Saturday, August 31, 2013

New gTLDs news for week 35

New contracting statistics released

Only 29 gTLD applications still in IE as 101 pass and nine fail

ICANN Announces Conclusion of New gTLD Initial Evaluations

What’s in a (domain) name?

New gTLD Dotless Domain Names Prohibited

101 New gTLD Pass ICANN IE; 8 Go To Extended Evaluation; Passing .Sex; .Islam; .Stockholm; .Ford; .Volvo

ICANN Announces Conclusion of New gTLD Initial Evaluations [PR]

Sina tops Tencent in battle over Weibo top level domain names

What’s New, Now, Next…

Lawsuit against new TLD applicant Famous Four is dismissed

Google hiring for new top level domain name initiative

New gTLD preparedness project

dotAfrica Government Reserved Name List

Donuts Signs Contracts With ICANN on 12 new gTLD’s

Political pressure on .WINE & .VIN applicants

Update: Trademark Clearinghouse for Registries & Registrars

gTLD Strategy Services: Top Level Solutions

Here are the missing Amazon and .Pets new TLD documents

String Confusion Objections: Still Confusing

What Are New gTLD Governance Councils?

Analyzing new TLD string objection panelists

700 new web address names are coming: here’s what you need to know

Name collisions comments call for more gTLD delay

Applicant Responses to GAC Advice (Published 28 August 2013)

Thousands of New Jobs and New Faces Coming to the Domain Industry

.WINE & .VIN : an answer by the French Ministry of Agriculture

Verisign wins objection against .ecom top level domain name

ANA: ICANN is Falling Short of its Mission to Protect Internet Security and Stability


New gTLD Queries at the Root & Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

Napa and Champagne Seek Internet Safeguards

Nouveaux gTLDs : que sont donc les Conseils de Gouvernance ?

ICANN to begin contracting process on “uncalculated risk” strings

Gimme Shelter: With Hackers Hitting Domain Providers, Brands May Rely Heavily on New gTLDs

Look Who’s Attending the Digital Marketing & gTLD World Congress

As Comment Period On New gTLD Name Collisions Come To An End, Comments Flood Into ICANN