicants still in GAC limbo

A little over five months after the Governmental Advisory Committee issued its controversial Beijing communique, demanding strict controls over hundreds of new gTLDs, ICANN has still not taken any action.

"Meet the Bosses" in Monaco (17th-20th September 2013)

The ICANN new gTLD program is creating over 1,000 new registries. As brand owners struggle to find an affordable strategy, this session looks at how the balance of power is being re-aligned and the impact this change will have for on-line trade mark management.

Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress - September 26 - 27, 2013 (London)

Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress London. Managing Digital Assets and Connecting Brands with Customers.

Internet, in arrivo la rivoluzione dei domini "privati"

Quest'autunno cominceranno a diffondersi centinaia di nuovi suffissi, da ".pizza" a ".app", fino ai nomi di aziende come ".Microsoft" o ".Apple".

NGPC Takes Action on GAC Durban Advice on New gTLDs

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Board New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) met on September 10, 2013 and, among other things, reached a decision regarding the GAC's further advice on new gTLDs.

Event: NewgTLDs, un point concret sur l’avenir

Sébastien Almiron (responsable commercial du Maiclub) ainsi que Matthieu Aubert (responsable du pôle juridique du Mailclub), vous détailleront l’avancement des dossiers ainsi que les informations importantes à connaitre.

Focused Analysis on Applied-For gTLDs - .cba

Analysis concerning the .CBA applied for string as it relates to ICANN's Proposa to Mitigate Name Collision Risks.


What was supposed to be a mere ‘implementation’ of a policy developed by ICANN’s bottom-up process suddenly became a different policy with a broader, stronger set of rights for trademark owners.

Verisign targets bank claims in name collisions fight

Verisign has rubbished the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s claim that its dot-brand gTLD, .cba, is safe.

Les futurs noms de domaine en .AQUITAINE validés par l'ICANN

L'ICANN a validé la nouvelle extension internet .AQUITAINE le vendredi 13 septembre 2013

Ausdrucken Bookmarken Versenden 14.09.13 Die Internet-Adresse nur für Hamburger

Für die Hansestadt gibt es bald einen neuen, eigenen Auftritt im Internet. Die globale Internetverwaltung ICANN erlaubt künftig die Domain-Endung ".hamburg".

In-House Counsel Discuss New gTLDs and the Trademark Clearinghouse

In June 2013, practitioners from INTA’s corporate membership held two In-House Idea Exchanges on new gTLD strategies and ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)

The Discrepancy in Confusion and Similarity Decisions of New gTLDs

After more than half of the new gTLD String Confusion Objection determinations that have been published we have updated our popular chart which compares the Visual Similarity (determined by the SWORD tool) with the results of the String Confusion Objections.

Friday, September 13, 2013

"New Top-Level Domains" in the Electronic Commerce & Law Report (Bloomberg BNA)

EU agriculture commissioner seeks freeze on .wine, .vin domain registration understands the European Agriculture Commission is concerned about the protection of European wine names, such as Bordeaux, Champagne and Chianti, on the internet.

What if people stop trusting the ICANN root?

So once upon a time I worked at a terrific ISP in St. Paul, MN. Back then, before the "grand bargain" that led to the shared hallucination known as ICANN, there were several pretty-credible providers of DNS that later (somewhat disparagingly) became known as "alternate" root providers.

.SCIENCE in the National Science Teachers Association

These website should soon be better identified with domain names ending in ".science", insead of ".com" There is more info here:

Brand Registry Group – new gTLD workshop

Andrew will be presenting at a workshop on new gTLDs hosted by the Brand Registry Group in London at the offices of KMPG.

DotConnectAfrica .Africa Objection treatment at ICANN is A Musical Chair Circus

DotConnectAfrica’s objection application treatment at ICANN and the hands through which the application passed, makes for a very interesting governance case at ICANN.

NGPC Takes Action on GAC Durban Advice on New gTLDs

The ICANN Board New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) met on 10 September 2013 and, among other things, reached a decision regarding the GAC's further advice on new gTLDs.

Architelos’ patent application for domain abuse monitoring system published

Patent discloses system for monitoring and handling domain name abuse.

You Just Signed a Registry Contract With ICANN. What Are Your Plans?

My key point back then was this: new gTLD applicants need to be mindful of how the cash flow policies of their registry (and of their back-end service provider) could impact whether their TLD is actively promoted by ICANN registrars.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pre register dot-ninja domain names

The New .NINJA Top Level Domain Offers ninja related websites an improved platform to reach their intended audience. Make Your New Ninja Website Home at .NINJA.

Pre-register .PARIS domain names

Free Pre Registration Has Begun.

Reflections on EUI's New Community Priority Evaluation Guidelines for New gTLDs

The new Community Priority Evaluation (CPE) guidelines prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), and published by ICANN are now past their feedback period. We, at Radix, believe that ICANN has received feedback from approximately 10 stakeholders, and I for one, am looking forward to those being published.

L’actualité des nouvelles extensions (New gTLDs) numéro 12

Afin de répondre à vos besoins d’information sur le monde gravitant autour des nouvelles extensions (New gTLDs) de l’ICANN, nous avons décidé de créer une newsletter hebdomadaire spécifique à l’actualité des nouvelles extensions.

Four more new gTLDs, including .sexy, get contracts

ICANN signed four more new gTLD contracts with four different registries yesterday.

Make your voice heard in Internet Governance

The Noncommercial Users Constituency (NCUC) is the home for civil society organizations and individuals in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) bottom-up policy making organ, the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO). With real voting power in ICANN’s policy making and Board selection, the NCUC develops and supports positions that favor noncommercial communication and activity on the Internet.

GAC Potential Safeguard Advice Regarding .wine and .vin

The letter below was published by ICANN last night. It was sent by the Chair of the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) to the ICANN Board.
It is still too early to comment this and actually, I don't understand the reason of the last sentence of this letter.

Whoops! New TLD auction lawyers also representing in suit to halt program

Morrison & Foerster has worked on private TLD auctions while also representing in its lawsuit against the new TLD program.


ICANN released the final Initial Evaluation results for new gTLD applications. It has been evaluating all 1,930 applications since the beginning of March 2013.

More than 85% of Top 500 Most Highly-Trafficked Websites Vulnerable

Over the last 5 years, hacktivists have continued the practice of redirecting well-known domain names to politically motivated websites utilizing tactics such as SQL injection attacks and social engineering schemes to gain access to domain management accounts — and that, in and of itself, is not surprising.

.SEXY Where life gets exciting

For retailers. For businesses. For individuals. Intrigue your audience with a compelling domain name.

Travel Safely Among New gTLDs

Save the date! On September 18, 2013, CADNA and the Council of Better Business Bureaus (BBB) are launching the Know Your Net public awareness and education campaign to provide information and tips about traveling safely through the coming, unprecedented expansion of the Internet. Join the conversation with #KnowYourNet.

New gTLDs – Challenge or Threat?

The discussion about the new generic Top-Level-Domains has been dominated by the highly annoying, slow processes at ICANN and by the seemingly tremendous threat that holders of brands and similar rights will have to master once these digital beasts have been released to the wide open web.

Valideus Asks ICANN To Clarify Details On Its Last Resort gTLD Auctions, All 16 Points

Valideus which is private company “currently managing 5% of all new gTLD applications”, including Amazon’s sent a letter to ICANN asking for a lot of details on ICANN’s “Last Resort Auctions” which are scheduled to begin in mid-October.

GAC Tells ICANN It Can Proceed Normal Evalution Process On .Wine and .Vin

The “GAC agreed in Durban to set a firm deadline for providing a potential safeguard advice regarding .wine and .vin. and in a letter to ICANN today, the Governmental Advisory Counsel, (GAC) advised the ICANN Board that the GAC has finalized its consideration of the strings .wine and .vin and “further advises that the applications should proceed through the normal evaluation process”.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The new gTLDs: Practical tips for businesses and brands

In the second part of my series on the new gTLDs (read the first instalmenthere), we discuss the potential for trademark infringement that this new era of domain names has ushered in, and what companies and brands can do about it.

Consultation on gTLD Delegation and Redelegation User Instructions and Source of Policy and Procedures

A consultation on User Instructions and Source of Policy for Delegation and Redelegation of a Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD).

Wine Trade Groups Want .Wine, .Vin Domains Crushed

Wine Trade Associations Oppose .Wine, .Vin TLDs, Push for Added Burdens on Registries

1&1 : The first serious add about new gTLDs


ICANN is pleased to announce that China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) and CORE Association recently signed agreements to act as Emergency Back-End Registry Operators (EBERO) for new gTLDs. files Opening Brief in appeal of new TLD lawsuit

Company claims new TLD program is a conspiracy to enrich a select few and that ICANN is violating antitrust laws.

What's the Impact of gTLDs on Social Media?

As 1,400 new gTLDs launch in 2014, digital marketers should pay attention to how gTLDs will impact consumer use of the Internet, particularly in social media.

Impact of New gTLD Launch Expands to US Patent & Trademark Office

With the impending launch of up to 1,400 new generic top level domains (gTLDs) in the coming months, trademark owners are scrambling to decide how to protect their brands from online infringement, and, on the other hand, how to leverage their intellectual property assets in this new online space.

ICANN approves two new Chinese-language web domain endings, set to come online soon

At a signing ceremony this morning in Beijing, ICANN, the organization that oversees internet domain registries, has approved two new Chinese-language web domain endings (ie: gTLDs).

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Donuts signs three more new gTLD contracts

Donuts today signed Registry Agreements covering the new gTLDs .land, .plumbing and .contractors, according to ICANN.

Key takeaways from .Architect community objection decision

The .Architect objection had some unique characteristics, but the panelist’s decision may concern other applicants.

First community objection decisions: .Architect objection prevails, .Fly and .Gay fail

ICC issues first three community objection decisions.

First 3 Community Objections decided: DotGay and Google win but Donuts loses

The International Chamber of Commerce has delivered the first three Community Objection decisions in the new gTLD program, killing off one application and saving two others.

New presentation for the ICC page (new gTLDs)

All Expert Determinations rendered by the Expert Panels having acted in new gTLD related disputes pursuant to the New gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedure set out by ICANN and the ICC Rules for Expertise are published below.

DomainSkate News Roundup, August 30 – September 5

Welcome to our summary for last week – a very interesting week in the world of domains and trademark protection! We are pondering the debate regarding this week’s development from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Aprobados los dominios .bcn y .barcelona

El ayuntamiento de Barcelona ha logrado la aprobación de los dominios en Internet .barcelona y .bcn, autorizados por la Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numers (Icann), tras cinco años de proceso.

Endurance Files For $400M IPO: Buys Directi For $110M: Commits Up To $62 Million In New gTLD Auctions

In buying Directi Endurance would also get Radix Registry which has 29 active new gTLD applications of which 26 are in contention.

Visioconférence : NewgTLDs, un point concret sur l’avenir

Dans le cadre des « Jeudis des noms de domaine », notre prochaine vidéoconférence Mailclub aura lieu le jeudi 26 septembre à 10h00. Le thème abordé cette semaine sera les nouvelles extensions.,1857 owner files for $400m IPO, to spend $110m buying Directi

Endurance International, owner of and HostGator, plans to raise up to $400 million in a Nasdaq IPO, and said it will spend up to $110 million of that buying Directi, India’s largest domain registrar.

Polaroid a TLD contest

As one of our exclusive present or future partners, you are invited to participate in a global, inter-registrar contest to find out if you've got the most creative team out there!

Trademark+50 coming in October

The controversial “Trademark+50″ anti-cybersquatting service for new gTLDs is set to go live October 11 or thereabouts, ICANN announced last night.

New gTLDs get a launch date

15 July 2014, that’s the date when you will be able to get your hands on the new gTLDs from your local registrar.

Security Concerns on the new gTLD's

The new gTLDs that are being implemented have a few security concerns already. One of the major concerns is Name Collision, which results from a single domain name being used in different places.


Trademark Claims support services for the Trademark Clearinghouse launched today.

Finnish Prime Minister and TLD Registry Chairman announce successful contracting with ICANN for Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website TLDs

BEIJING, Sept. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Finnish entrepreneurs today announced the imminent worldwide availability of fully-Chinese internet domain names in the Chinese equivalents of ".online" and ".Chinese language website" in coming months. No restrictions for residence or incorporation in China exist.

Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website start their go-live period

With RAs signed, Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website start their go-live period

Free new domain name application on iTunes

All the new Top Level Domains - Which new domain extension do you think will be most popular

Monday, September 9, 2013

.WINE & .VIN: "To Protect and To Serve Wine"

A few recent Press Releases.

New gTLDs: The Registry Lock

Last week, The New York Times website domain was hacked by "the Syrian Electronic Army". Other famous websites faced the same attack in 2012 by the Hacker group "UGNazi" and, in 2011 by Turkish hackers.Basically, it seems that no Registrar on the Internet is safe from attack, but the launching of new gTLDs can offer new ways to mitigate these attacks.

Domaines internet en .vin et .wine : la Commission Européenne partage les craintes de la filière

Depuis le début de l'année les représentants du vignoble européens tirent la sonnette d'alarme, alertant sur la gestion des nouveaux domaines internet « .vin » et « .wine »,craignant des dérives par rapport à la protection des Indications Géographiques, voire un cyber racket (soit la vente au plus offrant de noms de domaines célèbres).

New domains get launch date

By mid-July 2014, South Africans will be able to register for four new domains, .africa, .joburg, .capetown and .durban. By Craig Wilson.

Merck KGaA sues Merk & Co. over .merck top level domain name

Company files two lawsuits in .merck dispute.
Merck KGaA, one of the applicants for the .merck top level domain names, has filed two lawsuits against competing applicant Merck & Co.

Angry Birds backing two Chinese-language gTLDs

The Finnish/Irish new gTLD applicant TLD Registry Ltd has signed two ICANN Registry Agreements, covering the Chinese strings .在线 (.online) and .中文网 (a phrase meaning “Chinese language website”).

New gTLD Pre-Registration

New gTLD Pre-Registration

New top-level domains now available - but some aren't without controversy

.online, .web, .ltd, .website, and .blog just some of the suffixes available

TechRadar Confuses A Pre-Reservation With An Actual Registration covered the new gTLD program telling people that new gTLD are available to be registered now.

Protecting Your Business Trademarks When New gTLDs Launch

If you run a business and own trademarks for your brand, products or services, you are likely going to be affected by the hundreds of new top level domains that will be coming available over the next few years.

Wer hätte eine .vip-Domain registrieren können?

nTLD-Bewerber Herbert Scheuerer im Exklusiv-Interview

Sunday, September 8, 2013

1&1 Runs New gTLD Commercial

If you’re watching the NFL today, you may have seen one of (if not the) first new gTLD television commercials.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Infographic: The History of gTLDs

Pre-register your .DOWNLOAD domain names

Pre-register Your .DOWNLOAD New Top-Level Domain With United Domains For Free. New Domains, New Opportunities.

Friday, September 6, 2013

.CAM: "the process in the applicant guidebook is now clear"

The message below, from Famous Four Media, explains why United TLD's .CAM application cannot proceed.

Famous Four says that Demand Media’s .cam should be rejected

Demand Media’s application for .cam should be rejected because it lost a String Confusion Objection filed by .com registry Verisign, according to rival applicant Famous Four Media.


DIGITAL, RETAIL, SPECTACLE: Think Fashion Week Has Gone Digital This Year? Wait ‘til .FASHION launches.‘til-fashion-launches

Basic Information about the Introduction of New Top Level Domains

New Top-Level Domains (TLDs) are being introduced in the near future. These new generic TLDs are going to alter the current internet landscape and offer many new chances and opportunities for internet users.

Explore the Draft Next Generation gTLD Directory Services Model - Extension of Deadline

ICANN has embarked on an effort to reinvent today's WHOIS system. Be part of the solution and join the discussion online.

Five gTLDs fail the geo test, but .banque passes IE

Five new gTLD applications failed their Initial Evaluation this week after being ruled “geographic”, according to results just published by ICANN.

No, ICANN isn’t moving to Switzerland

There’s a rumor going around this morning that ICANN is planning to up sticks from its US base in California and become subject to Swiss jurisdiction instead.

Is ICANN Looking To Move From US Jurisdiction to Switzerland?

A move from the United States to Switzerland might be troubling to new gTLD applicants who plunked down $185,000 a piece to apply for a new gTLD with ICANN a US based corporation.

Time to Act, New gTLDs Set to Launch Fall 2013

As has been anticipated forsome time, the first new generic top-level domains(gTLDs, the group of letters after the “dot” in a domain name) are set to launch as early as September of this year. Before long, the current Internet landscape of only 23 generic gTLDs will grow exponentially as approximately 1,300 possible new gTLDs join the familiar .com, .net, and .org. neighborhoods on the Internet.

Are your eligible for a .med domain name ?

In 2014, .med will be the secure top level domain dedicated to health care professionals. A list of occupations restricted to the medical field has been established with ethical and regional criteria.


The multi-year fight over the unilateral right to amend registry contracts is instance #1 of this series. It’s also interesting because it shows that ICANN has the power and the propensity to abuse not just weaker civil society groups, but well-off businesses as well.

Can people create gTLDs without ICANN?

My boss is a business guy, not a tech guy. Today, he asked me if I wanted to join a new project he was working on with another guy to start marketing and selling gTLDs.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ue da' battaglia in difesa domini web .vin e .wine

What are these new gTLDs I keep reading about?

Teething troubles for TMCH testing

With the first new gTLD delegation likely just a matter of weeks away, registries and registrars are reporting problems getting access to the Trademark Clearinghouse for testing purposes.

Planting Your Flag on a Patch of the Web

Owning an Internet domain is a bit like owning real estate. After buying one, a patch of the Internet is your playground. You can open for business at, say, “,” you can publish a blog or you can sell the domain to the highest bidder.

DotConnectAfrica Refuses to Withdraw its Application for .Africa before Accountability Hearing

In a summary analysis, The Reporter Daily provided an upto date investigative report on the status of the dotafrica (.africa) project and the complicated issues that DCA has been subjected to in its application regarding Governmental Support.

Islamic Republic of Iran Wants .Islam and .Halal Managed and Operated by the Muslim Community

The Islamic Republic of Iran in a letter to ICANN said that the new gTLD applications of .ISLAM and .HALAL “should be managed and operated by the Muslim community through a neutral body that represents the different sections and segments of the Muslim community including Governments, NGOs and IGOs, Private Sector, Academia, as different stakeholders of internet in the this community.”

.xxx sales spike 1,000% during discount

ICM Registry saw an over 1,000% spike in .xxx domain name registrations in May, during which it offered new registrations at a steep discount over its regular price.

Neue Top Level Domains für GmbHs und andere Gesellschaftsformen

GmbH-Domains sind prägnante und merkfähige Domainnamen.

Les entreprises boudent l`extension .vlaanderen

Une enquête menée auprès de 300 villes et communes (et 1.000 Gazelles des Tendances) à la demande Patricia Ceysens, figure emblématique de l`Open VLD et présidente de l`association BeCommerce, révèle un faible intérêt des entreprises flamandes à l`égard de la nouvelle extension Internet .vlaanderen approuvée pourtant récemment par DNS Belgium.

Contracting Process Statistics (updated)

CUMULATIVE TOTALS —>600315772117

Contracting Eligibility Notifications SentCIR Invitations SentCIR Responses ReceivedContracts Out For SignatureRegistry Agreements Executed

Domain Security Needs More Than Registry Locks

Protecting domains requires registry locks as well as other measures, including two-factor authentication and administrative access control.

Agenda | New gTLD Program Committee

Three Things That Can Ruin A Good Domain Name

We’ve all seen it many times before, and yes, we’ll see it again many times. What I’m talking about is domains that are almost awesome but there’s something that makes them, well, not as awesome. Still, many new investors buy domains that are oh so close to great domains but have one glaring quality that kills the value.

ICANN winnows down possible new gTLDs

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers says it's winnowed down the number of potential new generic top level domains to 1,745 possibilities after having concluded the initial evaluation phase.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Examples of Where ICANN Can Be More Accountable

During the "GNSO Discussion with the CEO" at the recent ICANN meeting in Durban, I stated that ICANN talks a lot about the importance of supporting the public interest, but in reality the organization's first priority is protecting itself and therefore it avoids accountability and works very hard at transferring risks to others.

Washington Post Covers gTLDs, Amazon's Bezos Buys Washington Post

The Washington Post covered gTLDs in its style section on August 5, the same day they announced that Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, acquired the Post. Amazon coincidentally applied for 76 gTLDs.

Verisign lists its grievances with ICANN

During the ICANN meeting in Durban in July, Verisign VP of Policy Chuck Gomes complained that ICANN’s number one priority seemed to be “protecting ICANN the corporation”, and that this came before serving the public interest.

Asia’s largest gTLD applicant to date looks to Europe and US for initial take-up

Asia’s largest gTLD applicant, Radix, plans to globally host 29 new domain names including ‘.web’, ‘.bank’, ‘.shop’ and ‘.insurance’. Sandeep Ramchandani, business head, gives WTR the inside track on how the company would market its offerings, as well as arguing that Asia will not be the first region to drive gTLD adoption.

Name Collision: Why ICANN Is Looking at It the Wrong Way (Part 1)

ICANN has, once again opened up a veritable can of worms, with their latest decision on the 'horrors' of Name Collision. While we are sure that ICANN and the Interisle Consulting Group have very good reason to make the decision that they have — delaying the delegation of several TLDs — we believe that the findings contained in Interisle's report do not give sufficient cause to delay the new gTLD program in the manner proposed by ICANN staff.

Reaching a Key Milestone

Like any great idea – it is only an idea until proof is provided that this idea will become a reality. We have talked at length about the tremendous opportunity new gTLDs will bring to businesses and consumers as they become available.

.tattoo Registry Agreement

On 30 August 2013, ICANN and Uniregistry, Corp entered into a Registry Agreement under which Uniregistry, Corp operates the .tattoo top-level domain.

700 new web address names are coming: here's what you need to know

Can't get the .com URL you wanted? Fear not as 700 new top-level domains are on the way from .shop and .ltd to .dentist and .florist. Here's what you need to know about pre-registering these great new domain names.

Domain Name Registry (Neustar)

The only thing tougher than getting a custom TLD is everything after.
With 10+ years of experience, we’ve got you covered.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Public Suffix List to get monthly new gTLD updates

New gTLDs are set to be added to the widely used Public Suffix List within a month of signing an ICANN registry agreement, according to PSL volunteer Jothan Frakes.

Gimme Shelter: With Hackers Hitting Domain Providers, Brands May Rely Heavily on New gTLDs

Most of us are pretty familiar with the concept of a hacker attacking a website – and, in fact, downloadable tools to help hackers break into a site and steal information are readily available. But what happens when a top-level domain registry is hacked, as appears to have been the case for Google’s Palestinian domain earlier this week?

Registry Agreements

34 Registry Agreements signed.

CentralNic raises $10 million in IPO

New gTLD registry back-end provider CentralNic raised a reported £7 million ($10 million) on its London Alternative Investment Market debut yesterday.

Economist replaces de La Chapelle on ICANN board

ICANN’s board of directors is to see one new member in November, with economist Bruno Lanvin replacing former French civil servant Bertrand de La Chapelle.

»String Confusion« sorgt für Chaos

Das Verfahren der »String Confusion Objection« entwickelt sich zum Glücksspiel: nach mehreren sich widersprechenden Entscheidungen des New Yorker International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) wird der Ruf nach einem Eingreifen von ICANN laut.

Domain Venture Partners PCC Limited (DVP I)

Domain Venture Partners PCC Limited (DVP I) was launched in October 2011 and closed in April 2012 with AUM of £48.3m. Its investment strategy is to invest in the ICANN New gTLD Programme at the application stage. It invested in 60 investment companies which each applied for licences to operate generic TLD registries.

CentralNic Ltd. : Admission to trading on AIM

CentralNic Group PLC, an internet registry service provider which derives revenues from the sale of internet domain names (such as, is pleased to announce that dealings in its shares on AIM will commence today following a placing and vendor placing at 55p per share, raising a total of £7 million before expenses. Zeus Capital Limited is the Nominated Adviser and Broker to the Company.

CentralNic hopes to strike a chord on Aim

Internet registry services firm CentralNic, which derives revenues from the sale of internet domain names, made profits of £1.7million last year. Its 24 premium domain names include websites ending, which has been chosen for web addresses by the likes of Pineapple Dance Studios and rock band Radiohead.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Le décompte des dossiers ICANN. Au 30 août, 121 dossiers avaient été abandonnés laissant encore en lice 1809 projets dont plusieurs centaines de “doublons” guettés par la perspectives d’enchères “privées” ou organisées par l’ICANN.

Can the New gTLD’s Have a Domino Collapse? You Betcha! I’ll Show you How

Can the New gTLD's Have a Domino Collapse? That is a very provocative question but does not delegitimize me asking it? At what point does the weight of other extensions that have not done well weigh so much on what is coming that the entire things collapses like 1000 dominos lined up.

The Trademark/Domain Name Protection War

The Trademark/Domain Name Protection War: A Comparative Study of the U.S., UDRP and Taiwanese Law, 12 J. Marshall Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 350 (2013)

The Long Island Wine Council to write to ICANN

The Long Island Wine Council recently sent this letter to ICANN regarding its support to Napa Valley Vintners, CIVC (French Champagne), CNAOC, EFOW (and others) initiative against cybersquatting.

ICANN is in the midst of an accountability meltdown

In October 2013 Fadi Chehadi will have been President and CEO of ICANN for one year. (Yes, it does seem longer than that, doesn’t it?) His apparent sincerity, his enthusiasm, his cosmopolitan perspective and his talk of equality among stakeholders initially gave many people hope that the corporation would be improved and invigorated during his tenure.

Trademarks for TLDs

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently circulated proposed examination guidelines to allow the USPTO to begin providing Trademark Protection for Top Level Domains (TLDs). This is an important new development. TLDs today are currently ineligible for Trademark protection on the basis that they do not constitute a source-identifying mark.